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Video Type: Social Media Compilation
watch Social Media Crap Compilation 2 Mario Paint Thursdays Compilation
"Start thinking of it in terms of one-legged dog years!"

A third collection of random short videos originally posted on social media.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Bubs, The King of Town, Crackotage, Homestar Runner, Tiny-Handed Strong Bad, The Homestar Runner (storybook), Mr. Pitters, Li'l Brudder, Puppet Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Senor Cardgage, Strong Badman, Strong Mad

Places: The Field, Strong Badman's Apartment

Date: Monday, May 4, 2020

Running Time: 3:28


[edit] Transcript

{The video begins (like the last video) with the text "even more Social Media Crap (in no particular order)" slowly approaching the screen as a jingle plays. Each video uses the same title sequence (aside from the first one, which has no title). The same title screen is shown at the end.}

[edit] Figurines

Originally posted on 5 Oct 2017

{Modeling music plays. The figurine of Strong Bad with a bucket hand and a bullhorn hand appears on a white background. As it rotates, its backside is revealed to be sun-bleached white.}

{Cut to a Bubs figurine. Bubs is rotated, and his backside is revealed to have faded to yellow.}

{Cut to a King of Town figurine. Most of the red on his robe has been bleached away. The figure rotates, and its backside has more white than the front.}

{Cut to a Crackotage figurine. The figurine is rotated to show significant browning on the backside.}

[edit] Twending for no apparent reason

Originally posted on 15 Jun 2019

{Homestar Runner is standing in the field.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, it's a twend! Twend, twend, twend twend twend. {lowering an eyebrow} Real nice twend you got there. Twendo. Twendolyn? I say, twend twend! Twend.

{Homestar leaves his mouth open as a final tone plays.}

[edit] Homestar at 20

Originally posted on 3 Aug 2016

{Drawings of Tiny-Handed Strong Bad and The Homestar Runner appear on a piece of lined paper, in the same style as early Teen Girl Squad episodes. While Strong Bad narrates, spikes appear on The Homestar Runner's soles, and a caricature of Gene Simmons as "The Demon" appears in the lower-right corner of the screen, with a speech bubble that says "gimme my boots back!" Shortly afterward, the spikes disappear, replaced with focal lines around The Homestar Runner's hips. Similarly, The Demon is replaced by Mr. Pitters, whose speech bubble says "gimme my hips back!"}

STRONG BAD: Look. If the 20th anniversary of me and Homestar is making you feel old, then stop thinking of it in terms of regular years.

{The words "365 days = 1 year" appear on the screen and are then crossed out.}

STRONG BAD: Start thinking of it in terms of one-legged dog years!

{The original Li'l Brudder drawing appears.}

STRONG BAD: Due to all of his... adversities, it's unlikely that {choking up} Li'l Brudder's gonna... stick around very long.

{The original text from the drawing is removed. Gradually, phrases are added in red ink with arrows pointing to parts of the drawing. In order: "crubbed snout"; "mouthic leakage"; "stubbed dubs", pointing to his front leg-stubs; "jambler's eyeball", pointing to his left eye (from the viewer's perspective) and eyebrow; "stolen celebrity beagle ear"; "horn (not tail)"; "chronic jibblies", pointing to the trembling lines near his backside; and "oh dear god", pointing directly under his horn-for-a-tail.}

STRONG BAD: {normal} So one of his years accounts for four of our years!

{A blank line graph appears. It is titled "li'l brudder life expectancy" in red ink. The bottom axis is labeled "good years left" and the left axis is labeled "adversities". The Geddup Noise plays as a red line traces from the top of the left axis (5 units up) slightly to the right (almost 1 unit right). The graph then disappears, and the words "1 brudyear = 1/4 rpwlcp year" appear, with a severed dog leg under "1 brudyear" and another leg paired with a cleaver under "1/4 rpwlcp year". In red ink, an asterisk is added to "rpwlcp", and the full acronym "regular people with, like, cell phones" appears at the bottom left corner of the screen. The cleaver then chops the second dog leg in half.}

STRONG BAD: Therefore, this is only the... fifth anniversary of Homestar Runner, in one-legged... Li'l Brudder... dog... years.

{The same drawings of Tiny-Handed Strong Bad and The Homestar Runner appear, this time with Strong Bad in a wedding gown and Homestar in a tuxedo with a top hat. The top of the screen has a "happy 20th anniversary!" ribbon, and the bottom of the screen says "renew them vows!" The "20" is quickly scribbled over in red ink with a "5". Then, as Strong Bad says the respective words, a carat with "one-legged li'l brudder dog years" appears before "anniversary!"}

[edit] Poke

Originally posted on 19 Jul 2018

{Puppet Strong Bad is standing around. Music plays. A gray glove representing Strong Sad's hand pokes in and pokes Strong Bad's mask, then quickly rushes out of frame.}


STRONG BAD: {grumbling} Stop that!

{Strong Sad's hand reaches in to poke Strong Bad again.}


STRONG BAD: {yelling} Stop that!

{Strong Sad's glove slowly creeps in, quickly pokes Strong Bad, and rushes away.}



{Strong Sad's hand peeks in. He is waving all his fingers as he hovers just next to Strong Bad, then pokes him quickly twice and rushes away.}

STRONG SAD: Poke poke!


