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Portmanteaus (or portmanteaux) are commonly used in the Homestar Runner universe. A portmanteau is a combination of two or more words to make a new word or phrase, often going against the accepted traditions of how words are compounded. The term originally referred to a man's travel bag which contained two main pockets. Portmanteaus were first given that name by Lewis Carroll to describe "slithy" in the poem Jabberwocky, a combination of "lithe" and "slimy".

Strong Bad and Senor Cardgage, especially, frequently create portmanteaus. The Brothers Chaps also often use portmanteaus when providing captions for Sketchbook and Weekly Fanstuff entries.

When made by Strong Bad, they are often preceded by the two words which they comprise. (e.g. "your smelly underling, or smunderling", or "the craw object, or crawbject") He even points out this habit of his in the "dumb little song" of Fan 'Stumes 2023 where he sings "And my head is all squished and withered! I call it 'squithered'. 'Cause you know I gotta portmanteau!"

This article only lists portmanteaus unique to the Homestar Runner universe.


Portmanteaus in-universe

Portmanteau Words Combined Spoken by Appears In


Aboth Alike and both The Homestar Runner Enters The Spooky Woods
Actionsodes Action and episodes SBCG4AP Gameplay Trailer
A lottle A lot and a little Strong Bad magic trick
Againymore Again and anymore Email
AngelCities Angelfire and GeoCities Strong Sad fan club
Analogawesome Analog and awesome Poker Night at the Inventory
Appeteasers Appetizers and teasers Biz Cas Fri 1
Aslumber Asleep and slumber Homestar Runner Mr. Poofers Must Die


Babe-liens Babes and aliens Strong Bad; Limozeen best thing, Baddest of the Bands
Backspacebar Backspace and spacebar Homestar Runner Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2
Barbzerdry Barber and wizardry Strong Bad haircut
Barninating Barn and Burninating Strong Bad Decemberweenvent Calendar (Day 23)
Begends Begins and ends Stinkoman 20X6
Begunderway Begun and underway Thorax Corporation
Betaflop-D Betamax, floppy disk, and D-VHS too cool
Bis-borscht Bismol and borscht Disk 4 of 12 - World Games
Blistergeist Blister and poltergeist slumber party
Blue Las-alert Blue Laser and alert Silent Rip Shopping For Danger
Blue Laserdisc Blue Laser and Laserdisc Blue Laserdisc Challenge
Bodadical Bodacious and radical Stinkoman Teen Girl Squad Issue 10, 8-Bit is Enough
Bookazon.com Book and Amazon.com studying, diorama, Mr. Poofers Must Die
Bouillon-aire Bouillon and billionaire space program
Brainkrieg Brain and blitzkrieg death metal, Homestar Ruiner, Hooked on Decemberween, Decomposing Pumpkins
Brainventory Brain and Inventory Dangeresque Dangeresque Roomisode 3: Keep My Enemies, Loser
Breadallelogram Bread and parallelogram Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
Breadpazoid Bread and trapezoid Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
Breadtangle Bread and rectangle Cheerleader Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
Brellow Brown and yellow Homestar Runner Hremail 62
Brhombus Bread and rhombus Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
Broach Broil and poach Strong Bad Classics!
Broternal Brotherhood and fraternal Homestar Runner; Bubs Ever and More
Bubbleties Bubble and subtleties Homestar Runner lady...ing
Bubsamecium Bubs and paramecium Homestarmecium high school
Bubsgonzola Bubs and Gorgonzola Singers unnatural
Bubs-keep Bubs and barkeep Strong Bad DNA Evidence
Bubslegum Bubs and bubblegum Bubslegum Comics
Bubsmfort Bubs and Comfort Strong Bad Fan Costumes 2017
Bubsmfortable Bubs and comfortable Bubs Fan Costumes 2017
Bubsmoeba Bubs and Amoeba Record Store Day
Bubsness Bubs and business Homestar Runner Broken Compy Menu
Bucksonsoon Bucks and monsoon narrator dictionary
Burninate Burn and terminate Strong Bad dragon
Butt-patented Butt-pat and patented Coach Z Coach Z's 110%
Buychase Buy and purchase Senor Cardgage Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective


