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Food-slinging Cannons, My Favorite!

Revenge of the King is a game where you play as Strong Bad trying to defend your castle from The King of Town's cannons by catapulting different kinds of food at him. You earn 10 points for every hit, while the King of Town earns 25. This game is found on the King of Town Main Page by following the Easter egg in the The King of Town DVD.

Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Page Title: Revenge of the King! - winner gets cupcakes




"You gotta beat his score!!"

The King of Town has gone nuts and started cannoning everything in sight. Help Strong Bad launch food down his throat to keep him busy. You gotta beat his score!! WINNER GETS CUPCAKES
Hit the King +10 pts for you
King Hits You +25 pts for him
play it already!!

{Note that the King of Town also gets invincibility for 1/2 of a second after you hit him}

You win

"The punishment is not too bad, eh?"

A message in Olde English text on the screen says, "Strong Bad Wins!" {Same music intro is played).

STRONG BAD: In your face, kingy!

{Strong Bad is in the foreground chowing down on a cupcake. The King of Town is being lowered by a rope into a pot of hot butter. The rope stops briefly}

THE KING OF TOWN: The punishment is not too bad, eh?

You lose

A message in Olde English text on the screen says, "The King Wins!" {Music with a negative tone is played).

THE KING OF TOWN: I rule the school!

{The King of Town is in the foreground chowing down on cupcakes. Strong Bad is being lowered very slowly by a rope into the pile of whatsit as The Poopsmith watches.}

STRONG BAD: Uh-oh. This is about to get a whole lot more unfortunate.

You tie

A message in Olde English text on the screen says, "You Guys Tied!" {The same music with a negative tone is also played).

No extra animation is played.

Fun Facts


  • This was originally released as part of the 2003 April Fool's gag.


  • A good way to ensure victory is to fire bombs in quick succession top to bottom, and at the bottom going back to the by-then charged top catapult.
  • During the ending cutscenes, an older design of the King of Town was used.
  • Strong Bad cannot get points unless he actually hits the King, while the King only has to get a bomb to Strong Bad's side.
  • The King of Town appears in a total of seven positions. Three of them are between cannons, which means he cannot attack you for about two seconds.


  • If you get a higher score a split second before the other hits you and the timer runs out, you win anyway, like 120-125.
  • A good way to see the "You Win" screen is if you right-click and hit "Play" while the King is saying "I rule the school!" You have to play the Flash file to do this.

Inside References

Real-World References

Fast Forward

  • The catapult used in the game is seen again in Kick-A-Ball.

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