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The imperative "shut up" is an insulting way to tell someone to stop talking. It is commonly said by Strong Bad, either to others or the Shut up Lady, and Bubs as the Thnikaman.




Strong Bad Email

  • gimmicks — Strong Bad to Strong Sad twice when he says how terrible the Tandy 400 is.
  • caffeine — To Strong Sad when when he says "I was not dead."
  • theme park — Strong Bad to Homestar when he says he's not alright after the "huge rock" almost crushed them.
  • couch patch — To Homestar when his flashback doesn't even come close to relating what they're talking about.
  • impression — Strong Bad says "I know, shut up."
  • monumentThe Thnikkaman says "Yeah, shut up, kid!"
  • flashbackTiny-Handed Strong Bad says "Gross! Shut up!" to Coach Z.
  • part-time job — Strong Bad says "Shut up."
  • lady fan — The Sbemail Intro Song is "How many emails can you check? 5, 12, 7, shut up."
  • cliffhangers — The Thnikkaman says "Yeah, shut up, Coach."
    • In the DVD commentary, Matt says: "Oh! So this is ridiculous, because the Thnikkaman always takes his shades off to tell you to shut up, kid!"
  • email thunder — Strong Bad tells Homestar to "Shut... face!" when he says Strong Bad's emails were actually his.
  • from work — To the viewer so Strong Bad can check his e-mail without the boss noticing.
    • In the DVD commentary Homestar and Strong Bad tell Mike to shut up.
  • the movies — The little girl behind (me) who wouldn't shut up.


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