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Video Type: Social Media Compilation
watch Social Media Crap Compilation 1 Social Media Crap Compilation 3
"So are my magical powers supposed to be causing romance?"

A second collection of random short videos originally posted on social media.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Strong Sad/The Makeromancer, Marzipan, The Cheat, Coach Z, Sharpdene, Homestar Runner, Limozeen, Vector Strong Bad, Puppet Strong Bad

Places: The Field, Locker Room, Strong Bad's Room

Date: Monday, May 4, 2020

Running Time: 3:58


[edit] Transcript

{The video begins (like the last video) with the text "more Social Media Crap (in no particular order)" slowly approaching the screen as a jingle plays. The word "more" is in a red handwritten font. Each video uses the same title sequence (aside from the first one, which has no title). The same title screen is shown at the end.}

[edit] The Makeromancer

Originally posted on 13 Feb 2017

{Starts on a pink background with moving hearts}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Behold! The Makeromancer! {"The Makeromancer" appears in the center— Strong Sad wearing a black heart-embroidered cloak and holding a gray staff with a black heart on top. He is accompanied by a title stating his name, and he shrinks and moves to the right of the frame.}

STRONG SAD: {draws his arm back} Oh... Makeromance! {thrusts his arm forward; there is a puff of green smoke, and the word "MAKEROMANCE!" blinks at the top of the screen in pixelated font}

{Cut to Marzipan and The Cheat at a table in The Field having tea. The Makeromancer comes in from the bottom of the screen.}

STRONG SAD: Makeromance! {puff of green smoke}

{Cut to Coach Z in the locker room with his pile of towels and laundry. The Makeromancer enters from the left.}

STRONG SAD: Makeromance! {puff of green smoke}

{Cut Strong Bad as Sharpdene and Homestar Runner wearing a hat and trenchcoat in a hilly area at night. The Makeromancer comes down from above.}

STRONG SAD: {slightly slower} Makeromance! {puff of green smoke; Homestar appears to pucker his lips}

{Cut back to the Makeromancer against the pink heart background. He looks at the camera.}

STRONG SAD: Uh, so are my magical powers supposed to be causing romance? Or am I just sort of... demanding it of people? With colored smoke?

{Another Makeromancer enters from the left}

SECOND STRONG SAD: Makeromance! {puff of green smoke, causing the first Makeromancer to vanish}

[edit] Early Craig Zobel Character Designs

Originally posted on 12 Aug 2016

{Cut to a page. A drawing of a more human-like Homestar Runner is on the left side, and a more monster-like Strong Bad is on the right, separated by a line in the middle. Homestar's hat has vertical stripes, no propeller, and a star. He has dot eyes, an overbite similar to Homeschool Winner, and arms. The drawing is only from the chest up. Strong Bad looks like a fat, cartoonish reptile with a tail and regular hands and feet. There is a piece of paper on his face with a smiley face on it, attached with a string around his head like a mask, slightly obscuring his real face (dot eyes and a line mouth). "Strong Bad" is written below.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, Regular Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: Hey, All-The-Time Homestar.

[edit] Fan Legos

Originally posted on 14 Dec 2018

{A Homestar Runner and a Strong Bad figure, both built from LEGO bricks, are standing on a desk in front of a computer monitor. As they speak, the LEGO models' mouths are stop-motion animated to move.}

LEGO STRONG BAD: Hey, how come I'm so short? And who's that guy on your shirt?

LEGO HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, this guy here? This is the chub-star.

{The star shape on LEGO Homestar's shirt moves, but the figure's mouth doesn't.}

LEGO HOMESTAR RUNNER: {mumbling} Hi, Iā€™m the chub-star.

{LEGO Homestar Runner speaks normally}

LEGO HOMESTAR: Or maybe it's just Bad Graphics Pom Pom.

{The star on the shirt moves its arms up, synched to an Atari sound. Strong Bad tries in vain to move his LEGO boxing glove to reach Homestar.}

LEGO STRONG BAD: {strains of effort} Trying to punch you. {faster strains of effort}

{LEGO Homestar's star raises its arms, synched to an Atari victory sound.}

[edit] Gameboymozeen!

Originally posted on 26 Jul 2017

{Cut to a Game Boy screen. A Videlectrix logo falls from the top of the screen as the Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey version of the Videlectrix theme plays. The screen cuts to a Limozeen member with dark hair (possibly Harry or Terry Palaroncini) playing Because, It's Midnite (also from Hot Babelien Odyssey), with the Limozeen logo at the bottom of the screen. The Limozeen member goes in front of the camera and lifts his thumb, pinky, and index finger.}

[edit] Fluffy Puff Mayo Prototype

Originally posted on 9 Jul 2018

{Colored marshmallows held by red robot claws scroll across the screen, dropping into the grid below. Gameplay continues as Strong Bad speaks.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, man, you guys check out this early Fluffy Puff Mayonnaise prototype game I found in the Videlectrix archives!

