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Toon Category: Shorts
watch 500 The Cheats Strong Bad Sings
Get your shiny round butt off in there and check that email!

Strong Bad doesn't wan't to check his email.

Cast (in order of appearence):Female Lappy, Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Coach Z, Homestar Runner

Places:The Computer Room, The Basement, The Desert

Date: March 26, 2006

Running Time:1:46



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{{Strong Bad's desk. Strong Bad is nowhere to be seen. After a few seconds, Female Lappy 486 appears on screen.}

FEMALE LAPPY 486: {The words appear on the screen as she says them.} Oh. Golly-gosh. Strong Bad is understairs. Tell whim I love.

{Cut to the Basement. Strong Bad is lying on the couch; Strong Sad is standing behind it.}

STRONG SAD: You get your shiny, round butt up in there and check that email!

STRONG BAD: No! Now, get out of my couch... area!

STRONG SAD: But it's your sesquicentenn-email!

STRONG BAD: I don't wanna turn a hundred and fifty! There's too much pressure! Strong Mad ate it!

STRONG SAD: It's OK; I can help! Check out these storyboards I drew up!

{Cut to a storyboard showing Strong Bad's boxing gloves on the Lappy 486's keyboard. Above, it says "Scene 1" and "Int. Lappy-Day"; below, "Close on tip-tapping boxing gloves".

STRONG SAD: We begin with a claustrophobic closeup of typing with boxing gloves on.

{Cut to a storyboard showing Strong Bad sitting at his desk in the middle of the desert. Above, it says "Scene 1a" and "Ext. Desert-Day"; below, "zoom out to reveal wide shot of desk in desert".}

STRONG SAD: A quick zoom out reveals you're really in the middle of a barren desert landscape, symbolizing the vast scope of your achievement.

{Cut to a storyboard showing Coach Z holding a pear covered with eyeballs and with coffee dripping out of his hat and down his face. Above, it says, "Scene 2" and "Int. Creepytown-Night"; below, "dolly in on cz. holds up eyeball-pear"}

STRONG SAD: Next, we dolly in on Coach Z holding a pear covered with eyeballs, while black coffee continually streams down his mouthless face.

{Cut to a close up of Strong Sad}

STRONG SAD: This part doesn't represent anything; I just... always wanted to pour coffee on Coach Z.

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