Caffeinergy Caffeine and energy Strong Bad road trip, Strong Badia the Free
Canady canes Canada and candy canes Disk 4 of 12 - World Games
Cancun-nada Cancun and Canada Hremail 62
Canceltation Cancelation and consultation Senor Cardgage Senor Mortgage
Caramel appletini Caramel apple and Appletini Flashforward
Charmisma Charm and charisma Poker Night at the Inventory
Carve-nival Carve and carnival Pumpkin Carve-nival
Cavalcanche Cavalcade and avalanche djmankiewicz@homestarrunner.com automated response
CG-ow CGI and Preeeeow Strong Bad sbemail 206
Cheatachu Cheat and Pikachu The House That Gave Sucky Treats, Some Type of Online Auction, marzipan
Cheatar Cheat and guitar Larry Palaroncini The Cheatar
Cheatday Cheat and birthday Strong Bad cheatday
Cheatentina Cheat and Argentina Strong Bad crying
Cheatribution Cheat and retribution Strong Bad pop-up
Cheatsa Cheat and pizza Homestar Runner; The Cheat mile, pizza joint, The Homestar Runner Enters The Spooky Woods
Cheatventures Cheat and adventures PBTC Strong Bad bedtime story
Cheatviathan Cheat and Leviathan Strong Bad Really Cool Boat
Cheeseburgwich Cheeseburger and sandwich Senor Cardgage Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
Chocolardiac Chocolate and cardiac Strong Bad bottom 10
Chocozuma's Chocolate and Montezuma's Strong Bad bottom 10
Chumpion Chump and champion Strong Bad underlings
Cinemagic Cinema and magic Strong Bad Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
Closimonies Closing and ceremonies Strong Bad strong badathlon
Coach Zibblies Coach Z and Jibblies Fan Costumes 2016
Colden Cold and golden Homestar Runner Where My Hat Is At? (toon)
Cold-one-ibalism Cold one and cannibalism Strong Bad Fan Costumes '08
Colognac Cologne and cognac modeling
Combolations Combination and congratulations Senor Cardgage japanese cartoon, flashback
Compé-per Compé and paper Strong Bad dictionary
Compocktment Compartment and pocket sbemail 206
Concessionstantinople Concession stand and Constantinople Bubs Strong Badia the Free
Constabulate Constable and consummate Strong Bad Trogday 08
Cooldratic Cool and quadratic Strong Bad Baddest of the Bands
Coology Cool and eulogy your funeral
Coopreme Cooper and supreme Strong Bad the movies
Cornucopourri Cornucopia and potpourri Strong Bad pop-up
Corpy Corporation and Compy from work, imaginary
Cosplaydinaire Cosplayer and extraordinaire I Killed Pom Pom
CostaLatte Cost a lot and Latte Hremail 7
Coughiversary Cough and anniversary So and So Teen Girl Squad Issue 11
Couchscraper Couch and skyscraper Strong Bad bike thief
Crackotage Crack and sabotage Cheat Commandos
Cram-packed Crammed and jam-packed Coach Z's 110%
Crap-valanche Crap and avalanche Strong Sad dictionary
Craptain Crap and captain Coach Z high school
Cratoon Crap and cartoon Sbemailiarized!
Crawbject Craw and object Strong Bad The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw
Crudule Crud and nodule Strong Bad from work
Cuss-mando Cuss and commando Gunhaver Commandos in the Classroom


D'screetret Discreet and secret Decemberween Short Shorts
D'weeve Decemberween and eve A Death Defying Decemberween
Dadbysitter Dad and babysitter Strong Bad bedtime story
Dadgeresque Dad and Dangeresque Strong Bad Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
Dan't Don't and can't Senor Cardgage garage sale
Dazzle-mazing Dazzling and amazing Coach Z Happy Fireworks
Deliberance Deliberate and deliverance Teen Girl Squad Issue 13
Decemberween December and Halloween The Best Decemberween Ever (first mention), see Decemberween
Decision-venture Decision and adventure Halloween Potion-ma-jig
Deckic Deck and epic No Hands On Deck!
Degradest Degrade and The Greatest Degradest Hits
Delivereceivables Deliverables and receivables business trip
Diamonocle Diabolical and monocle Coach Z; Strong Bad Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
Diaperbolical Diaper and diabolical Sam & Max Season Two Alternate Ending 101
Double deuce-blemint Double Deuce and Doublemint 2 emails (Easter egg)
Dramatastration Dramatization and demonstration Malloween Commercial
Dreamail Dream and email Strong Bad dreamail
Dudeical Dude and radical web comics
Duderonomy Dude and Deuteronomy Email