{The button to switch jars is clicked, changing the color of the jar label.}

STRONG BAD: I better start... uh... matching three here. Green, rancid-flavored mayonnaise. Burgundy, pinot noir flavored mayonnaise, maybe. Uh, circus peanuts flavored? What else? Tangerine, oh, look at this blue combo I'm about to get! DOOJ! Aw, man, that's awesome, I've got to fill up these jars. This is some seriously gripping... mayonnaise gameplay, you guys. You've never seen... such mayonnaise. It kinda kills the mystery, you know, that catchphrase from Fluffy Puff mayonnaise, {singing} "Made From The Best Stuff!", {normal speech} always kind of creeped me out, but now just to know that it's made from colored marshmallows, it kinda kills the creep factor. Here we go! It's coming! It's gonna happen! One more to go!

{Once Strong Bad wins, the words "DUDE, YOU FRIG" appear on the screen. The rest is cut off at first, but the text is highlighted to reveal a full sentence.}

STRONG BAD: {reading stiltedly} Dude, you friggin won the level. {normally} Man, it's a complete mystery to me why they never published this game.

[edit] Some Blizzard thing from forever ago

Originally posted on 10 Sep 2018

{A peasant from TROGDOR! stands in front of a black background. The dialogue appears onscreen in white as it is spoken.}

PEASANT: {subtitled above} alright. okay. job's done.

{Trogdor walks in from the left and burninates the peasant. The peasant then falls on the ground, squished.}

VOICE: {subtitled below} work completed. {not subtitled} Valkyrie is about to die. Oh, wait. That's the wrong game.

[edit] Strong Big Toe

Originally posted on 31 August 2019

{A foot with pink nail polish has a red bandage wrapped around the big toe. A face has been drawn on it with black marker. The face slowly morphs into Strong Bad's mask.}

STRONG BAD: {bobbing back and forth} {fake screaming} Oh! Check me out! I'm a toe! {speaking normally} I hope your surgery wasn't to remove some kind of Strong Bad fungus from your toe. Like a... Strong Bungus. That stuff is deadly. And catching.

{A pair of eyes resembling Homestar Runner's open on the second-to-last toe. The second toe and the pinkie toe move as one to simulate a mouth.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, I hope you didn't have no Strong Bungus.

STRONG BAD: Eugh! Ina-toe-pro!

{A rubber stamp with yellow ink staps the image with the words "INA-TOE-PRO!" and a buzzer sound.}

[edit] Weird Naked Teapot(?) Homestar

Originally posted on 24 Sep 2017

{In the compilation version, the original Tweet from @_AlexHirsch slides in from the left. It reads "HEWWO STWONG BAD" and includes a picture of plastic ghost puppet objects with slightly Homestar-like faces.}

{Open on the plastic object edited onto Homestar Runner's body as he stands in The Field, changing to appear as though his mouth is moving.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER-LIKE THING: {in Homestar's voice} Oh hello, Strong Bad! {smiles} Eeeeeh!

[edit] Strong Bad Zone Speedometer

Originally posted on 23 Feb 2018

{Cut to a car screen with "0 mph" in the middle. Below it is a field of red dots moving forward and backward. Vector Strong Bad's face appears inside the 0 as the StrongBadZone theme plays. The "0 mph" moves across the screen like Vector Strong Bad as the camera zooms in to the 0. The "0 mph" stops in the middle of the screen as the music stops.}

VECTOR STRONG BAD: {in a different distortion than usual; the line appears in white text above} Your Fuel Efficiency A Splode

[edit] 50k Followers

Originally posted on 28 Sep 2017

{The Strong Bad Main Page is shown on the website; the cursor moves over "games", and Nighttime Driving Type Game plays on the TV}

STRONG BAD: Oh, I love this game. I got the high score, man, fifty thousand! Try and beat that!

{Cut to Puppet Strong Bad in front of a TV set playing a real version of the game. Although he speaks in his normal voice, it is noticeably quite different from earlier Strong Bad's; it's much deeper, with a less pronounced accent}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: Oh, I love this game, I got the high score, man, fifty thousand! Try and beat that! {looks to the left, then front again} Got it with the joystick too! That game's supposed to use paddles! {nods vigorously and makes "uh huh" noises}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The YouTube description for this compilation is "More stuff previously posted on the social mediums that you mighta missed. The Makeromancer! Limozeen on Gameboy! A prototype Fluffy Puff Mayo match-3 game and more! All in no particular order so you come correct!"

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[edit] Goofs

  • In both the video's description and the title of "Gameboymozeen!", "Game Boy" is misspelled as one word.

[edit] The Makeromancer

[edit] Early Craig Zobel Designs

[edit] 50k Followers

  • Paddle controls are Atari 2600 controllers that consist of a dial that can be rotated, named for how they control the paddles in games like Pong and Breakout.

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