{Strong Bad angrily rampages off-screen.}

[edit] Cardgage Meets His Match

Originally posted on 26 Aug 2017

{Open on Senor Cardgage standing in front of a Terrible Herbst car wash.}

SENOR CARDGAGE: {spreads his arms} Excessive breeding, Mollytwice. Cumberland down... {gestures to the car wash} to Terrible Herbst. {looks down sadly} Ohh... I'm never gonna top that one... {turns around and walks offscreen}

[edit] Unrealized Strong Badman Comic

Originally posted on 24 Jan 2018
"Man, were these Strongbadman comics always so real estate humor focused?!"

{The Twitter version is a GIF with no sound, while the compilation version has narration and music added.}

{The comic is drawn on lined paper with pencil. Open to a building in a city. A silhouetted figure looks out of the window. Text in the corner reads "in a BuiLDING". In the compilation version, Strong Badman music plays.}

NARRATOR: {compilation version only} In a bulding...

{Cut to inside the apartment, where a human is talking to the silhouette, who is still looking outside the window.}


{Cut to the silhouette turning around, revealing himself to be Strong Badman.}

STRONG BADMAN: {in block letter text} I'LL TAKE IT!

{Cut to the landlord, covering his mouth with his hand.}

LANDLORD: oh my! well don't you at least want to see.,

{Cut to Strong Badman, holding a ping pong ball and paddle.}

STRONG BADMAN: ...this ping-pong ball hit you in the ear?

{Cut to Strong Badman hitting the ball with a "TAK" sound, which hits the landlord's ear with a "SMAK". In the compilation version, these sounds are narrated by Strong Bad following Strong Badman's line.}



{Cut to Strong Badman laughing.}

STRONG BADMAN: HA HA HA! Foolish mortal! how much is my security deposit?

LANDLORD: {offscreen} $750 {pronounced "seven-fifty"}

{Cut to a close-up of Strong Badman.}


{Cut to the landlord leaving, with a question mark over his head, and Strong Badman facing him, silhouetted.}

STRONG BADMAN: I mean apartment.

STRONG BADMAN: get outta my new evil apartment

{Cut to Strong Badman looking out the window again. In the compilation version, ominous music plays.}

STRONG BADMAN: yes, yes. this is a perfect base from which i can strike out at, um... the ciTy we're in.

{Cut to Strong Badman peeking into an empty room. In the compilation version, the music from garage sale plays.}

STRONG BADMAN: secret lab in here

{Cut to Strong Badman's glove pointing to an empty corner.}

STRONG BADMAN: foosball table over there

{Cut to Strong Badman.}

STRONG BADMAN: very soon this moderately priced 5th-story walk-up will become..

{Cut to an extra wide panel with Strong Badman spreading his arms out. The music stops.}


{In the compilation version, the panel zooms in slightly on "doom", and the music sting from I Killed Pom Pom plays. In the Twitter GIF version, the end cuts to black.}

[edit] Strong Bad vs Strong Bads

Originally posted on 5 Oct 2017

{The victory screen from Tag Team Wrestling is shown. Text reads "WINNER IS STRONG BADS" as two masked wrestlers below do their victory dance. Shortly, a pixelated Strong Bad walks in from the left holding a record in a case over his head. Strong Bad clubs the left wrestler over the head with the record, causing him to faint. He clubs the right wrestler over the head, causing him to faint as well. Strong Bad then leaps in the air and smashes the ground. The final "s" in STRONG BADS falls down, showing the text "WINNER IS STRONG BAD".}

[edit] Strong Mad vs Drinks

Originally posted on 28 Aug 2017

{The Strong Mad figurine is standing on a wooden table surrounded by eight different wind-up drink toys, all walking slowly toward him. Strong Mad's face is animated as he looks to the side.}


{The wind-up drinks futilely keep walking after bumping into Strong Mad.}


{The wind-up drinks start running down.}


{One of the wind-up drinks which was out of sight before begins to walk from behind Strong Mad. Strong Mad looks to that side.}


{All the drinks eventually stop.}


{Ending title card reads "even more Social Media Crap (in no particular order)".}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • The figurines video shows examples of photodegradation.
  • "Dog years" is a myth describing how dogs age faster than humans, where one human year equals seven "dog years".

[edit] Trivia

  • The YouTube description for this compilation is "Still more stuff previously posted on the social mediums that you mighta missed. Homestar twending! One-legged dog years! An unreleased Strong Badman comic and more! All in no particular order so you can rest medicine!"

[edit] Remarks

  • If one Li'l Brudder year is only a quarter of a human year, then twenty human years would be eighty Li'l Brudder years.

[edit] Inside References

  • Strong Bad smashes the Strong Bads over the head with a record, much like how he does with Bubs and the King of Town in your friends.
  • Strong Mad shouts "I WIN!" like he did in cheatday.

[edit] Real-World References

  • The "Homestar at 20" video features Gene Simmons of the band Kiss.
  • One of Li'l Brudder's features is a stolen celebrity beagle ear, referring to Snoopy of Peanuts.
  • Senor Cardgage stands in front of a Terrible Herbst, an actual car wash in Nevada.
  • Tag Team Wrestling is a Nintendo game that provided the origin of Strong Bad's name.

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