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Portmanteaus are sometimes used in the Homestar Runner universe, almost always with Strong Bad, despite his obsession with correct spelling and grammar. He will sometimes pause midway through a portmanteau and realize he's accidentally mixed two words.

Portmanteau Words Combined Appears In
Thousandaire/hundredaire Thousand/hundred and millionaire suntan
Barbzerdry Barber and wizardry haircut
Colognac Cologne and cognac modeling
Dadbysitter Dad and babysitter bedtime story
Grodalated Grody and mutilated bedtime story
Extracurricularrific Extracurricular and terrific death metal
Cornucopourri Cornucopia and potpourri pop-up
Caramel appletini Caramel apple and martini Flashforward Intro
Gummel Gore and pummel Thy Dungeonman 3
Masterdly Masterful and dastardly senior prom
Skelebrates Skeleton and vertebrate(s) big white face (Easter egg)
Excardon Excuse and pardon kind of cool
Millionzoic Million and the general prehistoric suffix -zoic Summer Short Shorts
Roadtripcionados Road trip and aficionados road trip
Maximoron Maximum and oxymoron road trip
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