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"Well, let's just see here... Zero capitalization... Misspelling... Lack of punctuation... Looks like a winner to me!"

Strong Bad regularly receives emails with poor grammar and spelling, which he rarely hesitates to point out. He even released an entertaining/informational CD on the subject in an Easter egg in local news called "Strong Bad's Rhythm 'n' Grammar."

While many emails do contain these sort of errors, this list only contains errors that are either famous in their own right or have affected how Strong Bad read the email.

In contrast to the many criticisms of poor spelling and grammar, Strong Bad applauds Dan from Pennsylvania in autobiography because he makes no misspellings, has a good idea, and makes fun of dumpus, calling it a "SOLID e-mail."


Emails With Poor Grammar and Punctuation

  • trevor the vampire - Trevor's email ends unexpectedly. (This is Trevor from Hampden Maine and I was wondering if you could teach me how to be as awesome as you. I am a vampire and)
  • the basics - T.J. ends "how do you do it" with a period rather than a question mark, and has an unnecessary apostrophe in "trick's" (which Strong Bad does not notice).
  • spring cleaning - One of the emails Strong Bad deletes says "crush with" instead of "crush on" Marzipan.
  • little animal - The email ends in a period instead of a question mark.
  • sisters - Ali uses "is" instead of "are", and she says "My sister and me" when she should have used "My sister and I". Furthermore, the anonymous author of the second email seems to have a very tenuous grasp of the English language.
  • guitar - The first line is a run-on sentence. Also, "whats" should be "what's."
  • little questions - Viklas from Sweden's English leaves a little to be desired.
  • lures & jigs - David says "fishs" instead of just "fish".
  • techno - Silent J's second sentence ends with a period, not a question mark.
  • website - James uses the word "website" far too often.
  • morning routine - "Whats" should be "what's."
  • dragon - Kaizer asks to see his "skills of an artist." In addition, he uses internet shorthand in the signature.
  • marzipan - Emily C.'s second sentence is confusingly structured.
  • monster truck - If two people are responsible for the email, "I" should be "we."
  • unused emails - Dan Chase uses "showed" instead of "shown."
  • caper - James uses only a period in his first sentence instead of a question mark.
  • personal favorites - HockeymanJ05 forgets to put a period or a comma at the end of "e-mails" and uses a period rather than a question mark at the end of the whole sentence.
  • sibbie - Sibbie's grammar leaves a lot to be desired, such as using "your are" instead of "you're" and using "most awesomest."
  • kids' book - Changes tenses about halfway through and says "what words did you try..." instead of "what words you tried..."
  • local news - Dan uses the wrong form of "its," causing Strong Bad to sing one of his Rhythm 'n' Grammar songs.
  • stupid stuff - Kevin's sentence is a run-on.
  • Videro Games - Wilbur uses "in" when he doesn't need to, resulting in "the effects of in video games on children."
  • car - Features a run-on sentence, some poor punctuation, and some very random capitalization.
  • cheatday - The email of the anonymous writer ends without punctuation. In addition, one of the emails The Cheat answers uses "you're" instead of "your."
  • crying - DJ leaves in Strong Bad's name twice (YO yo Strongbad, hey Strongbad). Plus, there is no punctuation before "I was wondering..."
  • for kids - Allison uses an improper tense ("I've been wondering if you ever thought..." rather than "Have you ever thought..." or "...if you have ever thought...") Also, as Strong Bad says, the comma in the second sentence is unnecessary.
  • pizzaz - Ryan N.'s first line in the signature has no punctuation or capitalization and doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  • animal - Spud Jr.'s "What would you like as if" doesn't make much sense, although one viable meaning is that Spud may have merely typed "like as" instead of "look like". The email also ends without punctuation.
  • dreamail - Danny uses "Another words" instead of "In other words."
  • E-mail Birds - Bettina's email is one large sentence with no punctuation or capitalization whatsoever. Furthermore, Jeffrey unnecessarily repeats that Homestar is a total dork, and Naomi seems to have a somewhat tenuous grasp of the English language.
  • lady...ing - The second sentence in the email ends in a period rather than a question mark.
  • disconnected - Jenny types "were" instead of "where" and "your body is or your head" instead of "your body was." The entire email is also a run-on sentence.
  • senior prom - Matt uses "did you ever have" instead of "if you ever had," making his sentence say "I was wondering did you ever have a senior prom."
  • retirement - Josh's email has no capitalization, no punctuation, and misspells "sincerely" as "sincerly".
  • 4 branches - Spanky's email lacks two commas, one after "Hey Strong Bad," and the other after "ur biggest fan." He also misspells the word "your," in the same phrase. He also should have inserted a comma or semicolon after "wondering". In addition, the name "elgrondo" should be capitalised, and there should also be a line break between "Spanky elgrondo," and "N.Y.," so as not to imply he lives in Elgrondo, NY. Finally, the periods in "N.Y.," are unnecessary.
  • what I want - Talon Jendro did not not use a comma in his closing.

