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watch 500 The Cheats Strong Bad Sings
"I don't wanna turn a hundred and fifty! It's too much pressure!"

Strong Bad refuses to check his 150th email. Strong Sad tries to help.

Cast (in order of appearance): Female Lappy 486, Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Coach Z (Drawing), Homestar Runner (Drawing), Strong Mad (voice only)

Places: Computer Room, Strong Bad's Basement

Date: March 27, 2006

Running Time: 1:46

Page title: Not Just Yet!!



{The scene opens on the Lappy 486, with Strong Bad nowhere to be seen. The wind howls. After a few seconds, Female Lappy 486 appears on screen with the second note of the Lappy start-up noise.}

FEMALE LAPPY 486: {the words appear on the screen as she says them} Oh. Golly-gosh. Strong Bad is understairs. Tell whim I love.

{Quick drop to the Basement. Strong Bad is lying on the couch; Strong Sad is standing behind it.}

STRONG SAD: You get your shiny, round butt up in there and check that email!

STRONG BAD: No! Now, get out of my couch...area!

STRONG SAD: But it's your sesquicentenn-email!

STRONG BAD: I don't wanna turn a hundred and fifty! It's too much pressure! Strong Mad ate it!

STRONG SAD: It's okay, I can help! Check out these storyboards I drew up!

{Strong Bad strains his neck to view the storyboard. Cut to a storyboard showing Strong Bad's boxing gloves on the Lappy 486's keyboard. Slow piano music starts. Above, it says "Scene 1" and "Int. Lappy-Day"; below, "Close on tip-tapping boxing gloves".}

STRONG SAD: We begin with a claustrophobic close-up of typing with boxing gloves on.

{Cut to a storyboard showing Strong Bad sitting at his desk in the middle of the desert. Above, it says "Scene 1a" and "Ext. Desert-Day"; below, "zoom out to reveal wide shot of desk in desert".}

STRONG SAD: A quick zoom out reveals you're really in the middle of a barren desert landscape, symbolizing the vast scope of your achievement.

{Cut to a storyboard showing Coach Z holding a pear covered with googly eyes and with coffee dripping out of his hat and down his face. Above, it says, "Scene 2" and "Int. Creepytown-Night"; below, "dolly in on cz. holds up eyeball-pear".}

STRONG SAD: Next, we dolly in on Coach Z holding a pear covered with eyeballs while black coffee continually streams down his mouthless face.

{Piano music stops. Cut to a close up of Strong Sad.}

STRONG SAD: This part doesn't represent anything. I just... always wanted to pour coffee on Coach Z.

{Cut to a storyboard showing Strong Bad at his desk in the Computer Room, with the No Loafing Sign partially obscured. Homestar Runner is wearing a mask, and the star on his shirt is now cloud-shaped. Piano music starts again. Above, it says, "Scene 3" and "Int. Computer Room-Day"; below, "2 shot of SB and Desire Man".}

STRONG SAD: Cut to a two-shot of you hashing it out with your innermost desires.

{Cut to a storyboard showing a donut with a bite taken out of it. It is leaking jelly, in which Strong Bad's face appears. Above, it says, "Scene 4" and "Int. Donut Place-Night"; below, "ECU of jellyfish reflector. tear. fade out."}

STRONG SAD: And we end on an extreme close-up of your reflection in the gooey filling of a jelly donut as you shed a single tear.

{Cut back to Strong Sad.}

STRONG SAD: It's equal parts Lynchian, Fellinian and Steve Buscemian, don't you think?

{Cut back to the wide-shot of the couch. Strong Bad is now lying face-down.}

STRONG BAD: {incomprehensible mumbles} Pilotwings... {more incomprehensible mumbles}

STRONG SAD: Oh, never mind. I'll go see what Strong Mad thinks of my Doug the Dino treatment. {walks offscreen}


{A storyboard suddenly appears with a louder-than-usual punching sound, showing Strong Bad yelling. Above, it says "Scene 12" and "Int. Day-Up in your grill"; below, "Med. close on SB. 'Leemee alone. I do it next week!'"}

Fun Facts


  • "Sesquicentennial" is the term for a 150th anniversary.
  • Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder which involves a fear of confined spaces.
  • The filename, "149pernt5", is a Coach Z pronunciation of "149.5".
"Check out these storyboards I drew up!"


  • The back button redirects you only to Main Page 19.
  • At the end, Strong Bad appears to have teeth.
  • We see from Strong Sad's storyboards and his references to Fellini and David Lynch that he retains his interest in making Experimental Films.
  • When we see the storyboards in a longer shot, they do not match any of the close-up storyboards. The top left picture is of Strong Bad surrounded by "majesty" lines; the top right picture is a labeled jar with two arrows pointing to it. Decompiling the Flash file shows two others, one which appears to be a close-up of Bubs' face, and another of Homestar Runner turning and yelling.


  • The ripples do not appear when you click on Lappy's screen.

Inside References

Real-World References

Fast Forward

  • As the last scene claimed, the 150th email (alternate universe) was released the following week. In an Easter egg, the Coach Z storyboard scene is played out.

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