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That thing is nasty.

The Snacky 186 is The King of Town's laptop computer in Strong Badia the Free. Strong Bad claims to have seen it on late-night infomercials, but he never guessed it was actually a computer.

The King of Town uses the Snacky to place food orders over email or send the residents of Free Country, USA emails about new taxes and the like. He used it to send an email to Strong Bad posing as "Roy T." from Castle Hill in a hoax to get Strong Bad to replace him, as well as send the email tax to Strong Bad and presumably the other residents.

Both the Snacky's model and interface are somewhat resemblent to the Lappy. Instead of "Emails" and "Trash", the two options are "Sent Items" and "Templates". "Sent Items" displays the messages recently sent out from the Snacky. "Templates" displays a list of pre-written email templates with blanks to fill in, which causes Strong Bad to say that "the King of Town is so lazy, he can't even write his own emails". It possesses two knobs, labelled "Email" and "Food", respectively.

Strong Bad uses the Snacky to send the King an email about a Creamy Ding snack cake tax to lure him back into the castle and retake the throne. He can also use it to order 'Lectric Boots from any of the addresses listed.

The King also keeps a spare crown in the Snacky which pops out when it is unplugged.

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