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"Well, let's just see here... Zero capitalization... Misspelling... Lack of punctuation... Looks like a winner to me!"

Strong Bad regularly receives emails with poor grammar and spelling, which he rarely hesitates to point out. He even released an entertaining/informational CD on the subject in an Easter egg in local news called "Strong Bad's Rhythm 'n' Grammar."

While many emails do contain these sort of errors, this list only contains errors that are either famous in their own right or have affected how Strong Bad read the email.

Ironically, Strong Bad himself will sometimes make a spelling or grammatical error of similar context when typing.

In contrast to the many criticisms of poor spelling and grammar, Strong Bad occasionally receives emails that meet his approval.


[edit] List of Poorly Written Emails

These are the list of emails starting from oldest to newest, containing any and all errors.

Email Poor Grammar and Punctuation Poor Spelling Poor Capitalization
homsar None Vinnie C. misspells "Homestar" as "Homsar" None
depressio "guy ," should be "guy." None None
i love you No punctuation mark at end of sentence fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf uses internet shorthand; uses a gibberish name no capitalization
trevor the vampire No comma after "Hampden"; email ends abruptly None Trevor does not capitalize strong bad
i she be Tenuous grasp on English language; lack of punctuation Misspells "should" as "she" no capitalization
duck pond None None no capitalization
the basics "How do you do it ." should be "How do you do it?"; unnecessary apostrophe in "tricks" None no capitalization
band names None None no capitalization
stand-up None Joe p. uses internet shorthand; misspells "funny" as "funy" and "comedic" as "comidic" no capitalization
tape-leg None None no capitalization (except for "Dear" and "Nicolas")
spring cleaning Steve writes "crush with Marzipan" instead of "crush on Marzipan". Mike has no comma after "Bend" Sue misspells surprised as "suprised" Steve does not capitalize his city, name or "marzipan"
cartoon "mr" does not have a period at the end of it; the email's greeting does not have a comma at the end of it Geroge uses internet shorthand; quite possibly misspells his own name as "geroge" no capitalization
little animal Question ends with a period instead of a question mark None crapfully is not capitalized
super powers Second question should be a part of the first None None
CGNU None None "dear strong bad", both "i"s and "thank" are not capitalized
1 step ahead None None Entire email, except "I", is not capitalized
12:00 "Thankyou" does not have a space in between None "vcr" is not capitalized
weird dream None None no capitalization
sisters Ali says "My sister and me" instead of "My sister and I," and "There is two of us," not "There are two of us." The anonymous author of the second email has awful grammar, and Strong Bad believes they're "not even literate." None The greeting "hello" in the second email is not capitalized
guitar "Whats" does not have an apostrophe, and a comma is missing in the first sentence. None Guitar is unnecessarily capitalized
invisibility None "Invisible" misspelled as "invisable" no capitalization
little questions Tenuous grasp on English language None None
lures and jigs None Misspells "fish" as "fishs" None
50 emails Mike ends his question with an exclamation mark Matt misspells "Strong" as "Stong" Mike does not capitalize strong bad; Matt does not capitalize "what", "example" and his name on his email
website The word "website" is used too often None None
island "An" is supposed to be "a" for "desert" "Where" is supposed to be "were" None
comic None Brittany misspells "appreciate" to "appriciate"; "they" is misspelled as "Tey" None
morning routine "Whats" does not have an apostrophe None None
japanese cartoon None None James's name is not capitalized along with "what" and "japanese"
dragon None Kaizer uses internet shorthand Kaizer's name is not capitalized along with well
huttah! Nobuyoshi types "then" instead of "than"; Holmes types, "DEAR STRONG BAD!" and "WHERE THE HECK IS YOU SHIRT???" None Nobuyoshi does not capitalize any "i"s and the beginning of the sentences; HOLMES' ENTIRE EMAIL IS CAPITALIZED (except "California"); derek does not capitalize (except "Dear strong bad", the last two words blocked by the shred of paper)
fingers Brandon uses "your" instead of "you're" None aaron's email has no capitalization; FRANKDOG'S ENTIRE EMAIL IS CAPITALIZED
english paper None Kyle Smith misspells "English" as "Englilsh" None
unused emails Dan says "don't get showed" instead of "don't get shown". The first and second anonymous sender's emails make no sense; Evan, Andrew and Stephanie all have tenuous grasps on the English language; Stephanie does not put punctuation in her sentences; The third anonymous sender's comma in "dear, Strong Bad" is in the wrong place The third anonymous sender misspells "enjoy reading" as "enloy reasing"; Andrew misspells Homestar Runner's name to "hamesturrunner" EVAN'S ENTIRE EMAIL IS CAPITALIZED; the second anonymous sender does not capitalize their question; Stephanie's email is not capitalized