Eco-mail Ecology and email environment
Eggction Egg and auction Some Type of Online Auction
Entrangled Entranced and entangled what i want
Epi-snowed Episode and snowed The Next Epi-Snowed
Europa-pean Europa and European Strong Bad Drive-Thru
Everybloody Everybody and bloody Strong Bad what i want
Excardon Excuse and pardon Senor Cardgage; Strong Sad kind of cool
Exqueptional Exquisite and exceptional Strong Bad Disk 4 of 12 - Vampire's Castle
Extracurricularrific Extracurricular and terrific Strong Bad death metal


Facewich Face and sandwich Strong Bad Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 15.2
Fairstival Fair and festival Halloween Fairstival
Fangoriously Fang and gloriously Strong Bad kid's book
Fat-thority Fat and authority Strong Bad Strong Badia the Free
Ferty-tirst Fortieth and first Announcer Fall Float Parade
Fizzleweight Featherweight and sizzle Strong Bad yes, wrestling
Flatghetti Flat and Spaghetti Perducci's Dangeresque Roomisode 3: Keep My Enemies, Loser
Flavornoid Flavor and flavonoid Homestar Runner specially marked
Flavourite Flavour and favourite The Homestar Runner Fan Stuff, Kick the Can commentary
Forty-twone Forty-two and forty-one Senor Cardgage; Strong Bad the movies
Formulawesome Formula and awesome Strong Badia the Free
Friendendum Friend (or FriendlyWare) and Addendum Strong Bad Disk 4 of 12 - FrienDendum
Funtivities Fun and activities Strong Bad specially marked


Ganglo-Saxon Gangly and Anglo-Saxon more armies
Garglemesh Gargle and Gilgamesh Strong Bad the paper
Gazemazement Gaze and amazement Strong Bad magic trick
Gazemazing Gaze and amazing Bubs magic trick
Gentlemadies Gentlemen and ladies Homestar Runner Punkin Show
GeoFire GeoCities and Angelfire Strong Sad fan club
Geographist Geographer and scientist Strong Bad death metal
Good Graphicketeers Good Graphics and musketeers Strong Bad 8-Bit is Enough
Grampson Gramps and grandson FBI warning for strongbad_email.exe Disc Six
Graveyardiganz The Backyardigans and Gravediggaz Most in the Graveyard
Gregapixel Greg and megapixel Strong Bad Fan Costumes 2017
Gright Great and bright Death Defying Entertainment
Griniscule Grin and miniscule commentary for i love you on the Sbemails' 50 Greatest Hits DVD
Grizzlysharkasaurusbot Grizzly, shark, -saurus, and robot Strong Bad Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
Grodalated Grody and mutilated Strong Bad bedtime story
Grold Grown and old Senor Cardgage rated
Grood Great and good Cheerleader Teen Girl Squad Issue 4
Groodness Great and goodness Cheerleader Teen Girl Squad Issue 14
Groupulon 5 Groupie and Babylon 5 best thing
Gummel Gore and pummel Thy Dungeonman 3
Gunkistan Gun and Pakistan licensed
Gutterances Guttural and utterances Strong Bad dictionary
Gymatorium Gymnasium and auditorium yes, wrestling, Where U Goin' 2?


Headbrow Head and eyebrow Strong Bad haircut
Head-chunkularly Head chunk and spectacularly Strong Bad Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold
Helloquialism Hello and colloquialism Senor Cardgage diorama
Helscome Hello and welcome Homestar Runner Homestar Runner's Website, Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True (Commentary), Flash is Dead!
Highscraper Highrise and skyscraper Strong Bad dangeresque 3
Homestarmecium Homestar and paramecium Strongbadiophage high school
Homestarloween Homestar and Halloween Homestarloween Party
Homestarmy Homestar and army Homestar Runner; Strong Bad army; Strong Badia the Free
Homezipan Homestar and Marzipan Homestar Runner Strong Badia the Free
Homsartifact Homsar and artifact Strong Badia the Free
Homsolo Homsar and solo MixMastah 800
Hot-free Hotline and toll free Strong Bad unnatural


