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Simultaneously honoring and insulting Strong Sad for the fourth year in a row.

During certain toons, the years in which they came out will sometimes be referenced. Many instances suggest when these toons came out, while some others mention an earlier year as they refer to a particular idea in that year.




  • Super NES — The copyright information at the end reads "COPYRIGHT HOMESTARRUNNER.COM 1996 AND 2000". The toon itself was made in 1996, and uploaded to the website in 2000.


  • Email credit card — Homestar's credit card expiry date is listed as "13/02", the same year as the email.
  • Email sb_email 22 — The date on the Guardian newspaper reads 10 April, 2002. This email was created out of order, but the newspaper date is between the release dates of emails 21 and 23, rather than the September 2002 date the email was actually uploaded.
  • Email flag day — The "An Evening With Pablo Phoenix w/ Special Guest Limozeen" ticket is dated "FRI JUN 21 2002 7:35 PM".
  • Pumpkin Carve-nival — The toon begins with the text "halloween special 2002".
  • Greeting Cards — The fourth card has "signed L.S. '02" written on the bottom.
  • Email theme party — A T-shirt reading "Spring Drink'n Formal 2002" is found in an Easter egg.



  • Email different town — A caricature of Eh, Steven has "signed L.S. '04" written on the bottom.
  • Email theme park (Easter egg) — Monkey D's Season Pass contains the text "Valid thru 9/04".
  • Email cheatday — Strong Bad says that according to The Cheat's fake ID, he is "a 43-year-old Scandinavian miner named 'Ilko Skevüld'". The date of birth on the ID is listed as "4/18/1961", putting the year of this email at 2004.
  • Peasant's Quest Preview — The release date of Peasant's Quest is announced to be "August 2004".
  • Email old comics — Strong Bad says he'll be starting the "Who Put Pasta Salad in Strong Mad's Underdrawer Drawer Scare of '04".
  • Sample of StyleBubs's tombstone is shown, which reads "19?8-2004".
  • Homestar Presents: Presents — Bubs sells contents of a box labeled "aught four crap". He proceeds to explain that he's "gotta make room for the aught five crap".




  • Email strong badathlon — The logo of the Strong Badathlon has 2007 above the name.
  • Email hygiene (Easter egg) — Mabel's memorial reads "mabel: 199?-2007".
  • Jibblies 2 — An "END of TOON" card has MMVII (Roman numerals for 2007) on the bottom.
  • Toikey TV — The announcer at the end says, "We now return to the second half of the 2007 Falling Asleep On The Couch Watching Football Bowl!"


  • Email environment — Strong Bad's intro contains the words, "I'm chicky-checkin' emails in 2008!".
  • Email fan club — A flier can be seen for "FHQWHfest '08".
  • SBCG4AP Gameplay Trailer — Strong Bad announces the five monthly episode releases of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People to begin in "June of 2008". This was later changed to "Summer of 2008".
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 14 — The yearbook is labeled "The Awkwardian '08".
  • Email email thunder — In the edited flashback Easter egg, the sentence "We're from the band Limozeen!" is changed to "We're from the year 2008!". The text "it is 2008!" can then be seen.
  • Most in the Graveyard — The end of the toon contains the text "In Loving Memory of Strong Sad 'willed himself to death 10/31/2008'".
  • Fan Costumes '08 — A datestamp on one picture reads "OCT 30 2008". Strong Bad begins his comment on this costume with this date.
  • Dangeresque 3 Gameplay Clips — The video is not only dated "November 2008", but Strong Bad's announcement that Dangeresque 3 was finished begins with "Dear all the annoying morons who have been bugging me about it for four and a half years". Its original release date was slated to be June 2004 in stunt double, nearly four-and-a-half years earlier (which is also when the email dangeresque 3 was released).




  • Haunted Photo Booth — The final photo is labelled "Jerry & Gabby's Nascent Nupitals! 10-31-2017".
  • Fan Costumes 2017 — Strong Bad mentions it is "the year of our King of Town 2017".


  • Fan Costumes 2018 — Strong Bad refers to a Homestar Runner costume as "2018 Truckhead Homestar". He also says one photo "surfaced from 2018" of parents who "willingly placed their child in a Coach Z costume".


  • Fan 'Stumes 2019 — The YouTube description mentions "the year of our King of Town 2019" and the end text reads "Thanks for still dressing up in 2019 you guys!!".


