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*[ watch playlist]
*[ watch playlist]
*[[forum:37805|forum thread re: "Skills of an Artist"]]
*[[forum:37805|forum thread re: "Skills of an Artist"]]
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[[Category:Skills of an Artist|*]][[Category:Twitter]][[Category:YouTube]][[Category:Strong Bad]][[Category:Strong Bad Email Spin-offs]]

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"Welcome back to another Skills of an Artist!"

Skills of an Artist is a series of live action step-by-step instructional drawing videos posted regularly on Strong Bad's Twitter account, and later uploaded to YouTube. The series is based on the scene in the Strong Bad Email dragon when Strong Bad draws Trogdor, as well as the scene in Fan Costumes 2016 when he draws Homestar Runner's star; the background music from those scenes is also used. The feature is typically released every week or two. All videos feature a real Strong Bad-like boxing glove holding a marker, drawing on a whiteboard that looks like lined paper, explaining throughout. He frequently makes up words to describe shapes, such as "side-take" for the outline at the side of an object, or "squishtangle" for the shape of a slice of bread. Earlier videos were simple and filmed in one shot, while later videos use occasional cuts, fades, and effects, and sometimes even cuts to other scenes. Most of the time, the drawing increasingly gets more exaggerated over the course of the video. For example, a sandwich eventually becomes Strong Bad eating a giant pig's head sandwich, and a majestic eagle becomes an eagle's sketchy older brother spinning a pizza.


Screenshot Name Running Time Twitter Date YouTube Date
Sammich 1:54 July 12, 2017 August 24, 2017
Posh Toilet Paper 1:36 July 26, 2017
Cannonmouth 1:38 August 2, 2017
Strong Sad's Severed Soolnds 1:58 August 18, 2017
Muscleman 1:38 August 24, 2017
End Boss 2:14 September 4, 2017
Cartoon Characters 2:05 September 11, 2017
Eagle 1:23 September 21, 2017 October 4, 2017
Classic Stand-up Arcade Game 1:48 October 3, 2017
Skills of an Artist LIVE!! 4:23 October 11, 2017 October 12, 2017

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