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From the desk of Strong Bad.

Strong Bad regularly updates a Developer's Blog on the Telltale Games website to promote Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.


Blog Entries

Image Date Title Description Currently Playing:
17 Apr 2008 Anadigilogital Strong Bad complains about the game's lack of box art and dipswitches. "Rebel Assault 1 (from a time when nasty looking full motion video was the future of gaming!)"
10 Apr 2008 Nobody Listens to Strong Bandrew Strong Bad decries the Telltale Team's rejection of his game ideas. "Wagyan Land (the end boss is a word game!)"

Fun Facts

  • The blocky 3D Strong Bad head in the sudoku puzzmaster picture is most likely a reference to Dr. Kawashima's representation in the Brain Age series, which included sudoku in the North American version of its first installment.
  • Strong Bad's idea of a "flame cubicle" in the Telltale offices gets "SBLOUNSKCHED!"
  • Mig 29 Soviet Fighter is an unlicensed game for the NES. The switch on the back of the game triggers a voltage spike intended to temporarily disable the NES's lock-out chip so that the unlicensed game can be played on an official console.
  • Strong Bad uses "it's" in place of "its" in his April 17th update, though he considers people who do this to be scalawags.

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