the show None Tori misspells "tournament" as "tounament" Homestar is not capitalized
personal favorites HockeymanJ05 has no comma after "e-mails" and uses a period instead of a question mark. Pred types "are" instead of "a", and "I’m" instead of "I". Zebbadee's second "do" should be "did". Pred uses internet shorthand "u r". None
privileges Question ends with a period instead of a question mark Crazyclemens misspells "privileges" as "privaleges" no capitalization (except for "Dear")
sibbie Question says "your are" instead of "you are" and says that Strong Bad is the most "awesomest" thing ever None None
anything None None "hi", "have" and "bye" are not capitalized
the process The question was "How long does it to answer an e-mail?" "process" is spelled "prosess" None
kids' book The sender asks Strong Bad if he had ever thought of a children's book, and subsequently asks "what kind of words did you try to teach the kids", rather than "you would". None None
couch patch None "Behind" is misspelled as "behiend"; "from" is misspelled as "form" no capitalization
local news Ends question with "even". Email types "its" instead of "its", causing Strong Bad to sing one of his Rhythm 'n' Grammar songs None None
kind of cool None "Thinkin" and "wonderin" are missing their G's Strong Bad is not capitalized
different town "I just wondering" is missing "was" "Sincerely" is misspelled as "sincerley" None
car "Do you Have a car If you do what Kind of car is it." is supposed to be two questions instead of one long sentence; both should end with question marks None Use of random capitalization
lunch special None "Luncch" is misspelled with a second c; "sincerely" is misspelled as "sincerly" None
theme park Two sentences are separated by a comma "buisness" is misspelled The sentences do not have capitals in the beginning
dangeresque 3 None "Coming" is misspelled as "comeing" no capitalization
cheatday "Mike Control" omits a question mark at the end of the sentence. Ryan's email has no punctuation (except for the question mark), Bridget writes "your" as "you’re", and the second anonymous email has no punctuation. Ryan misspells "better" as "beter" "Mike Control"'s second sentence is not capitalized (except Cheat). None of the three emails The Cheat answers have any capitalization.
crying There are two greetings in the email which Strong Bad points out; there's no punctuation before "I was wondering" None "Homestar" is not capitalized
for kids The opening sentence should end in a period, but Allison puts a question mark at the end. Also, Strong Bad points out the unnecessary comma in "would love you, and your awesomeness". None None
other days Janus has a tenuous grasp on the English language, starting the running gag "Please to be" Janus misspells "untying" as "untieing" brian has no capitalization in his email (except for "CA")
old comics None None no capitalization (except for "SB" and "NY")
pizzaz The valediction does not have any punctuation and makes little sense "pizzaz" is misspelled and carried out through the whole email by Strong Bad. The ending of the email is not capitalized
time capsule Sam uses a period at the end of last sentence instead of a question mark Misspells "you’re" as "you’rre" No captalization (except "STRONG" and "X0")
montage None "Create" is misspelled as "creat" None
animal The question, "What would you like as if you were your own made up animal" needs to be rewritten; the question does not have a question mark in the end None None
dreamail "Another words" is supposed to be "In other words" None None
long pants The email uses the word "pants" too much; the email gets off-topic None Homestar is not capitalized
rampage There is an unnecessary comma after Peter's name "Dear" is misspelled as "Der"; "I thinks" is supposed to be "I think" None
garage sale None "Da" is supposed to be "the" no capitalization (except the I's)
modeling None There is an extra "u" in "truuly" "dear" and "i" not capitalized, types "STRONG BAD!!!!!" instead of "Strong Bad,".
record book None None no capitalization
lady...ing Types a period instead of a question mark after question. None "Friends" and "Ever" are unnecessarily capitalized.
geddup noise None None Marc Baroni's name is not capitalized
bedtime story "Bed-time" story is not supposed to be hyphenated and "Good Night" is supposed to have a comma in the end, not a period "lately" is misspelled as "latley" None
secret identity None None Chris uses random capitalization
disconnected "...were your body is or your head," is supposed to be "where your body was," None None
candy product No comma after the greeting. The email overuses ellipses, a comma missing after "chick-magnet", and "dont" and "thats" are missing apostrophes. "Chick-magnet" does not need to be hyphenated. "someone" is misspelled as "somone", "homestarrunnner" has three N's. "homestarrunnner" should be "Homestar Runner"
