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This article is about the Sketchbook in the Museum. For the Weekly Sketchbook featured on the Main Pages, see Sketchbook. For the strongbad_email.exe Disc Three bonus video, see Sketchbook (video).

The Sketchbook found in the Museum section of the Homestar website includes a set of thirteen early sketches of various characters. The commentaries were written by Matt Chapman. As of February 14 2006, Ice Cream appears after the 13 sketches.

Page Title: Homestar Sketchbook

Image Description Date
Alternate designs for the Kick the Can Homestars. Jan 2000
Early Marzipans. Way too human. Aug 1999
Strong Mad development. Watch his neck and head magically disappear! Sep 1996
Trivia Time designs (Pom-Pom's dog). Still haven't found a good one. Is that Stimpy? Apr 2000
Flying, swimming, and racing designs from the unfinished 2nd children's book "Homestar Runner Goes For The Gold!" Sep 1996
Strong Sad development. I kinda miss the stripes. Sep 1996
More Strong Sad. That Vaudeville one always cracks me up. Sep 1996
Even more Strong Sad. The lower left one is Strong Glad! Nice gams, babe! Sep 1996
Dijjery-doo, a Cheat-like prankster that was abandoned for being too Cheat-like. And too walrus-like. Sep 1996
Original: The original scribblings for the Pom-Pom solo book. Later made into a flash toon but Mike won't let me keep it on the site.

Updated: The original scribblings for the Pom-Pom solo book. Later made into a flash toon.

Some early Bubs and Coach Z drawings. Don't know who the carrot-looking guy was gonna be. Unknown
Various Homestar drawings. Unknown
Original: Some costume ideas for the Halloween Episode. Ten bucks to anyone who can identify them all.

Updated: Some rejected costume ideas for Halloween Episodes. That other Marzipan is supposed to be Speed Racer's Girlfriend, Trixie, okay?

Top row, left to right: Strong Sad as an Oompa Loompa, Homestar Runner as Hellboy, Marzipan as Trixie, from Speed Racer and Marge Simpson

Bottom row, left to right: Coach Z as Doug McKenzie, Homestar as Travis Bickle, Pom Pom as Jeff Albertson, the "Comic Book Guy"


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