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This page tracks the evolution of Pom Pom.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
This is Pom Pom's first design 1996 Original Book; flashback; alternate universe; Strongest Man in the World N/A
Pom Pom's second design. 1999 Where My Hat Is At? His eyes are now ovoid and white, and his stripe has moved up a bit. He's a darker color and has a thicker outline and more shading. His arms are smaller and his legs are further apart. His head is more round. He has a hat.
Pom Pom's third design. 1999 Marshmallow's Last Stand; Pom Pom, Too; First Flash; Old Characters Page His stripe is wider and has moved back down, his eyes are oval and black, and his head seems to have gone from a round shape to a skinny egg shape. His "relaxed" positions for his arms seems to have changed. His legs are close together again. His colors seem to be a little brighter, and he's more rounded. His color now stays inside his outline. And his hat is gone.
Pom Pom's fourth design. 2000 A Jumping Jack Contest; The Reddest Radish His stripe has moved up again, his legs are longer and farther apart, he has a thinner outline, his eyes have a gleam/light reflection and he's more of a citrus yellow than a mango yellow. His head is a pill shape again.
Pom Pom's fifth design, not much different from his current. 2000 Yearbook Character Page; In Search of the Yello Dello; Theme Song Video; Homestarloween Party; Main Page 7; A Holiday Greeting; A Jorb Well Done; The Luau; The House That Gave Sucky Treats His outlines are colored instead of black and his head is slightly darker. His eyes are closer together.
Pom Pom's current design 2001 Toons from A Mother's Day Message to current; various Strong Bad Emails starting with the bird; Main Page 19 He has much more advanced shading, a little glare on his head, darker outlines and brighter colors. His stripe has moved up a little bit.
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