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This article is about the action. For the place, see Prance.
Homestar's all prancey now

Prancing is a kind of skipping dance that has both been done and mentioned several times in the Homestar Runner body of work. It is usually used as an adjective.

Examples of Prancing

  • Armless Invaders — If the player loses, Atari 2600 Homestar will prance back and forth across Strong Badia.
  • The Interview — Strong Bad says that he watched Homestar "prance by" several times. Also, Strong Bad inquires as to whether or not Homestar enjoys prancing around like an idiot (which he does).
  • Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True — Homestar prances around the field. Also, after the animation displays, the narration at the end describes Homestar as "all prancey".
  • Thy Dungeonman II — As you go past Percy the rat, he bites your ankle to give you the plague and you "howl in pain like a prancey squire".
  • Peasant's Quest — Asking the Blue Knight about Naked Ned will make him comment that he "prances around the forest in his birthday suit."
  • Email haircutStrong Mad wants Strong Bad to make a cardboard box dance and prance.
  • Email redesign — Strong Bad is seen prancing around the green screen bread aisle.
  • Email theme song — The visual at the beginning of the "Crappy Cartoon Theme Song" shows Strong Bad prancing in his basement.
  • Email your funeral — Strong Bad says that not even death can stop him from stopping his leotarded brother from prancing around in his honor.
  • The April 2, 2009 Sketchbook has Homestar Runner in a robot with its legs prancing.
  • Halloween Safety — Homestar Runner prances when he gets "that sludge foot".

Other References

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