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Toon Category: Skills of an Artist
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"Lurking beneath the waves, it's the Cheatviathan!"

In this extra-special Skills of an Artist, Strong Bad gives instructions on how to draw a really cool boat—or does he?

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Announcer, Deep Sea Fangly Fish, PBTC Strong Bad, Baby Styles, Cheatviathan, Pterodactyl Coach Z

Date: Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Running Time: 2:52



{Opening titles enter and then fade, music begins}

STRONG BAD: Welcome to my first viewer-submitted Skills of an Artist! I make drawing submittedly fun! Chris O'Connor asks: "How do you draw a really cool boat?" And you all know that drawing things that are cool is my specialty. So let's start by putting this thing at sea with a series of scalloped droops.

{Strong Bad draws a series of curves resembling ocean waves}

STRONG BAD: Scallop out those droops, look at that. Kinda makes me want to put a dust ruffle under my bed after drawing that guy. Alright, then now let's draw the bow of the boat...

{Strong Bad draws a basic boat shape above the waves that slants upward}

STRONG BAD: That looks very seaworthy, very seaworthy. And, {gestures at the back of the boat} astern, to show that it's moving at top speeds, let's do a set of Glen Bernie bangs.

{He draws some hair-like spikes to show a spray of water coming from the back}

STRONG BAD: Oh, these things look like they crested the brow of a Glen Bernie teenager in a food court.

{A Teen Girl Squad-esque girl dressed in black with similar bangs appears at the left}

GLEN BERNIE TEENAGER: I wanted Orange Julius.

{She disappears as Strong Bad continues}

STRONG BAD: Alright, since this is a cool boat, instead of the usual pilot house, this boat has... a castle.

{Strong Bad draws a castle shape with parapets on top of the boat}

STRONG BAD: An entire castle instead of a pilot house.

{As he narrates, he adds a round gate and two cross-shaped murder-holes to the castle}

STRONG BAD: So, here we go, let's do some parapets, a big ol' wooden gate, couple of them murder-holes so you can pour hot pitch on invaders... And for towers, just a pair of King Grahams.

{He draws a couple of towers off from the castle that bear a resemblance to King Graham in his hat from King's Quest}

STRONG BAD: There they are. Here he is. Off on a quest. And last, a little flag.

{He draws a quick triangle-shaped flag at the top of the castle, waving in the breeze}

STRONG BAD: To fly the colors of... the kingdom of... really cool boat. RCB. But nothing makes a boat cooler than a pair of cool, cool glasses.

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  • The YouTube description for this video is "Strong Bad implements scalloped droops as he draws an extremely seaworthy vessel. Chippies!"

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