R!OT Radio Interview - 28 Feb 2003

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The Brothers Chaps returned to "The R!OT" show on Radio U on February 28, 2003.

[edit] Transcript

OBADIAH: {sighs} It's the Riot on Radio U.

NIKKI: {laughs} You know what, this is totally for your one year anniversary.

OBADIAH: Oh my gosh, I'm all stinkin' grins, right now, I'm all grins. Because— we're about to call HomestarRunner.com. Now, we've never called a dot com before. Last time—

NIKKI: Should be interesting.

OBADIAH: The Brothers Chaps, who are behind it, they called us. But today, we have to make the phone call, so, here we go... {dial tone, dialing} Let's see...

NIKKI: Oh, by the way, if you haven't, go ahead and log on to HomestarRunner.com, introduce yourself with some of the characters, and, you know... that way, you're like, "Who the heck are they talking to?" You'll understand it all.

OBADIAH: Let's see... dot C-O-M. {presses three buttons while saying this} Here we go.

NIKKI: {laughs} I've never called a dot com, either.

OBADIAH: Yeah, me neither.

NIKKI: It's pretty interesting. {phone begins ringing}

OBADIAH: It's ringing.

NIKKI: {whispering} It's dialing.

OBADIAH: It's ringing.

NIKKI: Oh, ringing. {the phone is picked up}


OBADIAH: H-hello, who is this?

NIKKI: Strong Bad!

OBADIAH: Who's this?

STRONG BAD: What do you mean? You called me!

OBADIAH: I—I know. {Nikki laughs} Is this HomestarRunner.com?

STRONG BAD: This is Strong Bad, man.

OBADIAH: Strong Bad!

STRONG BAD: Wh-who is this?

OBADIAH: This is Obadiah! Remember me?

STRONG BAD: Oh, you again!

NIKKI: Remember the guy on the prairie?

STRONG BAD: Oh, look...you...don't you have anything better to do than call people at the crack of dawn, man?

NIKKI: Well, now, Strong Bad, it's really important that he called today, 'cause this is Obadiahs's one year anniversary on the show, so it's a big day for him.

STRONG BAD: Well, look, I'm real happy for the guy {Nikki laughs} but, you know, not everybody's been up in the barn since 5 AM like Obadiah over there. {Obadiah cracks up} I got— look, man, I was out 'til like 5 AM last night.

OBADIAH: Well, I didn't see you in the barn! {Nikki laughs again} Now, hey Strong Bad, let me ask you a question, seriously. If you were out 'til like 5 AM last night, who were you out with?

STRONG BAD: Uh, you know... um... probably one of my many girlfriends...

OBADIAH: Right, so you've got a few— a few of the la— are these the— these wouldn't be the girls from, like, Teen Girl Squad or anything, are they?

STRONG BAD: No, man. Those girls— I would never hang out with those girls.

OBADIAH: You— you're not too into that.

STRONG BAD: No thanks.

OBADIAH: No. What— now, see, I've heard that you were trying to get together with Marzipan, but I don't buy it, 'cause I don't think she likes you.

STRONG BAD: Where'd you hear that?

NIKKI: You know, it was just one of the many rumours.

OBADIAH: {almost simultaneously} I just, well—

STRONG BAD: Quit makin' that up.

NIKKI: That was, uh—

OBADIAH: I'm not ma— you mean making up that you're trying to get with her, or making up that, uh, she's—

STRONG BAD: I'm makin' up that you think I'm trying to get with her, man. Look— I mean, you know, everybody's always like, "Oh, you always make fun of Marzipan, that means you love her, man!" And it's just like, look— you know, that guy in school in third grade that made fun of you all the time? Yeah, he didn't really have a crush on you, he just made fun of you. {Obadiah and Nikki laugh} Y-he said you were ugly, he thought you were ugly, man! You know, there was no, like, hidden agenda there.

NIKKI: He was just pure mean.

STRONG BAD: He wasn't trying to, you know, use reverse psychology.

NIKKI: All right.

OBADIAH: Well, Strong Bad, see, I'll tell you what, I've been sending you emails, 'cause, like, I read your email, like, every week, and I keep sendin' em, but you never answer me back, and I wanna know what's up with that.

STRONG BAD: Hey, hey, get in line, buddy. Okay? Because I got, like, I tell you, I got like 15,000 unread emails in my Inbox right now, you know? And to tell you the truth, I think I have the ones, tha— it says "The Amish Guy From The Radio." It filters that right into my trash can, so...

NIKKI: That's—that's smart, that's smart.

