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This article is about the Powered by The Cheat toon. For the Cheat Commandos short, see An Important Rap Song.
"I said accidentally featuring Peacey P!"

Powered by The Cheat

The Cheat is working on a music video starring Coach Z and accidentally featuring Peacey P.

Cast (in order of appearance): Coach Z, Peacey P, Tenerence Love, The Cheat

Places: The Cheat's Computer Room

Date: Monday, November 12, 2007

Running Time: 2:40

Page Title: Crample-O Stow Records Present!



{Open to a close-up of a washing machine with clothes tumbling inside. The washing machine has the word "Warsh" on it. Zoom out to a view of Coach Z in a laundromat, standing next to the washing machines and a basket of clothes.}

COACH Z: {Powered by The Cheat voice} Can I borrow some detergent from you, please?

{Peacey P comes over in spinning 2-dimensional form with a basket of clothes, mumbling incoherently.}

COACH Z: Say, wait! Look, it's the rapping man, come to do his landry! I was supposed to ask, can you record {said as RECK-erd} on my new ablum?

PEACEY P: {mumbling while bouncing, his body bounces away to the right while his head floats where it is, then his body slowly slides back in line with his head.}

COACH Z: I can understand well that's the yes! Hit it one-two go rap song!

{Cut to a close-up of a boombox, with a tape in it labeled "Mick's Tape". Hip-hop music starts playing. The credits appear:}

Coach Z and Peacey P featuring Peacey P/
featuring Tenerence Love/ feauring Peacey P
"Rap Song"
The Lyricbolical Coach Z
Crample-O Stow Records

COACH Z: {rapping in normal voice} Coach Z, R-A-P,
Accidentally featuring Peacey P.

PEACEY P: {rapping in normal voice} You biscuithead, you ain't featurin' me!

COACH Z: I said accidentally featuring Peacey P!

I'm the lyricbolical Coach-Z,
I like my ointments topical most-ly,
And if you got the itchy toes, then come see me,
I got a rap song, featuring Peacey P!

PEACEY P: My name is P, comma, Peace-ay,
I likes to eat my bacon all grease-ay,
I'm the best guest rapper in the music biz,
I ain't even know whose song this is!

COACH Z: {speaking} It's mine! I thought I made that abundantly clear! Here comes the hook!

COACH Z AND PEACEY P: {rapping} R-A-P-S-O-N-G, yes,
Yes, y'all, and we don't stap,
Coach Z and Peacey P cold rappity-rap!

PEACEY P: Much money, mo' money, cash money, drop!

COACH Z: I'm the rhyme janitor wringin' out my mop!

PEACEY P: Stop, fool, you're crampin' my style!

COACH Z: I'll sprinkle wack MCs with my sawdust pile!

PEACEY P: Listen up straight, y'all biscuitheads,
I'd like a piece o' dry toast wit' two scrambled eggs!
Order o' hash browns, make 'em extra crisps,
A glass o' orange juice an' a bowl o' cheese grits!

COACH Z: {speaking} Oh, dag! That man has just ordered breakfast in the middle of my rap song!

Yes, y'all, and we don't flake,

COACH Z: Here comes Tenerence Love with an R&B break!

TENERENCE LOVE: My name is Tenerence Love,
Plus my name is Tenerence Love,
Divided by my name is Tenerence Love,
Equals my name is Tenaaay-erence Love!
Remainder three!

Yes, y'all, and we don't stap,
Coach Z and Peacey P cold rappity-rap!

TENERENCE LOVE: {singing backup} Tenerence Love is on a rap song...
...And I'll soon have a rap song...

COACH Z AND PEACEY P: {simultaneously, singing like they're dizzy} R-A-P-S-O-N-G, yes,
Yes, y'all, and we don't stap,
Coach Z, Peacey P.

{The music and cartoon stop. Zoom out to a view of Coach Z and The Cheat in front of The Cheat's computer.}

COACH Z: The Chort, that was amazing! It's gonna rocket straight to the bottom of the BET charts!

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

COACH Z: Oh, your payment. How's about a nice slice of chin strap pizza? {holds up a pizza slice that has a chin strap on it}

{The Cheat sinks out of view turning a little green, making sick-sounding The Cheat noises.}

{Cut to the boombox again. The level readout display is shaped into the word "END"}

Fun Facts


  • "Mick's Tape" is an intentional misspelling of "mixtape", an informally released hiphop album consisting of one or more MCs' work, usually for promotional purposes.
  • "Itchy toes" refers to Athlete's foot, a fungal disease Coach Z implied he had in labor day.
  • R&B breaks, which involve soulfully sung lyrics rather than rap, are featured in many modern hip hop songs.
  • Topical means applied externally on the body. Most ointments have labels reading "for external use only".




  • In the intro credits, "featuring" is misspelled once as "feauring".
  • Peacey P's shirt logo is sometimes similar to a Mercedes-Benz logo, while at other times it resembles a peace sign.

Inside References

  • Tenerence Love was first mentioned in a Teen Girl Squad Issue 13 Easter egg as one of the guest stars on Peacey P's album Deliberance.
    • "Coach Z and Peacey P featuring Peacey P/featuring Tenerence Love/feauring Peacey P" is also a reference to Teen Girl Squad Issue 13, in which Peacey P is featured as a "guest star on [his] own album".
  • Coach Z paying The Cheat in chin strap pizza echoes Strong Bad offering to buy The Cheat a pizza after completing Everybody to the Limit.
  • "Wash" was previously spelled as "warsh" in original, and as "worsh" in 20X6 vs. 1936.
  • Coach Z's mention of a sawdust pile refers to Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene.
  • MiCK'S TAPE is another instance of lowercase i's.
  • Coach Z claims he likes his "ointments topical, mostly".
  • When The Cheat's computer is shown, one of the menu bar items is Style.
  • Eggs and bacon are featured.
  • The page title of this toon, and the name of the restaurant "Waffle-O Stow" refer to Peacey P's record company, Crample-O Stow Records, who released this song.
    • In addition, the appearance of the "Waffle-O Stow" in the toon is similar to a Waffle House.
  • The tattoo needle draws blood.
  • Tenerence Love wears and rides a donut.
  • Peacey P's saying of the word "cash money" may be a reference to the email lackey, where a sign on Bubs' Concession Stand states that Bubs accepts cash, money, and cash money.

Real-World References

  • The blue backdrop in the "Itchy Tōz" scene is based on the backdrop used in the notorious commercials for HeadOn, a topical headache relief product.
  • BET is a cable station aimed at the African-American demographic, which frequently shows rap videos.
  • On the notepad where Peacey P's order is written, "crisp" is spelled as "crips"; the Crips are a large gang founded in Los Angeles. Several rap and hip-hop artists are affiliated with the Crips.
  • The anthropomorphic fried egg which chases the bacon, and also appears (holding a pistol) in silhouette at the end of the video, is wearing a bandit mask, and closely resembles one of the enemy characters from the early '80s arcade game "BurgerTime".
  • The Lyricbolical Coach Z is a reference to Biz Markie, whose best selling album The Biz Never Sleeps is sometimes mistakenly called "The Diabolical Biz Markie" due to the album art.

See Also

  • The visuals that occur during the music video.

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