senior prom "...did you ever have a senior prom," is supposed to be "if you ever had a senior prom" None None
redesign None None no capitalization
trading cards First sentence strangely includes an ellipsis The subject reads, "Trading Stong-gum" The word "With" should not be capitalized
retirement Josh lacks punctuation in his email Josh misspells "sincerely" as "sincerly" josh has no capitalization
coloring There are question marks after the ellipsis "Ridiculous" is misspelled as "rediculous"; "thats" does not have an apostrophe None
4 branches the email lacks two commas: one after "Hey Strong Bad" and another after "ur biggest fan" Spanky uses internet shorthand "elgrondo" is supposed to be capitalized
the chair None "Doesnt" is missing an apostrophe; "truly" is misspelled as "truely" None
strong badathlon None None "Bad", "I’ve", "The Cheat" and "Homestar" are all not capitalized
the movies There is an unnecessary period at the end of "TN" None "has" is not capitalized
rough copy Malinko says "I hope you interested" Misspells "problems" as "promblems" Unnecessarily capitalizes "Draw", forgets to capitalize "I" and "The Cheat" several times
more armies Paul uses a period instead of a question mark. His question does not have an "or" before the third listed item. He also uses "that" instead of "who". None None
mini-golf The phrase "miniature golf course" is used too often. "Noone" is spelled as one word. None
pizza joint Daphne types "me and my girls" instead of "my girls and I" None None
web comics Gunkiller types "Me and some of my friends" instead of "Some of my friends and I" and has no punctuation after "Thanks a lot". None None
business trip None Roxy misspells "sbemail" as "sbmail." "think about it" is missing capitalization.
yes, wrestling Gardenboy types a period in place of a comma and in place of a question mark. There's also no punctuation after his name or "Bfn." None None
nightlife Josh ends his first sentence with a question mark in place of a period. "Mr." is misspelled as "mr". "mr" should be capitalized.
fan club David uses two apostrophes in the word "it’’s" which shouldn't have any, and uses the word "whose" when he should have used the word "who’s". None None
pet show The email's greeting does not have a comma at the end of it. The term "Haihai" is written in lolspeak. None
licensed No commas where needed. Pimple is misspelled as Pilmple. Did not capitalize "the Cheat", "strong Bad" and "receiving".
shapeshifter Paxton Westergard did not separate his name and the town where he is from by using either a line break or a comma. "What" is misspelled as "waht". None
SBCG4AP Advertisement "To" should be in the phrase "You need make". "Best" is misspelled as "brst". None
specially marked None Misspells "cereal" as "cerial". None
love poems There are unnecessary square brackets around the word "Bad", and "my words which I speak" is unusually phrased (though probably intended for comic effect). The words "absotively" (a portmanteau of "absolutely" and "positively") and "blunderous" are not generally regarded as correct English (though again, this may have been intended for comic effect). None
hiding The first sentence omits a question mark. There are three cases for the second sentence: "you right." is missing a comma and a question mark, the sentence ends with an unnecessary "right", or there is a word missing at the end of the sentence. "Noone" is spelled as one word. None
your edge None Misspells "shenanigans" as "shennanigans", and "haven’t" as "heven’t". None
magic trick Uses the singular article "a" in "Her are a tips", and the preposition "to" rather than "for". Misspells "Here" as "Her". Fails to capitalize "sweden" and "homestar runner".
being mean Types a period instead of a question mark after question None None
email thunder The sentence in the body is a run-on Misspells "us" as "use" None
imaginary None None "My" should be capitalized.
dictionary Describes Strong Bad as the "superest", "awesomest" guy ever Spells "for" as "fo" None

[edit] Other Poorly Written Emails

This is the list for bonus emails in the strongbad_email.exe extras.

Email Poor Grammar and Punctuation Poor Spelling Poor Capitalization
E-mail Birds Bettina's email is missing punctuation; Jeffrey uses the word "dork" too often; Naomi has a tenuous grasp on the English language None bettina's email has no capitalization
Videro Games There are two cases for the first sentence: "What is your opinion of the effects "of in" video games on children?" has an unnecessary "in", or it is missing a word between "of" and "in". None None

[edit] Emails that spell Strong Bad/Strong Badia as one word

Strong Bad and Strong Badia are often misspelled as one word. This usually goes unnoticed by Strong Bad, and has recently been happening more so than usual.

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