STRONG BAD: Sorry, man.

OBADIAH: Strong Bad, if you're just gonna abuse me, listen, I just want to talk to Homestar.

STRONG BAD: Abuse you? You— look, you called me, like 2 o'clock in the morning!

OBADIAH: It's not— listen, I thought you were up all late, having a good time, huh? You know?

STRONG BAD: I— I— uh, I mean, I was.

OBADIAH: Right, that's what I thought, so, I mean, you're probably already awake and stuff?

STRONG BAD: {nervously} Uh— well— nm— mayb— mm— I dunno...

OBADIAH: You don't—?

STRONG BAD: Next question.

OBADIAH: Yeah, next one.

NIKKI: Next question. Moving on.

OBADIAH: I wanna— I wanna talk to Homestar. Is he there?

STRONG BAD: What do you mean, is he there? I don't live with Homestar!

OBADIAH: Yeah, whatever! You guys are all bunked up together! I know you are! He lives right outside of Strong Badia! Which i— right next to the Tire.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {in the distance} Hey, Strong Bad! I brought you some breakfast!

STRONG BAD: What are you doing here? Oh, great, he's here.

OBADIAH: Well, I want to talk to him!

NIKKI: {simultaneously} Can we talk? Yeah... I love Homestar Runner.

OBADIAH: He's so cool.


OBADIAH: Homestar!


OBADIAH: How are you doing?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I'm doing well!

OBADIAH: Hey, it's Obadiah, from on the prairie.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I don't know who you are!

NIKKI: {laughs} It's been a while since you've talked to him last.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I-I don't know if I've ever talked to you, man.

OBADIAH: I— w— I'm a big fan of your show.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Thanks! You sound like a nice man.

OBADIAH: I'm very nice. In fact, um, I was wondering if, maybe, well... could you tell us why you and Strong Bad don't get along?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Um, I don't think we don't get along.

OBADIAH: You think it goes alright?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I think Strong Bad is one of my best friends!

OBADIAH: Really?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh yeah! He's such a nice guy.

OBADIAH: So, hey, so what do you guys do at, like, at homestarrunner.com? 'Cause last time we called we talked to, uh, The Br— like Matt Chaps and stuff. Does he— Is he even there? Like, does he live there?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Um, I don't know. Those guys are boring. You should probably talk to me more than them.

OBADIAH: Really?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I mean they're nice enough guys and all, but um, you know. They're half the man that I am.

OBADIAH: Well I mean, you know, who— you. You don't even have arms! So I mean, obviously. They're half, right. Okay.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey! Say that— Why don't you come down here and say that?

OBADIAH: I, yeah—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Step over this line.

NIKKI: Oh, I don't think you wanna invite him 'cause he probably would really come.


OBADIAH: I really have always wanted to come and visit. I wanted to see like King of Town and I just— I wanna see everybody cause I—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: If you wanna see the King of Town you need to, like, wear, I don't know, a gas mask or something.

OBADIAH: Does he smell?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Well you know, he hangs out with that one guy.

OBADIAH: Oh, The Poopsmith.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, that guy. He's great and all, but um, you know, he's like— he's like Pigpen.

OBADIAH: {laughs} And now, listen. What about Coach? You know, I would— That's a guy I— that I really like. Is he— is Coach there?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You know, um, I invited him over to Strong Bad's house for breakfast too!

NIKKI: Oh god! {laughs}

OBADIAH: All these people are over at Homestar's— I mean, Strong Bad's house! That's awesome!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Speak of the devil! Hang on.

COACH Z: Hello there?


COACH Z: Hey! How's it goin' there?

OBADIAH: It's goin' good man. Listen, I just wanted to call because I've been doing this jerb for like a year and I just wanted you to tell me good jerb.

COACH Z: Ut— Uh, I'm sorry?

OBADIAH: Are you—?

NIKKI: That's good job.

OBADIAH: This is— this is Obadiah from on the prairae.

COACH Z: Oh yeah. I, uh, how's it goin' eh?

OBADIAH: It's goin' good man. Hey, I've been doing this job for a whole year today.

COACH Z: Oh, oh, a jorb!


COACH Z: Oh, you— I bet you been doin' a great jorb! I wanna wish you, uh— ah— ah, happy uh, you know, one year anniversery on your— on your radio jorb there. It's a— sounds like it probably a really great JEEERRERAAAAABB!!!

OBADIAH: Hey, listen. Is— is Matt there?

COACH Z: Oh, uh, let— Hang on!

