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Robots are frequently mentioned and seen in Homestar Runner cartoons and appear in many different forms throughout the series.




  • Email some kinda robotStrong Bad asks a fan if he (or she) is "some kinda robot" and about any special powers that might exist.
  • Email credit card — Two of the items available for purchase at "" are a killer robot and a robotic dog/shark.
  • Email band names — A fan says that "Invisible Robot Fish" is a possible name for his band.
  • Meet Marshie — In an Easter egg, Homestar Runner says, "I hate that freakin' robot", referring to Marshie.
  • Email japanese cartoon — Strong Bad calls Stinkoman's boots "robot boots".
  • Email unused emails — An unused email reads, "HOW DUMB IS IT BEING A DUMB ROBOT. I AM GLAD YOU ARE A ROBOT NOT ME."
  • 20X6 vs. 1936 — Stinkoman thinks The Homestar Runner's Worshboard is "some kinda robot", and The Homestar Runner asks what a "robit" is.
  • The System Is Down (song) — The lyrics mention dancing robots.
  • That Time of Year — Strong Bad edits the book to make robots burst out of people.
  • Hallrunner — One of the objects you must face is Robot Darren, who shoots lasers with a "VOIP" much like the Visor Robot.
  • Email other days — Strong Bad thinks about answering the email like a robot, but then decides it is a bad idea.
  • Duck Guardian One — Obstacles to avoid include Robot Heads and Robot Dogs.
  • Email technology — As part of his technology "intro-mercial", Strong Bad talks about robots and their purpose. Also, The Cheat appears, wearing a robot costume, and is called "The Cheatbot" by Strong Bad.
  • Email senior prom — Strong Bad says he didn't have a date for the prom because his girlfriend "went to Mars to help that robot stuck in the sand".
  • Email theme song — The Pop Ballad-Type Theme song mentions "sitting on top of an old robot".
  • Email what I want — There are Dancin' Musical Nobots.
  • Email strong badathlon — According to Strong Bad, his best event in the Strong Badathlon is the "Probably Something with Guitars, Lasers, Robots, and Hot Girls" event.
  • Sketchbook — In the March 22, 2007 sketchbook, one of the designs for a possible drive-thru speaker is a robot.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 13Tompkins's mother, Momkins, is a robot prospector.
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