Identificaption Identification and caption Senor Cardgage; Strong Bad rated
Inbredtational Inbred and invitational pet show
Infotainment Information and entertainment Date Nite
Intregway Intrigued/Intriguing and Segway (PT) Senor Cardgage; Homestar Runner concert; Halloween Hide & Seek
Intromercial Intro(duction) and infomercial technology
Investiga-awesome Investigate and awesome Strong Bad; Jibblies Painting local news; Action Cool News-oween Report
Irridisregardless Irrespective, disregard and regardless Peasant's Quest
Issue-versary Issue and anniversary Cheerleader Teen Girl Squad Issue 10


Janitator Janitor and terminator DNA Evidence
Jengaship Jenga and Battleship Homsar; Strong Sad Where's the Cheat?
Jerktionary Jerk and dictionary Strong Bad dictionary


Kansattica Kansas and Attica Senor Cardgage theme song
Keyswordtar Keytar and sword Strong Bad portrait
Kickcheater Kickstarter and Kicking The Cheat sbemail 206
Kingio King and Mario Pumpkin Carve-nival
Kuwaiting Kuwait and waiting Senor Cardgage Later That Night...


Leomardbury Chauceinterviews Leomard "Lem" Sportsinterviews, Geoffrey Chaucer
and The Canterbury Tales
Strong Bad reads "The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden" (Teaser Trailer) - Worldbuilders 2014
Lieuteneral Lieutenant and general Announcer space program
Limozloshy Limozeen and sloshy Limozeen vs. sloshy
Loadink Loading and ink Doomy Tales of the Macabre
Loadry Loading and laundry Rap Song
Loin-cheese cloth Loincloth and cheesecloth Thy Dungeonman II
Longipops Long and lollipops Homestar Runner Homestar vs. Little Girl 2
Lyricbolical Lyric and diabolical Coach Z Rap Song


Malloween Marshmallow and Halloween Marshie; Strong Bad Malloween Commercial, Later That Night...
Mallvies Mall and movies Senor Cardgage; Strong Bad Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
Mannonball Man and cannonball Strong Mad keep cool
Margaracheatas Margaritas and Cheat Strong Bad Fan Costumes '06
Marshalades Marshmallows and melonade Homestar Runner Fluffy Puff Commercial
Marshiepan Marshie and Marzipan Marshie Fan 'Stumes 2019
Marzipants Marzipan and pants Strong Bad vacation
Marziperson Marzipan and person Bubs Weclome Back
Marzipole Marzipan and pole Strong Bad environment
Marzistar Marzipan and Homestar Marzipan Strong Badia the Free
Masterdly Masterful and dastardly Strong Bad senior prom
Matt's Communications Matt and Mass Communications theme song
Maxymoron Maximum and oxymoron road trip
McArby McDonald's and Arby's The King of Town Doomy Tales of the Macabre
McSwobert McSwain and Robert Strong Bad videography
Melonade Melon and lemonade A Jumping Jack Contest (first mention), see Melonade
Meltshake Melt and milkshake road trip
Millionzoic Million and the general prehistoric suffix -zoic Summer Short Shorts
Mikezipan Mike and Marzipan Halloween Safety
MimeogWrath Mimeograph and wrath Narrator Strong Bad Teen Girl Squad Issue 14
Mojipan Squintmoji and Marzipan Squintmojis (Easter egg)
Mollybdenum Molly and molybdenum Strong Bad diorama
Momzipan Mom and Marzipan Homestar Runner Halloween Potion-ma-jig
Momkins Mom and Tompkins Teen Girl Squad Issue 13
Moneygician Money and magician Strong Bad magic trick
Montesodium Montessori and monosodium Strong Bad coloring
Morgue-tuary Morgue and mortuary The House That Gave Sucky Tricks
Mornideo Morning and video web comics
Mysfit-steries Misfit and mysteries high school


Nerdular Nerdence Nerd and Popular Science Strong Bad car
Newlydead Newlywed and dead Strong Bad your funeral
Nobot No and robot Strong Bad what i want


Okratinis Okra and martinis senior prom
Org-ethnic Organic and ethnic Strong Bad hremail 3184


