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A motley crew of Poms

A short Flash about the origins of Pom Pom, found in the Museum under old Flash. Based on a sketch from the Museum Sketchbook.

Cast (in order of appearance): The Poms, Pom Pom

Page title: The Isle of Pom


{Sound of heartbeats. A red and white pill appears against the white background.}

CAPTION: this is the isle of Pom

{Alarm clock siren. An arrow points to the pill.}

CAPTION: on it, live the Poms

{Printing noise. Many colored Poms (who look like Pom Pom) appear from the white background. They fill the screen. The mass turns black, revealing Pom Pom}'

CAPTION: Pom-Pom is the best Pom.

{Ding! Pom Pom recieves a ribbon saying "First".}

CAPTION: he loves his mom & dad

{Picture on wall with Pom Pom and parents. The picture falls off.}

CAPTION: he is very patriotic

{Pom Pom is on a wooden stage. A red and white striped flag appears behind him. He turns into the Statue of Liberty. Trumpet fanfare.}

CAPTION: he feeds his dog

{A dog bowl falls from a white background. It reads "Trivia Time".}

CAPTION: everyday

{Ding! Dog bowl fills with food.}

CAPTION: he treats his neighbors

{Pom Pom stands on the right of the screen. Doorbell noise. Two Poms enter from left screen. An arrow points to them.}

CAPTION: with respect

{Pom Pom gives them a bottle with "Respect" written on it. They leave.}

CAPTION: he doesn't play with matches

{Pom Pom is at the bottom of the screen. A match burns the word "matches". Pom Pom thinks "I sure do hate matches."}

{A silhouette of Pom Pom rises over an orange horizon like the sun. Wedding march music. He moves closer to us. A spotlight hits him.}

CAPTION: we all love Pom-Pom too

Fun Facts

  • The Isle of Pom looks like Strong Bad's time capsule in the email time capsule.
  • The Pom shown in the lower right-hand corner looks very similar to ABA Basketball Pom Pom.
  • The ribbon was used later in Pumpkin Carve-nival, although the first place was never awarded.
  • The printing noise which accompanies the scene with the Poms will become the sound effect for The Paper in the Strong Bad Emails.
  • Two of the poms look like ordinary basketballs. (See image above)
  • This is the first and possibly the last time that Pom Pom's bubbly speech is expressed in plain English to the viewers.
  • If you look closly, it's hard to read the print

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