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This is where all the secret pages and old .swf things go. Please remember to put a description when adding something to the list. Put newer things to the bottom of a list.

Note: Sometimes some of the pages don't work. Just try again at a later date.



Everybody - A constant loop of the "Everybody!" song used in the intro.

The Cheat is not Dead - A sample of "The Cheat is Not Dead" from the Strong Bad Sings CD.

Limozeen - A sample of the Limozeen song from the Strong Bad Sings CD.

Music - This is the music from the classic cartoon, Marshmallow's Last Stand. (This is a loop from the beginning of Beck's 'Tropicalia')

Oh yeah - Marzipan's song from the Strong Bad Email, marzipan.

Sing Along - A weird unfinished sing-along with Homestar Runner or Strong Bad.

  • Homestar sings: "And now the love... that lasts forever... has come... to... its end." (this is based upon "The Rose" by Amanda McBride.)
    • This song is included in as the Shutdown Windows event sound.
  • Strong Bad sings: "Once I knew this guy... And he made two different pies... And one of them was apple... And one of them was something that I probably shouldn't mention... So I'm not going to... Mention."

Renegade Master - A sample from the Fatboy Slim remix of Wildchild's "Renegade Master" that was used for the "Characters" button on Main Page 4 for a while, but was replaced by the techno loop below.

Techno - A sample loop from from techno, used in Dancin' Bubs.

Banjo - From the little questions easter egg. Also used in Dancin' Bubs.

Drum N' Bass A loop from Everybody to the Limit, also used in Dancin' Bubs.

Fluffy Puff Theme Song - The Fluffy Puff Marshmallows Theme Song from Meet Marshie

Poop Smoke - A remix including Poot Slap and Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water.

Welcome.mp3 - An mp3 file of the "Welcome to your doom" sound that plays when you go to Strong Bad's website. It is the sound that plays before every boss in the Sega Genesis game "Altered Beast".

Old Stuff

Fan Costumes - A collection of fan submitted Halloween stuff. The original version of Fan Costume Commentary.

Games Menu 1 - Old game menus.

Old toon menu - An old toon menu.

Old toon menu 2 - The same toon menu as above, but with sound, and a link to A Jumping Jack Contest.

Chinese Food - Old toons menu. Related to fortune cookie game?

Loading... - An old loading Homestar thing. Actually from the toon Marshmallow's Last Stand which has been taken off the site.

Broken Tandy Menu - An old Strong Bad Email menu that only goes up to gimmicks. It was used when the Tandy 400 blew up, so Strong Bad had to use notebook paper.

Vacation Menu - An old Strong Bad vacation menu. Click on the post-it note to hear some funny... stuff.

Loading 2 - An old loading screen.

Lava Lamp - Old toons menu with a lava lamp as a back button.

The Yearbook- Old characters page. It was made sometime after the toon, The Luau, we think. Homsar is not included in the lineup because he was not considered a character back then.

SB Email Xmas Menu - This was a menu used during the holidays in 2002. Click on the middle yellow light to see Santa Bad Graphics Ghost, Click on "no" to see snowflakes, click on "holidays" to see a card from The Brothers Strong, and click on the candy cane to change its color. A holiday version of 'Everybody! Everybody!' plays.

Old Main Page 6 - This is an uncompleted main page from back in 2000. The "new cartoon!" link goes to A Jorb Well Done, the "another homepage" goes to Main Page 10, the "more messages" link goes to Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 2, and the "new toons menu" link goes to the current toons menu. Also, the buttons on the left don't work exactly right. Also note that email is above downloads, instead of below store.

Message Bored Rules They appear to be the rules from the Strong Bad Message Bored.

Error Page - The error page that was used before 404'D. If you look closely on the mailbox before the letters appear on the contact page, you can see that Strong Bad face from the old error page.

3rd Intro - An Intro made between the first, second, and fourth intros.

Wanted - This wanted poster was accessible from the "What's New" button a few days before Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon came out.

Old SB Email #46 - This is an alternate version of your friends, with music that ends very early.

  • Some other differences:
    • in the newer version, an announcer on the TV Strong Mad is watching says "Some kind of tv show"
    • newer: There are extra buzz saw blades and a bottle of ketchup behind SB as he bothers Marzipan
    • newer: SB is seen holding a bottle of ketchup as he nettles Homsar
    • newer: Strong Bad's mouth is visible in the reflection when he sings the e-mail song
    • newer: The Cheat angrily curses Strong Bad (in Cheat-speak) when he's taped to Pom Pom

Luau Menu - An updated version of the secret Luau main menu.

Stencils - Stencils you can print to use on pumpkins. Replaced by Pumpkin Stencils

Another Old Toons Menu? - Presumably an old toons menu. The toons.swf file is embedded in this page, however the swf file is no longer on the site. Also note this text contained in the page source: "Kick the Can an ancient homestar cartoon found in the ruins of Pompei the isle of Pom a sweet little story about the big, round, yellow one. Pom-Pom i think is his name. The King of Town The King of Town has lost his crown. No, wait. I mean his sheep. Marshmallow's Last Stand What more is there to life than marshmallows and tag-team wrestling?"

