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Puppet Homestar and The Cheat

Puppet Stuff refers to live-action video clips starring various characters as puppets. The Puppet Jams feature the Homestar puppet rocking out with They Might Be Giants. The Cheat puppet used in these clips is the The Cheat Talking Plush Doll for sale in the Store. As far as we know, the Homestar and Strong Bad puppets are one-of-a-kind items.

When clicked in the Toons Menu, or on the main page (when they were on the "What's New?" button or with the Random Toon button) they are shown over the top of the page. However when chosen by the "rando" button in the navigation bar, they are shown on a separate page with this image as a backdrop.



The Puppets

Characters from the "two-dimensional world", appearing in "puppet-form".


Puppet Stuff

vs. Little Girl

Puppet Jams

Biz Cas Fri

Other Puppet Stuff

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