Ser-g-geant Marshie

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"Would somebody get this flying cottonball outta my face?"

Ser-g-geant Marshie is Marshie's doppelganger in the Cheat Commandos universe. During his approximately ten seconds of screen time, he annoyed Gunhaver by floating around him, sticking out his tongue, and saying "Ser-g-geant Marshie reporting for duty, sir!", to which Gunhaver replied, "Would somebody get this flying cottonball outta my face?" Kids can receive a free Ser-g-geant Marshie action figure when they send in five dollars, twenty-five proofs of purchase of Cheat Commandos...O's cereal, and five dollars shipping and handling. This was eventually discontinued and, as of the email specially marked, Cheat Commandos...O's cereal includes a free Ser-g-geant Marshie toy inside. Judging by his hat and action figure description he is some form of Green Helmet.

Defining Traits

  • A Marshmallow, Not a Cottonball!!
  • Creepier Than Most!
  • A Green Helmet!
  • His first initial is 'M'

Complete Filmography

Creepier than most!
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