Parchmentic Parchment and photographic Thy Dungeonman II
Peli-luncheon Pelican and luncheon Disk 4 of 12 - World Games
Petrifries Petrified and fries Strong Bad road trip
Philly Cheat-Steak Philly Cheese Steak and Cheat Strong Bad Halloween Fairstival
Piemonade Pie and lemonade Strong Bad other days
Plascardo Plastic and card Coach Z's 110%
Point-and-Clickture Point-and-click adventure Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate Soundtrack
Polyhairsprayteasealate Poly-, hairspray, tease and -alate Larry Palaroncini 4 branches (Easter egg)
Polymascotfoamalate Poly-, mascot, foam and -alate Coach Z; Old-Timey singers; Homestar Runner 4 branches
Popstinkle Stand popsicle stand and stink Poker Night at the Inventory
Potion-ma-jig potion and thingamajig Halloween Potion-ma-jig
Prancibald Prance and Archibald Tiny-Handed Strong Bad flashback
Pretendicitis Pretend and appendicitis Strong Sad Strong Badia the Free
Pretendix Pretend and appendix Strong Sad; Strong Bad; Bubs Strong Badia the Free
Pretendous Pretend (or "pretentious") and tremendous Strong Bad; The King of Town Fan Costume Commentary, extra plug
Pseudoname Pseudonym and name Strong Bad; Homestar Runner secret identity
Pukevalanche Puke and avalanche Strong Sad dictionary
Puttiature Putt and miniature mini-golf



Raccoonolith Raccoon and Monolith Dangeresque Dangeresque Roomisode 2: The Intersection of Doom & Boom
Radacious Radical and bodacious Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
Ramshankle Ramshackle and shank Subtlefuge Cheat Commandos: Two Part Episode: Part 2
Rapscalliwag Rapscallion and scallywag long pants
Reallysolved Really and resolved Strong Bad retirement
Realginary Real and imaginary Strong Bad imaginary
Restige Rest and prestige Bubs the chair
Revengeanceful Revenge, vengeance, and vengeful Announcer 2 years (Easter egg)
Rhinociraptors Rhinoceros and velociraptors Strong Bad Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
Roadtripcionados Road trip and aficionados Strong Bad road trip
Rock-dezvous Rock and rendezvous Strong Bad; Larry Palaroncini Baddest of the Bands
Roomisode Room and episode Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque
Roomy-VAC Room and UNIVAC Strong Bad Compy Catalog


Sad Sachary Taylor "Sad Sack" and Zachary Taylor Strong Bad Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold
Safariventure Safari and adventure Strong Bad theme park
Sawesome Super and awesome Strong Bad dictionary
Sbemailiarized Sbemail and familiarized Strong Bad Sbemailiarized!, April Fool 09
Scram-oose Scram and vamoose Strong Bad your edge
Senorial Senor Cardgage and memorial Senor Cardgage; Bubs Senorial Day
Sesquicentenn-email Sesquicentennial and email Strong Sad; Strong Bad Sbemail 150?!? and alternate universe
Shinoligans Shinola and shenanigans Quote of the Week
Shock-you-mentary Shock you and documentary Strong Bad bedtime story
Six-thrixty Six, three, and sixty Disk 4 of 12 - World Games
Skelebrates Skeleton and vertebrate(s) big white face (Easter egg)
Smunderling Smelly and underling Strong Bad underlings
Sneak-toe Sneak and tiptoe The Homestar Runner Punkin Stencils
Snowballstiny Snowball and Destiny Strong Sad Front Facing
Snowhere Snow and nowhere Gunhaver The Next Epi-Snowed
Snowldiers Soldiers and snow Blue Laser The Next Epi-Snowed
Someteenth Something and sixteenth The Ugly One; Manolios Ugly One Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
Spamvertisement Spam and advertisement Strong Bad unused emails
Sportscarster Sports car and sportscaster local news
Squeazeled Squeeze and weaseled email thunder
Squintmoji Squint and emoji Squintmojis
squithered squished and withered Strong Bad Fan 'Stumes 2023
Standby-orama Stand by and diorama Strong Bad diorama
Stinkomanual Stinkoman and manual Stinkoman 20X6
Stragedy Strategy and tragedy FAQ
Stratergery Strategy and surgery Strong Bad Homestar Ruiner
Stratosfear Stratosphere and fear Stinkoman 20X6
Strong Badagement Strong Bad and management DNA Evidence
Strong Badathlon Strong Bad and -athlon Strong Bad strong badathlon
Strongbadiophage Strong Bad and bacteriophage Homestarmecium high school
Stummy Stomach and tummy Stinkoman Stinkoman 20X6; 8-Bit is Enough
Subtlefuge Subtle and subterfuge Crackotage 2 Part Episode Part 1
Suckcross Suck and Seicross army
Suckquake Suck and earthquake narrator; Homestar Runner dictionary
Supermitfluous Superfluous and Permit Dangeresque Dangeresque Roomisode 2: The Intersection of Doom & Boom
Suppleties Supple and subtleties Strong Bad lady...ing


