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Toon Category: Holiday Toon
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Homestar hosts a pumpking carving game show.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner

Pumpkins depicted (in order of first appearance): Coach Z's logo from redesign, Homestar Runner, Thy Dungeonman, Strong Bad, Striped Green Rabbit, Peacey P, Bubs, Bubs' Concession Stand, Homestar Jr.

Places: The Show

Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Running Time: 1:46

Page Title: Climb Aboard the Style Train


{The crowd cheers unemotionally}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Welcome back, gentlemadies! Without further Mountain Dew, lets get this style train a-rollin'!

{A short tune plays in the background and the camera closes up on Homestar}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: First up, brand new for 2009, it's the 2006 Coach Z logo!

{The crowd cheers again while the screen transitions to a board that says "Fadey Screen!". A image of a pumpkin with Coach Z's logo from redesign carved into it comes from the left of the screen.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let's go to the ding board for that one.

{Transitions to a board with three flipping panels that says "Ding" on it. The middle panel flips to a side that says "3rd Style" while it dings.}


{An "Ahh..." is heard from the crowd and the screen goes back to Homestar.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: If our next pumpkin answers this correctly, it'll win a trip to Angry Homestar Between Two Mountains!

{crowd cheers}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Everyone, please give a warm hand to our next guest pumpkin, Thy Dungeonman.

{the Fadey Screen shows a pumpkin of Thy Dungeonman with the words ">get ye candy" above and an "Aw yeah.." is heard from the crowd along with clapping}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ding board says: acapoco.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Although this pumpkin has fine European yellow smoke!

Fun Facts

  • The page title contains style. Also, the Coach Z logo pumpkin gets "3rd Style".
  • Homestar hosts another variant of The Show.
  • The ribbons were first seen in Pumpkin Carve-nival, also a pumpkin contest toon.
  • Homestar says "survey says", a reference to Family Feud.
  • "Please phrase your pumpkin in the form of" is a reference to Jeopardy!, where contestants must phrase their response in the form of a question.
  • The Coach Z logo is from redesign.
  • Homestar mentions Mountain Dew.
  • "Chant Words Together" was also mentioned in Non-Sequitur Champion.
  • The FeedBurner Page shows a pumpkin of Strong Bad eating what appears to be a small Strong Sad pumpkin, not seen in the toon.
  • "Gentlemadies" is another Portmanteau.

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