An older old flash stuff menu - Just an older old flash stuff menu. It has the marshmallow's last stand button but it doesnt work.

Another old flash stuff thing - All but two of the buttons don't work.

Astro Lite 2600 - Another version of the Astro Lite game that used to be accessable from the museum.

old email selection - The email selection before the email "virus".

Random Things

Yellow Dello Deleted Scene - This is the scene from In Search Of The Yello Dello DVD where Strong Bad is talking with Marzipan, but with some odd commentary tacked on the front.

Where the Crap Are We? - Some weird thing with Homestar and Strong Bad that isn't on the official site, but still appears to be the real deal.

Current Toons Menu - The same toons menu, but it has a different page name: not toons.html, but it's tvguide.html. Also you can click here for the swf file: SWF File of the Toons Menu

Happy T - A sign which says Happy T. You can click on some of the letters to hear characters say stuff. Than click in the lower right hand corner of the screen to hear Homsar (I suggest using tab to find it).

SB Sign - A strange Strong Bad sign.

Needle Point - A needle point thing.

Matt Cake!!! - A scary cake. Click on one of the cherries for a special surprise.

Tire Cake - A tire with candles. Click on one to see the snake from the Strongbadia flag.

50 cake - The easter egg that was used in the email big white face, click on it for all sorts of crazy crap.

Kicking Game - A kicking game. Kick the picture 47 times to see it break. (The picture is of a girl, Taryn, from the old Strong Bad Message Bored, who finally posted her pic after everyone begged her to. The Cheat then made this game.)

H*R Theme - A desktop theme for H*R.

SB Theme - A desktop theme for SB.

Another H*R Theme - A H*R desktop theme for Windows 98. It only downloads the theme song though.

Shirts - Some waffle shirts and some Jamaican shirt thing.

Wireless Bizness - Some cell phone thingy. Has some Strong Bad Emails.

Coolest - A banner which says "THE COOLEST STUFF EVER".

Pom Pom Glossy - A cool Pom Pom picture.

SB Glossy - A picture of Strong Bad that appears autographed by his "main man" in 2 years.

Marzipan Shirts - Marzipan shirts that were never used.

Ween Stuff - What it says.

Bored Buttons - Message bored buttons that were never used.

Not the One Hundredth Email - A little skit with Strong Bad and Homestar made especially for someone who wanted to peek at the one hundredth email before it came out.

H*R Glossy - Just like all the other glossies.

Limozeen eCards - Make and send a Thanksgiving Limozeen eCard. It doesn work though. It just says, loading... and keeps doing that.

H*R Yearbook - It just says "Homestar's yearbook". Scroll over homestar's head to hear him say "Sign My Yearbook! ... but don't use any swears, because my mom reads it.".

Trading Cards - Probably an old Characters page. Click the Homestar Card to see another card, then that one to see another card, and keep doing it 'til you see Homeschool Winner (See Homeschool Winner). The Strong Sad card was shown in virus.

Homestar Runner and Strong Bad Screensaver - These screensavers can also be gotten by downloading the themes.

404'd - The error message that appears when you go to something on H* that doesn't exist, embedded in this page.

Interview 2 - This is an unfinished version of The Interview. It has less than the original and for some reason their mouths do not move sometimes when they talk.

Strong Bad's Commentary - This is Strong Bad's Commentary for the The King Of Town DVD, but at the end of this version it explains why Strong Bad did the commentary.

News - The news button that is integrated in every main page.

Homepages - The homepages list that is integrated in every main page.

Answering Machines - The menu in the bottom right of Marzipan's Answering Machine.

Picture 1 - Weird pictures.

Picture 2 - Weird pictures.

Picture 3 - Weird pictures.

Picture 4 - Weird pictures.

Picture 5 - Weird pictures.

No Flash - An old page telling you that you need to download Flash.

Strong Mad Stickers - Print out Strong Mad Stickers!

Halloween Intro - The intro that is displayed on Halloween. It always takes you to main page 7 "Dead as a Doornail".

Filter - The flash file used on the index page of the old site. It redirects you to either the Old Intro 2 or the No Flash page above.

Making Out - The "Click on the Monkey!!!" pop-up that was in the 118th Strong Bad Email. Also view the flash file

Seriously! - An Easter egg from the 2003 Hallowe'en toon, accessed by clicking on Homestar (who's dressed as tennis superbrat John McEnroe) in the cast list at the end

MORE TO COME! - The page with the AIM buddy icons on it.

Homestar Dating Sim - This is the homestar dating sim game from the sb email "date".

Downloads Menu - Just a different name for the downloads menu, but the screen is smaller.


These are the mini-flash animations that appear on the TV screen when you scroll over the title of an item on the Toons Menu. (Easter Egg)

Big Toons



Puppet Stuff

Powered by The Cheat

Separate Features

Other Stuff


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