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Nose time, Hose time

In the Homestar Runner universe, characters sometimes follow one common or relevant phrase with a less-common phrase that rhymes with or sounds like the first, but makes less sense.


  • Email ghosts — After looking Strong Badia over to see if it's haunted (just before the spirit of the Tandy 400 shows up), Strong Bad says, "Looks like Strong Bad is ghost-free, proud to be."
  • A Decemberween Pageant — The slogan of Litigation Jackson is "The system really works, jerks!"
  • Email monster truckHomestar Runner says, "Let's do this like Brutus."
  • Email crazy cartoon — Strong Bad says of The Cheat: "Let's see what he's cookin' up tonight. Today. Just right."
  • Email sibbie — The Cheat distracts Strong Bad from his email, bringing it to a screeching halt. Strong Bad claims that his "focus is all... crocused."
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 11.2The King of Town ends his message with "This is the KoT... in the place to be."
  • Email time capsule — Strong Bad says that time boxes and time tennis ball cans are filled with "newspaper clippin's and toenail snippin's".
  • Email radio — Strong Bad says that drive time morning show radio hosts are like "bad stand up comics that you can't heckle. Or jeckle."
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 8 — After The Ugly One is "FLOOR TOMMED!" and "STEP-MOMMED!", she is "POM-POMMED?"
  • Email long pants — Strong Bad describes his pen as "trusty, somewhat dusty".
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 10Cheerleader promises The Ugly One, "We'll be there like shareware!" At the Sweet Someteen party, The Ugly One tells her guests, "let's get it on like Diddy Kong!"
  • Email record book — When Strong Bad is talking about looking in the book of records, he says "Let's take a look. A book-look.".
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — Homestar says Strong Sad's magic words are "the best magic words [he's] ever heards".
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2Old-Timey Strong Bad states that he's "got a hankering for a prankering".
  • Email senior prom — In his list of things he has crashed, Strong Bad follows "Homecoming Dances" with "Shortcoming Prances".
  • Email keep cool — Strong Bad plans to shop for "pencil holders" and "stencil folders".
  • Strongest Man in the WorldThe Announcer introduces Mr. Bland as "the prince of plain" and "the master of mundane".
  • Email retirement — In the commercial for the "My Lappy Got Stole" Sweepstakes, Marshie follows "First prize" with "second tries". At the end (originally in part B), Strong Bad says, "The Lappy! You're back...y!"
  • Happy Hallow-day
    • Strong Bad asks, "How are we supposed to 'scandalize and vandalize' without the protective cover of Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Halloween night?"
    • Strong Sad says, "I need some 'doom and gloom soon!'"
  • DNA EvidenceBubs teaches a "toga yoga" class, which Marzipan attends. Strong Bad also mentions that he watches toga yoga videos.
  • Email concert — Strong Bad says, "They couldn't wear any of their spandex, or latex, or... Tex-mex..."
  • Email yes, wrestling — The Announcer introduces Strong Bad thus: "And hailing from the age of exploration, the namer of nations, Il Cartographer!"
  • Email environment — Strong Sad and Marzipan chants "Scrappy the Lappy! We think it's really crappy!". After a while, Marzipan, who is holding a sign that says, "Lappy, Take the Dirt Nappy!", says "That Lappy is energy sappy!".
  • The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw — While doing some yard work, Homestar quips, "This yard work is hard work!"
  • Homestar Ruiner
    • Strong Bad says to Strong Sad, "I didn't want to go in your purple room of doom and gloom anyway!"
    • After Strong Bad puts Total Load in Pom Pom's locker, Coach Z accuses him of "cheatin' and chortin' and nonchalant cavortin'".
  • Strong Badia the Free
    • Strong Bad refers to the Gremlin as a "trusty, somewhat rusty car".
    • While talking to Homsar, Strong Bad refers to the King of Town as "that royal boil".
    • Once he convinces Homsar to join Strong Badia, Homsar says "let's do this like Brutus", echoing Homestar in monster truck.
  • Baddest of the BandsBubs asks, "Strong Bad, did you 'scandalize and vandalize' The Stick?"
  • Dangeresque 3: The Criminal ProjectiveDangeresque Too threatens Uzi Bazooka, "You had what was coming to you, tofu!"
  • 8-Bit is EnoughGel-arshie exclaims, "Here's a wall that's colored red! What's in this box fills me with dread!" and "This lava's red like me! Now here's a thing you couldn't see!"
  • Sammich — Strong Bad, while drawing a sandwich, gives it "some salami, some pastrami, and some seasoned fortulami".
  • The Next April Fools Thing — Homestar Runner uses many rhyming phrases for his Always Be'sing & Do'sing movement.
    • "Always be'sing and do'sing! Never cheesing or choosing!"
    • "If you're choosin', you're losin'."
    • "Changin' attitudes with rhymin' platitudes!"
    • "If you're not attending, you're gonna be lending."

Occasionally, the less common phrase will precede the relevant one.

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