Tapesplay Tape and cosplay Fan 'Stumes 2019
Tapestume Tape and costume Fan 'Stumes 2019
Telegramophone Telegram, telephone, and gramophone Old-Timey Strong Bad 50 emails (Easter egg) (first mention), see Old-Timey Strong Bad's Telegramophone
Temporarios Temporary and Cheerios Strong Bad strong badathlon
Tenerrow'd Tenerence and Arrow'd Narrator Strong Bad Teen Girl Squad Issue 15
Tenthennial Tenth and -ennial Narrator Strong Bad Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
Thiefnique Thief and technique bike thief
Thugchantment Thug and enchantment So and So Teen Girl Squad Issue 15
Thy Dungeonmusk Thy Dungeonman and musk Dangeresque Roomisode 2: The Intersection of Doom & Boom
Tophaticent Top hat and magnificent Strong Bad more armies
Topplegangers Topple and doppelgangers Crackotage Cheat Commandos: Two Part Episode: Part 1
Tour-Bus-mozeen Tour bus and Limozeen Baddest of the Bands
Trajesty Tragedy and majesty Strong Bad Decemberweenvent Calendar (Day 23)
Trembalo Tremble and tremolo Strong Bad guitar
Trench-hoodie Trenchcoat and hoodie sbemail 206
Triungulate Triangulate and triumvirate Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate
Trogcar Trogdor and car Weekly Fanstuff 2006, Fan Costumes '09
Trogday Trogdor and birthday Happy Trogday
Trogfamily Trogdor and family Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer
Trogventure Trogdor and adventure Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer
Turbolence Turbo and turbulence Stinkoman 20X6
Twenty-seventeen Twenty-seven and seventeen Larry Palaroncini Summer Short Shorts; Limozeen Live (practice)
Twii Two, three, and Wii Kid Speedy Version 1.TWII


Uglypan Ugly and Marzipan Strong Bad Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 3.0
Undisclothed Undisclosed and unclothed Strong Bad Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective


Valentimes Valentine's and times Cheerleader; What's Her Face; The Ugly One Teen Girl Squad Issue 12
Vantastic Van and fantastic Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
Videlectricks Videlectrix and tricks Videlectrix Guys videlectrix.com (November 19, 2008)
Viidelectrix Videlectrix and Wii Viidelectrix
Vornado Vortex and tornado Stinkoman trading cards


Waitre D waiter and maître d Dangeresque Roomisode 3: Keep my Enemies, Loser
Wastenado Waste and tornado narrator; Homestar Runner dictionary
Wheatgrasskini Wheatgrass and bikini Marzipan Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 14.2
Wheatgrasstini Wheatgrass and martini Marzipan Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 14.2
Why come? Why and how come? Yearbook Character Page (first mention), see Why Come




Portmanteaus in Sketchbook Captions

Portmanteau Words Combined Appears In
Basketbully Basketball and bully 17 Nov 2006
Cheat-up Cheat and stick-up 10 Feb 2005
Cowcopter Cow and helicopter 05 Aug 2004
Exag-a-homestar Exaggerate and Homestar 11 Aug 2005
Homestarms Homestar and arms 30 Sep 2004
Homestarzigoats Homestar, Marzipan and goats 07 Aug 2009
The Hotgly One Hot and The Ugly One 20 Oct 2005
Limolosers Limozeen and losers 23 Jun 2005
Pipestache Pipe and mustache 04 Oct 2007
Stinkotetsuo Stinkoman and Tetsuo 01 Sep 2005
Strong Sadstronaut Strong Sad and astronaut 30 Mar 2006
Trogmopolitan Trogdor and cosmopolitan 09 Aug 2007

