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Upsetting the balance

Scalding Lake is a popular resort that Rather Dashing went to for his vacation before finding his thatched-roof cottage burninated by Trogdor. He wears a Scalding Lake T-shirt in Peasant's Quest and the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer. According to the description of the shirt, activities at Scalding Lake include canoeing, fishing, and stoning heathens. Mendelev and Dongolev refer to the vacation resort as "some prancey lake". The baby from Peasant's Quest attended Scalding Lake State University. According to Strong Bad in the chat of a Trogdor!! The Board Game Twitch stream, Scalding Lake is located in the snooty kingdom of Pageantry.

The shirt worn in the movie trailer was also worn by Matt Chapman during The Screen Savers interview of 2005, and was available in the Store.

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