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*[[Decemberween Short Shorts]]
*[[Decemberween Short Shorts]]
*Email [[pet show]]
*Email [[pet show]]
*[[Fish Eye Lens]]
==See Also==
==See Also==

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Three favorites

Pom Pom's girls are Pom Pom's 27 girlfriends. Pom Pom is often seen talking to them on his cell phone (and likely his Pom Pilot). The girls have the orange, oval heads of Poms, but the bodies of humans. Despite having a Pom head, the girls giggle in a human voice, rather than the bubbling noises used by Pom Pom. However, even though he is said to only have 27 girlfriends, in SBCG4AP it is said that he draws the line at about 100 girlfriends.

Complete Filmography

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