Emails With Poor Spelling

  • homsar - The most famous of all spelling errors, Vinnie C. misspells Homestar as Homsar.
  • i love you - Uses internet shorthand, no capitalization, no punctuation mark at the end of the sentence, and has the first appearance of a very famous gibberish name.
  • i she be - Along with an extreme lack of punctuation, misspells "should" as "she."
  • stand-up - No capitalization, an unnecessary comma, and misspellings of "you're" ("ur"), "funny" ("funy") and "comedic" ("comidic").
  • spring cleaning - Sue spells "surprise" without the first "r," ending up as "suprised."
  • cartoon - Besides not capitalizing the beginning of the sentence or using punctuation, the writer uses all internet shorthand. In addition, he appears to misspell his own name, "geroge".
  • invisibility - sin studly17 misspells "invisible" as "invisable," along with not capitalizing and using a few too many question marks.
  • 50 emails - Matt emails "Stong Bad."
  • island - Yami Yugi misspells "were" as "where", and should have used "a" instead of "an".
  • comic - Brittany mis-types "They" as "Tey" and "appreciate" as "appriciate".
  • english paper - Kyle misspells "English" as "Englilsh".
  • the show - Tori misspells "tournament" as "tounament," as well as saying "how come..." rather than "why...," using an unnecessary question mark, and, for no reason, saying she's from 2 states.
  • privileges - crazyclemens misspells "privileges" as "privaleges." There should also be a question mark at the end of the sentence, not a period.
  • the process - Along with accidentally omitting the word "take" from a sentence, Em misspells "process" as "prosess."
  • couch patch - Besides using no capitalization, "your pal" misspells "from" as "form" and "behind" as "behiend."
  • different town - Besides forgetting to add "was" in "I just wondering," Steven misspells "Sincerely" as "Sincerley."
  • lunch special - "Someone" misspells "lunch" as "luncch" and "Sincerely" as "Sincerly."
  • haircut - Harry misspells "cool" as "coull" (probably purposely). His third sentence is a run-on.
  • theme park - Along with a run-on sentence, Rafael misspells "business" as "buisness."
  • dangeresque 3 - Besides not capitalizing, John Newell misspells "coming" as "comeing."
  • cheatday - One of the e-mails The Cheat answers has "better" misspelled as "beter." It also contains two grammatical errors; "whos" should be "who's" and a comma should be added after the misspelled word.
  • time capsule - Besides barely capitalizing and not ending the last sentence with a question mark, Sam mistypes "you're" as "you'rre".
  • montage - Steve misspells "create" as "creat."
  • dreamail - Danny forgets to put a space in "Strong Bad". He also misspells "receive" as "recieve," but Strong Bad doesn't notice this mistake.
  • rampage - Peter misspells "Dear" as "Der," (this may be intentional "pseudo-deutsch") as well as saying "I thinks" and adding a comma at the end of his name when he should have used it at the end of "Sincerely."
  • modeling - Besides using few too many exclamation points at the end of "STRONG BAD!" and not capitalizing "dear" and "I," Meghan misspells "truly" as "truuly."
  • bedtime story - Justin misspells "lately" as "latley" and says "would" instead of "could."
  • candy product - The anonymous author misspells "someone" as "somone." He/she also spells "don't" and "that's" without apostrophes, omits commas after "Strongbad" and "chick-magnet," uses way too many ellipses near the end of the sentence when it should have said "...candy product or food thing to sell?," and spells "Homestar Runner" as "homestarrunnner."
  • trading cards - Daniel misspells "Strong-gum" as "Stong-gum".
  • coloring - Ter misspells "ridiculous" as "rediculous," and also misspells "that's as "thats". Ter also made several grammatical errors. Ellipses were used an improper fashion, a sentence was ended with multiple question marks, and the space between "Andover," and "MN," was omitted.
  • the chair - Keith leaves out the apostrophe in "doesn't" and spells it "doesnt". Keith also misspells "truly" as "truely".
  • unnatural - The anonymous writer uses an abundance of apostrophes in such instances as "'Sup," "wonderin,'" and "'n".

Emails with Poor Use of Capitalization

  • duck pond - Entire email not capitalized.
  • band names - Entire email not capitalized.
  • CGNU - Margo uses no capitalization for "Dear Strong Bad," "I" (twice), and "Thank" in "Thank you."
  • 1 step ahead - Alex's email is not capitalized (except "I").
  • superhero name - Stiny doesn't capitalize "Bad" in Strong Bad.
  • sugarbob - Typed in ALLCAPS (as mentioned by Strong Bad) and contains a run-on sentence.
  • weird dream - Entire email not capitalized.
  • your friends - Typed in ALLCAPS.
  • 50 emails - The first email that shows up does not have "Strong Bad" capitalized and the sentence ends in an exclamation point.
  • huttah! - Nobuyoshi doesn't capitalize the beginning of every sentence, and types "then" instead of "than". HOLMES types in all caps and asks "WHERE THE HECK IS YOU SHIRT???", and Derek doesn't capitalize his sentence and his name.
  • fingers - One of the emails asking how Strong Bad types with boxing gloves on is not capitalized. Another one is typed in ALLCAPS.
  • privileges - Entire email not capitalized (except "Dear").
  • anything - Dan does not capitalize "hi," the beginning of his sentence, and "bye."
  • cheatday - All three emails The Cheat answers do not use capitalization.
  • other days - Brian's email is not capitalized (except CA). Also, Janus seems to have many of the same problems with English that Viklas had.
  • old comics - Zack's email is not capitalized (except SB and NY).
  • record book - Entire email not capitalized.
  • geddup noise - Marc doesn't capitalize his full name. He also should have added a comma after "yours" and "Baroni."
  • secret identity - Chris capitalizes the first "I" in "identity" and forgets to put an apostrophe before "cause (because)," which should have been capitalized.
  • redesign - Entire email not capitalized. Also, there are no commas after "dude" and "ericsson."
  • trading cards - The word "With" doesn't need to be capitalized, and the word Canada is in ALLCAPS.
  • strong badathlon - Lewis forgets to capitalize the following words: "bad," "i've," "the cheat," and "homestar."

Emails that spell Strong Bad/Strong Badia as one word

An error where two words are spelled as one word is often unnoticed by Strong Bad.

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