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I hate hushpuppies.

In Strong Bad's world of old technology, he appears to love some of his technological implements, namely his computers as well as The Paper, enough so that he treats them as though they were human beings. He refers to the Lappy 486 as having body parts, as well as speaking to both it and the Compy 386 and Tandy 400 as if he were talking to any other character. He is also able to carry out conversation with The Paper.

Strong Bad is not the only one to treat technology as human. The members of the Homestarmy consider Frank Benedetto to be a real member, and to have truly died in the Battle of Strong Badia.


Personified Traits

Lappy 486

Compy 386

Tandy 400

  • Is able to kidnap the Lappy 486. (cliffhangers, retirement)
  • Seemingly haunts Strong Bad in its "ghost" form. (ghosts)
  • Controls a fishing rod with a magnet on the end that causes the Lappy to enter "Teal Screen of Near Death". (retirement)
  • "Speaks" with The Paper. (retirement)

The Paper

  • Is able to get sick. (Sick Day)
  • Responds to Strong Bad's commands.
  • Translates the wishes of the Compy 386 and the Tandy 400 for Strong Bad. (retirement)

Frank Benedetto

  • Is killed in the Battle of Strong Badia. (army)
  • Is honored with a "memorial statue". (more armies)
  • Has a "mother" from whom Homestar Runner tries to collect Frank's debt of five bucks. (army)


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