NIKKI: {laughs} I like that "oh-hang on"! I think that's great.

MATT CHAPMAN: Uh, hello?

OBADIAH: Matt Chaps! {claps} Dude, lemme tell you what. You are officially a hero of the R!OT!

NIKKI: Wonderful man.

MATT CHAPMAN: Thank you very much.

OBADIAH: So how are—

MATT CHAPMAN: I think there's— Oh, there's a Danish. Coach Z's just given me a Danish.

OBADIAH: That is awesome.

MATT CHAPMAN: If uh, anyone wants to share it.

OBADIAH: No, we actually got little chocolate doughnuts today.


OBADIAH: Little cho—and there are bunnies on the outside of the box.

NIKKI: Two for five dollars, so quite the deal.


OBADIAH: We were gonna give em to Strong Bad, but I think he wouldn't eat them because of the bunnies.

MATT CHAPMAN: Yeah, he probably wouldn't go for that. He'd have to read— He'd have to draw like, you know, bullets going through them or arrows in their heads or something first. Then he'd— then it'd be cool to eat 'em.

NIKKI: Well we gotta tell you this. Homestarrunner.com is the best so we had to, you know, definitely be a part of it with a— Obey's one year anniversery. Wouldn't been the same without homestarrunner.com.

MATT CHAPMAN: Aw, well thanks, guys. We, uh, we appricate you guys' support.

NIKKI: No problem!

OBADIAH: Seriously, you guys are— you guys are— You don't know it, but you're a big part of the sub-culture that is the R!OT. It is—

MATT CHAPMAN: Well, that's awesome, man. We like— we like getting into those sub-cultures.

OBADIAH: Absolutely. I mean, you know, I'm telling ya. Homestar Runner has the power to go mainstream. I mean, it does!

NIKKI: Like overground.

MATT CHAPMAN: We'll see. We like to— we like to— it's kinda cool being unde— under the radar. And uh—

OBADIAH: It's is kinda cool. Well, actually cause you feel all you're in a club. Like when you're talking to somebody and all of a sudden they say, "Oh yeah, I gotta check Strong Bad's email" and you hear it real quietly and all of a sudden it's like, "WHAT? What did you say? Do you— do you check the email too?! I check it EVERY MONDAY!"

MATT CHAPMAN: That's so cool.

NIKKI: It's great.

OBADIAH: It is huge, man.

NIKKI: Right.

OBADIAH: So, we go to homestarrunner.com. Can you tell us anything? Do you guys have anything else going on with the website? Anything new that we didn't know about the last time we talked to you?

MATT CHAPMAN: Um, let's see. Well, uh, we are working on— We've got a— Not to plug our merchandise.

OBADIAH: No go ahead.

NIKKI: Plug away.

MATT CHAPMAN: We've got this shirt of the month thing we're doing. So now, you know, we could do shirts of uh— We do less shirts of the characters you know that more people want that wouldn't be, uh, not always Strong Bad. So uh, I don't know if you know what this is, but we're doing a Trogdor shirt.

OBADIAH: Yes, I dow—

MATT CHAPMAN: It's coming up for March.

OBADIAH: I've got the music for that.{tries to imitate the song} TROGDOR!!!


OBADIAH: Yeah, we got that music.

MATT CHAPMAN: And uh, let's see. What else? You know we're just gonna— we're— me and Mike are, uh— We're doing it pretty much full time now so hopefully we can start updating the site a lot more for everybody and trying to get some more features than just Strong Bad Email that's updated every week and... So hopefully, everyone can look to a nice and fruitful 2003.

NIKKI: We like that a lot.

OBADIAH: Well ladies and gentlemen, Matt Chaps, half of Brothers Chaps. Mike uh— said he didn't want to uh—

MATT CHAPMAN: Mike is still asleep. Strong Bad— him and Strong Bad are taking a nap.

NIKKI: Oh, they were out. Yeah.

OBADIAH: Yeah, yeah. Exactly. Well, Matt. Listen dude. We appreciate what you do and we uh, appreciate you being on the show this morning.

MATT CHAPMAN: Hey, thanks a lot you guys.

NIKKI: No problem.

MATT CHAPMAN: Happy anniversary.

OBADIAH: Thank you chief. Hold on.

NIKKI: Hang on one sec!

OBADIAH: Nikki! We talked to the Brothers Chaps! Well we talked to the Brother Chap, but dang. That was great. Uh. (Station number).Rest assured that's gonna be on the R!OT page at RadioU.com sometime today so you can catch it again. Uh..The R!OT

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