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The Strong Bad Email radio outlined several radio stations and shows.


The Sturge


Numbitty 902 WA3D FM, The Sturge, is a radio station featuring the DJ The Deathly Pallor, a.k.a. an uncharacteristically manic and obnoxious Strong Sad. The station advertises itself as "the phrase that pays that plays for days," plays "hot new tracks from double-O ballyhoo," and they advise their listeners "Don't you touch that ZABITTABLOUGH!"

The station gives out frisbees emblazoned with its logo, a sturgeon wearing sunglasses, as free giveaways.

Public Radio Sounds

A trendy tote bag

Public Radio Sounds (PRS) is Free Country, USA's public radio station. It has a "smooth and smarmy" sound, and makes sure that information is accurate by referring to UN Secretary Council Members. It gives out incentives such as tote bags and bottle openers if you donate money to them. Thus, it resembles stations such as those part of the NPR network. Marzipan is not only a listener, but also a contributor, but she never received her tote bag. The fact that Homestar is seen wearing it as a hat might help explain its fate. Strong Sad is seen listening to them promote a "public rage-o" between talk radio hosts in Date Nite and states that he should pledge more because he feels the programming is getting desperate.


The voice of CGNU

89.3 WSBD is the campus radio station of Crazy Go Nuts University which boasts "several dozen listeners." The DJs are a collection of bewildered freshmen that specialize in "dead air, um, dead air." Strong Sad seems to like this station, perhaps due to its tendency to program "an hour of chanting." Known promotional items include drink coozies.


The AM Morning "CRUDE" Crew

They won't shut it up about the fish already.

The AM Morning "CRUDE" crew is a drive time morning radio show. It is on the air from 7 to 10 AM on weekdays. According to Strong Bad, the hosts—Stoops and Gusso—are like bad stand up comics that you can't heckle, jeckle, or throw highball glasses at. Homestar, however, was disgusted enough with the crew's antics to throw a lowball glass at his radio (with the exclamation "Highball!") while wearing a PRS tote bag on his head. The "CRUDE" Crew was also featured in the email geddup noise, where they had The Geddup Noise as a guest on their show.

The Fish Was Delish Progrum

"Stay tuned for partial excitement!"

This Old-Timey radio drama chronicles the adventures of The Fish. Evidently employed in fighting crime, The Fish traces the Quite A Dish gang's hideout to "the wharfs." The drama is narrated by Sir Strong Bad, and sponsored by Portly Washboy Fancy Laundry Paste. Their sponsorship entitles them to advertising time, although they remind the listener not to "eat it like the cartoon, man!"

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