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"A dark day for track and field."
Five, six, and seven.

The Race Track is where the characters exercise on occasion. It is located in the Field, next to the locker room. Some contests have been held here, including the "Million Yard Dash" in the Strong Bad Email disconnected, the Triannual Race to the End of the Race in Homestar Ruiner, and the Halfathalon (after being merged with the Videlectrix game of the same name) in 8-Bit is Enough.

While most often there are three lanes visible marked 5-7 (seen in autobiography, disconnected, montage, and Coach Z's 110%), the track's number of lanes varies in alternate animation styles. The Powered by The Cheat email mile depicts it with four lanes marked 1-4; in The Li'l Brudder Show there are four unmarked lanes; and in Homestar Ruiner there are seven unmarked lanes visible, while eight is standard. In mile and Homestar Ruiner, stadium stands are visible on the side of the track.

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