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(screenshot coming later)


Mike and Matt give us a close look at many, many never-before-seen sketches.

Cast (in order of appearance): Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman


{The video opens with a shot of a black marbled compostion book with a picture of Strong Mad}

MATT: Welcome to the sketchbook.

MIKE: We're going to look at stuff {book opens} from our book and talk about it.

{Turns to a page with some sketchs of a muscular The Cheat}

MATT: This is the Strong Badman comic version of The Cheat. Look how scary he is. {points finger} He looks kind of like the Predator, maybe. He has dreads {points to dreads} and spots {points to spots}. And no neck here {points to sketch without neck} and some neck here. {points to sketch with neck}

{Flips through pages}

MATT: And then what else we got in here...

{Flips to a sketch of a postcard of Pantsburgh from the email "vacation"}

MATT: You recognize this...

{Flips to some more sketches of postcards}

MATT: But do you recognize "egg or rice"? {points to postcard saying "egg or rice"} What a place that would be to visit, right Mike?

MIKE: That's right.

{Flips to more postcards}

MATT: {talking about the postcards} What about the "Fake Palms Resort"? Or a "Giant Book"? Or "Cruckscrew Ben's Fairly Oversized Elbow Macaroni"? What if Strong Bad had visited these places?

MIKE: I can't imagine what he might have said.

{Flips to even more postcards}

MATT: {points to postcard} What would he have said if he was a the corner of "No Dumping and No Dumping Street"?

MIKE: {almost laughing} Then he would have been dumping.

MATT: {points at another postcard} What about "Not A Very Big Ball O' Belts"? I bet he wouldn't have been very impressed.

{Takes out a sheet with some Stinkoman sketches on it}

MIKE: Look, there's a drawing of Stinkoman, an early drawing of Stinkoman.

MATT: No hair, no blue hair.

MIKE: He's got thumbs too.

MATT: {points to thumbs} And thumbs!

{Pans to another Stinkoman sketch}

MATT: And there's another, laughing Stinkoman.

MIKE: {at same time as Matt} And down here, very light, you can see Marzipan.

MATT: Yeah, she's got the little tear. {points to sketch of Marzipan}

{Takes out sheet with Teen Girl Squad sketches on it}

MATT: And here's these ladies, do you sorta recognize them? There's Cheerleader with tentacles, The Ugly One is actually the hottest one...

MIKE: If you'll look.

MATT:...What's Her Face has huge lips, and So-And-So has skater hair. Still her plaid skirt though.

{Flips through book, turns it sideways}

MIKE: Is there anything else in there?

MATT: I don't know...there's some...

MIKE: Mortice, I like Mortice.

MATT: Mortice. {points to weird Strong Bad-like sketch} That's Strong Bad.

MIKE: It's barely Strong Bad. {laughs} It really is. If it weren't for that {point to diamond on forehead} and the general shape of his head.

(transcript needs finishing)

Fun Fact

  • Some of the sketches TBC display had been used previously in the liner notes of the Strong Bad Sings CD and as Weekly Sketchbook images.
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