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Several characters have made predictions about what is to happen in the future. The majority of these predictions are highly unlikely to actually occur, but some have come true.


2 years

In September 2003, Strong Bad was asked what the greatest advancement in Strong Badia will be in the next two years. Strong Bad proclaims that by 2005:

  • The population of Strong Badia will have tripled from "Population: Tire" to "Population: Tire, Bundt Cake Pan, and Coach Z"
  • The Stop Sign and the Cinder Block will break up
  • Strong Badia will have developed a world-class hole
  • The Cheat will finish painting a mural reading "Fireworks or Die"
  • The Tire will have beaten Strong Mad to win "the title"
  • Strong Sad will become more whiny

As of 2024, none of these have come true. In fact, Strong Sad seems to have gotten less whiny over the years, and even, primarily in post-hiatus content, just as witty as Strong Bad.


The last montage presented in the email consists of photographs of earlier scenes, as well as captions explaining what later happened to each of the characters:

  • The Cheat quits or loses his salesman job due to his failure to sell toner.
  • Homestar sells his "The #1" shirt for US$3 (which is a good deal).
  • Strong Bad hosts an Animal Planet show that gets canceled before its first commercial break.
  • The Wagon Fulla Pancakes appears in commercials for a used car dealership, finds a spouse, has two children, and moves to Long Beach.
  • The Paper sticks around until email #173, at which time Strong Bad upgrades to an inkjet printer.

At least two of these predictions came true: the Wagon Fulla Pancakes did a commercial for Senor Cardgage's Senorial Day Tent Event Supra Sale, and Strong Bad did replace The Paper with New Paper from an inkjet printer in email #173 (the paper). The "The #1" shirt has not been seen since the email.

your funeral

Strong Bad claims that there will be a zombie uprising on March 31, 2046, at 2:03 p.m. By about that time, Pom Pom and Strong Sad will have become tough, end-of-the-world-style heroes: Pom Pom sporting a flat-top, cigar, and ammunition belt; and Strong Sad shedding his wimpy image for a gritty-voiced, cigar-smoking, muscular fighter covered in scars and with a five o'clock shadow. His weapon of choice, however, will remain the same then as now: the leotard. Strong Bad, contrary to his outlook in replacement, has decided that he will never die. He will, however, fight on the side of the zombies, if they will let him.


Strong Sad predicts that in five years, Strong Bad will have completely lost his accent, and have a new computer, the Zappy XT6. This did not come to pass.

Baddest of the Bands

Strong Bad claims that by 2086, dollars will be called "Globnars".

Hremail 62

Homestar Runner predicts that a theme park called "Homestar Dinoland" would open in July 2012. It is also suggested that the actual attraction may turn out to be just a drawer.

Flash is Dead!

Strong Bad predicts that the world will end due to the death of Flash Player.

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