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watch 500 The Cheats Strong Bad Sings
"I don't wanna turn a hundred and fifty! It's too much pressure!"

Strong Bad doesn't want to check his 150th email. Strong Sad tries to help.

Cast (in order of appearance): Female Lappy 486, Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Coach Z (Drawing), Homestar Runner (Drawing), Strong Mad (voice-only)

Places: Computer Room, Strong Bad's Basement

Date: March 27, 2006

Running Time: 1:46

Page title: Not Just Yet!!



{The scene opens on the Lappy 486, with Strong Bad nowhere to be seen. The wind howls. After a few seconds, Female Lappy 486 appears on screen with the second note of the Lappy start-up noise.}

FEMALE LAPPY 486: {the words appear on the screen as she says them} Oh. Golly-gosh. Strong Bad is understairs. Tell whim I love.

{Quick drop to the Basement. Strong Bad is lying on the couch; Strong Sad is standing behind it.}

STRONG SAD: You get your shiny, round butt up in there and check that email!

STRONG BAD: No! Now, get out of my couch... -area!

STRONG SAD: But it's your sesquicentenn-email!

STRONG BAD: I don't wanna turn a hundred and fifty! It's too much pressure! Strong Mad ate it!

STRONG SAD: It's okay, I can help! Check out these storyboards I drew up!

{Strong Bad strains his neck to view the storyboard. Cut to a storyboard showing Strong Bad's boxing gloves on the Lappy 486's keyboard. Slow piano music starts. Above, it says "Scene 1" and "Int. Lappy-Day"; below, "Close on tip-tapping boxing gloves".}

STRONG SAD: We begin with a claustrophobic close-up of typing with boxing gloves on.

{Cut to a storyboard showing Strong Bad sitting at his desk in the middle of the desert. Above, it says "Scene 1a" and "Ext. Desert-Day"; below, "zoom out to reveal wide shot of desk in desert".}

STRONG SAD: A quick zoom out reveals you're really in the middle of a barren desert landscape, symbolizing the vast scope of your achievement.

{Cut to a storyboard showing Coach Z holding a pear covered with eyeballs and with coffee dripping out of his hat and down his face. Above, it says, "Scene 2" and "Int. Creepytown-Night"; below, "dolly in on cz. holds up eyeball-pear".}

STRONG SAD: Next, we dolly in on Coach Z holding a pear covered with eyeballs while black coffee continually streams down his mouthless face.

{Piano music stops. Cut to a close up of Strong Sad.}

STRONG SAD: This part doesn't represent anything. I just... always wanted to pour coffee on Coach Z.

{Cut to a storyboard showing Strong Bad at his desk in the Computer Room, with the No Loafing Sign partially obscured. Homestar Runner is wearing a mask, and the star on his shirt is now cloud-shaped. Piano music starts again. Above, it says, "Scene 3" and "Int. Computer Room-Day"; below, "2 shot of SB and Desire Man".}

STRONG SAD: Cut to a two-shot of you hashing it out with your innermost desires.

{Cut to a storyboard showing a donut with a bite taken out of it. It is leaking jelly, in which Strong Bad's face appears. Above, it says, "Scene 4" and "Int. Donut Place-Night"; below, "ECU of jellyfish reflector. tear. fade out."}

STRONG SAD: And we end on an extreme close-up of your reflection in the gooey filling of a jelly donut as you shed a single tear.

{Cut back to Strong Sad.}

STRONG SAD: It's equal parts Lynchian, Fellinian and Steve Buscemian, don't you think?

{Cut back to the wide-shot of the couch. Strong Bad is now lying face-down.}

STRONG BAD: {incomprehensible mumbles} Pilotwings... {more incomprehensible mumbles}

STRONG SAD: Oh, never mind. I'll go see what Strong Mad thinks of my Doug the Dino treatment. {walks offscreen}


{A storyboard suddenly appears with a louder-than-usual punching sound, showing Strong Bad yelling. Above, it says "Scene 12" and "Int. Day-Up in your grill"; below, "Med. close on SB. 'Leemee alone. I do it next week!'"}

Fun Facts


  • "Sesquicentennial" is the term for a 150th anniversary.
  • Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder which involves a fear of confined spaces.
  • The filename, "149pernt5", is a Coach Z pronunciation of "149.5".


  • The back button redirects you only to Main Page 19.
  • At the end, Strong Bad appears to have teeth.


  • The ripples do not appear when you click on Lappy's screen.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • Homestar's mask is the same style as the masks worn by Snifits in the Super Mario Brothers games.
  • David Lynch and Federico Fellini, as referenced by Strong Sad, are filmmakers known for bizarre imagery.
  • Steve Buscemi, also referenced by Strong Sad, is primarily known as a character actor who has appeared in such films as Reservoir Dogs, The Big Lebowski, Fargo, and Ghost World but has also directed quirky, independent films such as Trees Lounge and Lonesome Jim.
  • The music playing during Strong Sad's storyboard seems to be taken from the intro to U2's song "So Cruel".
  • Pilotwings is a flight simulation game and one of the first SNES games made and the first to use the SNES' quasi-3d Mode7 technique.
  • Jellyfish Reflector is the name of Guided by Voices' 1996 live album.
  • Strong Sad using the term "Dolly in" most likely is a reference to Salvador Dali, an artist who is famous for his surrealist paintings, a few of which take place in a desert environment such as the one Strong Sad proposes

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