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Polymascotfoamalate is a foam-like material used to make mascot uniforms (such as The Jolly Dumple) in the Homestar Runner universe. It is highly flammable, or as Coach Z put it, "flame pro-tardant". In the Strong Bad Email 4 branches, Rumble Red mentions he doesn't have Polymascotfoamalate on his planet. The Homestar Runner replies that this is because the alien is a Communist fool.

The word Polymascotfoamalate is a Portmanteau of the prefix "poly-", and the words "mascot" and "foam" and the suffix "-ate". Other than mascot building material, other proposed uses for Polymascotfoamalate include baby food and topping for Soured Cream. The chemical notation of the material is (Msct − ) + (Fm8 + )

The formula (Msct − ) + (Fm8 + ) indicates an ionic bond between two compounds which makes a formula unit. The parentheses around the elements make them polyatomic ions (a possible reference to the name). This can not be a real formula because ionic bonding only occurs when combining an element with a positive valence electron and an element with a negative valence electron. Since the only positive polyatomic ion is ammonium, this would not work. This also shows that the chemical Ms has a valence electron of ct, which can't be true because it isn't a number. Fm would have to be a noble gas because only they have a valence electron of eight. If this chemical bond was correct, Ms would have to be a metal or some sort of solid because they are positive, and Fm would have to be a non metal because they are negative. When writing valence electrons, the positive or negative sign goes before the number. Finally, if this ionic bond was "real", the chemical compound you would come up with is (Ms)8(Fm)ct, although the suffix -ate in the name suggest that the molecule have four oxygen atoms.

(Msct − ) + (Fm8 + ) is a manipulation of chemical symbols to give "Mascot Foamalate", with some letters removed and "8" substituted for "ate".


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