Portmanteaus in Weekly Fanstuff Captions

Portmanteau Words Combined Appears In
Cheatpod Cheat and iPod 06 Oct 2005
Cheatz-it Cheat and Cheez-It 21 Jun 2007
Fanimation Fan and animation 29 Nov 2007
Homespore Runner Homestar Runner and Spore 19 Jun 2008
Homsunami Homsar and tsunami 12 Oct 2007
Knitdor Knit and Trogdor 12 Jan 2006
Legogdor Lego and Trogdor 22 Nov 2004
Legomestar Lego and Homestar 07 Oct 2004
Limojean jacket Limozeen and jean jacket 01 Nov 2007
Monstrositea Monstrosity and tea 29 Jun 2006
Stinkomural Stinkoman and mural 22 Mar 2007
Trogapult Trogdor and catapult 06 Jul 2006
Trogbloons Trogdor and balloons 05 Jun 2008
Trogcake Trogdor and cake 07 Aug 2008
Trogstorm Trogdor and storm 22 May 2008

Portmanteaus in SBCG4AP Dev Blog

Portmanteau Words Combined Appears In
Endinning End and beginning The Endinning of the End (14 May 2008)
Phensics Fence and physics Payable Demo! (10 Jun 2008)

Portmanteaus in @StrongBadActual

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Portmanteau Words Combined Appears In
Bandgeresque Band and Dangeresque 22 Aug 2016
Bornulon Borne and Nebulon 30 Jun 2018
Brudyear Brudder and year 3 Aug 2016
Burner-nator Burner and burninator 7 Oct 2017
Cardbiordoscuro Cardboard and chiaroscuro 17 May 2018
Carmsquint Freakin Mirandoji Carmen and squint, and, Miranda and squintmoji. 16 Sep 2017
Checkmiddle check and middle 24 Feb 2020
Chubcus Draccus and chubby 5 Jan 2018
Classio Classy and Casio 25 Aug 2017
Classterpiece class and masterpiece 19 Sep 2018
Conclutes Concludes and continute 6 Jan 2018
Cross-stitchummate V's Cross-stitch and consummate V's 9 Jul 2018
Dumbviousness dumb and deviousness 3 Sep 2018
DangerEGGsque Dangeresque and egg 27 Nov 2018
Embroidulate V's Embroider and consummate V's 10 Jul 2018
Flask-sim Flask and sim (short for simulator) 3 Dec 2017
Grumblintake Grumblecake and intake 3 Oct 2017
Hallowrath Halloween and wrath 3 Nov 2017
Homestarchives Homestar and archives 18 Mar 2016
Homesquint Homestar and Squintmoji 15 Sep 2017
Ibu-pro-pro Ibuprofen and Ina-pro-pro 9 Aug 2018 and Mario Paint Thursdays Compilation
Jefferson Perducciplane Jefferson Airplane and Perducci 22 Feb 2023
John McEnroji John McEnroe and squintmoji 15 Sep 2017
Mojiween Squint-ouette Squintmoji and Halloween silhouette 6 Oct 2017
Nintentelldotales Nintendo and Telltales 20 Jun 2018
Pointlevs points and levels 24 Feb 2020
Roguelywhatev Roguelike and whatev 12 Aug 2016
Squintmageddon Squint and armageddon 31 Aug 2017
Squintoman/Stinkomoji Squintmoji and Stinkoman 3 Sep 2017
"Stop-motion opus" and "stop-mopus" stop motion and magnum opus 22 Oct 2018 (transcript)
Strong Badtendo of America Strong Bad and Nintendo of America 22 Oct 2018
Techrobocrosspeada Robotech, Macross, and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA 1 Oct 2021
Textroidvania Text and Metroidvania (which itself is a portmanteau) 3 Dec 2017
Trog-lite Trogdor and rogue-lite, a preexisting portmanteau of roguelike and lite 19 Sep 2018
Thy Dungeonvania Thy Dungeonman and Metroidvania 19 Sep 2018
Thy Dungeresqueman Thy Dungeonman and Dangeresque 3 Dec 2017
Wormypan worm and Marzipan 22 Oct 2018

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