References to Years in Close Proximity

  • The Best Decemberween Ever (2001) — For Decemberween, Marzipan receives a Coach Z Scratch n' Sniff 2002 Calendar.
  • Arcade Game (2003) — Homestar has a list of 2002 expenditures.
  • Email stunt double (2003) — Strong Bad encourages viewers to "watch out in June 2004 for 'Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective' — in 3-D".
    • The email dangeresque 3 was released that month, asking when the film would be released. Strong Bad started his response with "Man, peoples won't leave me alone about this one".
  • Email mile (2003) (Easter egg) — Clicking "proms" reveals a Polaroid of The Cheat which reads "A Knight to Remember, June 3rd 2004".
  • Email portrait (2005) — A newspaper article about the "Gigantic cell phone" states that it's "the 'it' toy of the Decemberween season" and that "[m]any analysts predict all the cool kids will be lugging these stylish jobbies from prom dance to soccer practice in 2006."
  • Hremail 62 (2009) — A narrator says "Homestar Dinoland opening July 2012. Actual attraction may just be a nightstand".
  • A Decemberween Mackerel (2010) — A stack of ripped magazines that read "Modasports. The 2011 Tomatocycle!!!! Daaaang!" can be seen.

References to Earlier Years

  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — When Coach Z and Bubs visit the Halloween House, Bubs says, "Ooh! I remember this house from a couple of years ago!" The house previously appeared in The House That Gave Sucky Treats, the Halloween 2001 toon.
  • Email time capsule — Strong Bad's email intro is, "Checkin' emails with a VISCOSITY since 2001, it's a Strong Bad Email."
  • Email — After Strong Bad is asked about "", he states he already answered the question "five or six years ago". A Marshmallow's Last Stand-style clip is then shown.
  • Happy Trogday — A clip of Strong Bad drawing Trogdor from dragon is shown, with the text "3 years ago..." before it.
  • Email retirement — When about to check the Tandy and Compy emails, Strong Bad exclaims, "Now, let's check emails like it was the deuce double-aught dweice!" He explains it's a "slick-rick" way to say 2002, the last year where he used the Tandy and the first where he used the Compy.
  • Eggs — This toon was only accessible by a 2007 Main Page message. It begins with the text "This unfinished little gem was made six years ago for Easter".
  • Trogday 08 — At the beginning of the toon, Strong Bad says, "Five years ago, I drew a little dragon".
  • Email fan clubThe Deleteheads' updated website includes "deleteheads2004" in the URL.
  • Strong Badia the Free — As a response to Pom Pom, Strong Bad says, "Two years ago? Caffeinergy sauce NEVER goes out of style!". The email road trip, which prominently featured Bull Honkey, was released in 2006.
  • Hremail 7 — This 2009 toon is set in 2001, with "copyright 2001" visible at the beginning. The characters have their designs from A Jumping Jack Contest and Homestar speaks in the higher-pitched voice he had at the time. Things that were new or common in this year are referenced, such as AOL, Macromedia Flash 5, and dial-up modems. Homestar also mentions being contractually unable to discuss his favorite drinks besides Melonade until March 2003.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 15Chizuko talks about the "2005 Consumer Robotics Show".
  • Where My Hat Is At? (toon) — This toon marks ten years since Where My Hat Is At?'s creation. It begins with the text "10 years ago...".
  • Punkin Show — In a reference to the email redesign, Homestar mentions the 2006 Coach Z logo.
  • April Fool 2014 — Homestar is asked why he stopped updating the best feature of his website. He initially responds with, "You mean how come I stopped updating the Hairstyle Runner gallery back in the year 2000?"
  • Email sbemail 206
    • Strong Bad says that the Internet ruined April Fool's Day on February 7, 2008.
    • Homestar describes the Index Page as being "like one of them Flash-y cartoon websites from 2002".
  • @strongbadactual — The profile description reads "Stapling it down since 1996", referencing the creation year of the original book.
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2
    • The first message comes from June 17, 2009, about three months after the last Answering Machine.
    • Strong Sad calls Marzipan on January 1 and 2, 2011, and later informs her that he got the permits from Bubs to hold "Wilted Salad Festival 2014".
  • 2022 Costume Pack Now Available — Copyright information for Homestarloween Party, the toon on which it is based, reads "©2000".

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