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Below are the visuals for The B-est of B-sides music video in Record Store Day.

Lyrics Visuals
It's an early demo A disc case of someone holding a guitar with their face whited out and in the corner, in Comic Sans, "the worst fonts EP"
But we only make-a early demos A disc case of someone playing a violin next to another one playing a saxophone, on the bottom-left, in Chicago, "instruments we don't play", with the first "T" in instruments in red
Depends how big the Stereogum blows. Gum blows, yeah! A photograph of the members of sloshy, two of which are making strange faces and one of which is smiling with his hands around them.
These guys
This is the B-est of B-Sides A disc case of a closeup of a slightly ajar mouth, framed on the right, with the text "B-sides" in cursive above the upper lip.
Hope you had to wait in a long line A pink poster reading "TUES MARCH 5 sloshy LIVE! AT PEE CARPET SMELLHAUS. DOORS AT 8, BANDS AT 12:30. FEATURING 10 openers and 4 headliners. ALL AGES" in black text with a black and pink photo of sloshy in the middle. "that are 21 and over" is written in small print next to "ALL AGES".
We never even played this song live. A photograph of Mike, Matt and Donnie Chapman outside, all smiling.
The Chapman Chaps
This is the B-est of B-Sides. This track is so elusive. A disc case of a closeup of a baby's foot, with the words "WHOSE BABY IS THIS?" on the bottom-right and on the opposite side, a sticker saying "UK IMPORT"
A UK exclusive An ad, featuring a photograph of Sloshy performing live, with the lead member saying "Oh man! I think it's LIVE!". Underneath the photograph, it says "FBi the 3rd @ Watery Pizza 9pm w/ spesh guest OUR BAND HAS LIKE FOURTEEN MEMBERS"
Japan-only import bootleg of the in-store. A disc case of the back of a man in a suit walking through a forest. "The 'we need a lawyer' EP" is written in red cursive.
Of the in-store. Yeah! A promo poster with sloshy's logo on a clock drenched in snow, with the Swedish text "Upptrader live ! Jukasjaarvi vid Skaran Heders Balsal - 10:00" which translates to "Performing live! Throng at the Ice Hotel's Honorary Ballroom - 10:00"
This is the B-est of B-Sides. A black and white photo of Matt and Mike Chapman and Ryan Sterritt as well as two others, with Ryan clutching a trophy. Written are "sloshy" and "Coolier Than Thou Records"
I hope you had to wait in a long line. We're never gonna play this song live. A disc case of an upside-down man in a jacket over which is written "FINAL ASSAULT" in military-style font.
This is the B-est of B-Sides. A disc case of a toilet paper roll in a red-tiled bathroom with a Japanese "DVD" sticker reading "ALL TOMORROW'S EURO-RESTROOMS"
We even played piano. (we even played piano) A disc case of a recessed wall cabinet with a turntable inside reading "EARLY DEMOS AND WORSE FROM LIKE, FOREVER AGO" in Arial font at bottom
This part has piano. (we never play piano) A photograph of a girl sitting with a clothesline behind her, listening on headphones with her eyes blacked out by a Sloshy logo, with the German text "Live auf der Bösen Dönerbude! Mittwoch 17. November um. 9:30 Uhr" which translates to "Live on the evil doner bude. Wednesday, November 17 at 9:30 clock"
We even played piano. (I am actually playing this piano) Piano. Yeah! (yeah) A Sloshy ad using a photograph of Matt and Mike Chapman with a man and a woman. Top text "Out Feb 3rd exclusively on cassette", bottom text "because girl bassist, that's why"
This is the B-est of B-Sides. A disc case of a cardboard home structure reading "ARCHITECTURE JERK b/w HELVETICA CHUMP" in Helvetica font at bottom.
Hope you had to wait in a long line. Extreme close-up of earlier Chapman brothers photo, panning left to right.
We're never gonna play this song live. Sloshy logo pulsing back and forth.
It's the B-est of B-sides. Repeat of earlier photo of "B-sides" disc case.
Alright, I think we should break up again. Close up of Ryan Sterritt's face from earlier black-and-white trophy photo.
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