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I Rhino! I hunger!
Now for Super Funmachine!

Strong Bad's RhinoFeeder is a game invented by Strong Bad where you have to feed an angry rhino. You have to avoid snakes to get his food. If you fail to feed the rhino, it charges after you. This game comes equipped with the amazing 16-bit graphics that look almost real! This game is also accessible from the Strong Bad Email video games.

Page Title: I Rhino! I hunger!


Feed the rhino.
Don't tread on the snakes.
Hint: The rhino gets mad if he tries to eat and there is no food.
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Fun Facts

  • This game appears to be a parody of a minigame (Feed the Dragons) that is in the Playstation RPG Chrono Cross. The sound effect the rhino makes, and the way it turns red when Strong Bad fails to feed it in time are identical to this game. (The sound effect is actually a low note played using the General MIDI instrument "fret noise.")
  • "Don't Tread on the Snakes" is a reference to the American Revolutionary flag with the caption "Don't Tread on Me." See Carol.
  • The page title refers to the old arcade game Sinistar, where one of the title character's sound bites was "I hunger!"
  • The snakes' sound effect is used in the cartoon That A Ghost, in which spiders make it. This sound effect is taken from the Skulltulas in Majora's Mask.

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