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In the fourth episode of Six-Sadded, Die, Strong Sad explains the intricacies of Trogdor's fiery rage in Trogdor!! The Board Game.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad

Date: Monday, October 30, 2018

Running Time: 4:30


{Shot of a black surface; Strong Sad places down a die, revealing it to resemble his head}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded, {sound slows down as logo fades in} Die.

{Fade to black and then fade into a top down shot of Trogdor!! The Board Game}

STRONG SAD: {rolls R} Grrrreetings again, Six-Sadders! Today I'm highlighting another of my favorite parts of Trogdor!! The Board Game. And this time, it's Trogdor's Fiery Rage.

{Excerpt from the Strong Bad Sings cut of "Trogdor" plays:}

STRONG BAD: {screaming} TROGDO—!!

{Music cuts off abruptly and returns to regular Six-Sadded Die background music}

STRONG SAD: This occurs at the end of the game, if you have not successfully burninated the countryside, the peasants, and the thatched-roof {stresses last syllable} cottages. We're catching up with Trogdor after he's just completed his moves, and I of course chose to play with my Chiaroscuro Trogdor, I hope you will do the same, {says the following in the same tone of voice} Six-Sadders, roll a sad six, represent. So now it's the countryside's turn. So, we pick a Movement card, and first, we spawn our peasants. Now, the card has two peasants, but we've only got one on the board, and it demands another peasant! So we take one peasant from the Trog-meter, and he is spawned from any unburninated cottage— I choose this one, for reasons I do not care to disclose. And now it's time to move them in the spirit of my favorite unproduced Don Bluth film, "Peasants Goes West"!

{Strong Sad moves each peasant on the board one space west.}

STRONG SAD: West, west. And now it's time to move the knights and archers. So we look back at our Movement card, and they're all going to go {moves the first knight} north, east, east, north, north. Oh, and this one scores a direct hit on Trogdor! We lose another peasant from our peasant meter. He goes over here, into our new The Void card, where all the peasants that you lose from taking damage go. So let's see what happens with the other two. {Moves the second knight, video is sped up} North-east-east-north-north—and the Troghammer— {Moves the Troghammer, video is sped up} north-east-east-north-north—and last, the archers. {Moves the archer piece, video is sped up} North, east, east, north, north! But remember, the archers shoot arrows in both directions! Arrowed! Trogdor's taken damage from a knight or archer on an empty Trog-meter. So this triggers Trogdor's Fiery Rage.

{Same excerpt from the Strong Bad Sings cut of "Trogdor" plays:}

STRONG BAD: {screaming} TROGDO—!!

{Music cuts off abruptly and returns to regular Six-Sadded Die background music}

STRONG SAD: Trogdor doesn't lose, he rage-quits! We will draw five consecutive Movement cards. Trogdor will follow the movement path on each of those. {speaks in a salesman's cadence as he lists the following} He gets {"Automatic Perma-Burnination" appears on-screen} Automatic Perma-Burnination. He gets {"Wraparound Movement" appears on-screen} Wraparound Movement. He automatically {"Auto-Peasant/Knight Kill" appears on-screen} kills peasants, knights, and the Troghammer! If he can burninate the entire countryside, all the peasants, and all the thatched-roof {stresses last syllable} cottages, then he is victorious! And then, probably takes {speaks normally, background music stops} a really long nap. I would. I have to take, like, a three-hour nap just after eating a bowl of tom kha gai soup. {background music starts again} Okay, so here we go. We draw our first card, and Trogdor moves, burninating the tile he is on and any knights or peasants on it.

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