Some Stupid Turkey

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Toon Category: Holiday Toon
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"Go and suck your dick!"

String Bed's first-ever Thanksgiving.

Cast (in order of appearance): uhhh

Places: wut

Date: Thursday, November 22, 2012

Page Title: A String-tastic Thanksgiving

Running Time: 0:39

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 2



{Open to Strong Bad standing in a field in autumn, wearing a turkey costume.}

STRONG BAD: {singing the "dun" part to the tune of the Super Mario Bros. theme song along with Mario running across the screen} Dundun dun dundun DUN DUN! Oh, I'm some stupid fucking turkey, as stupid as they come {a white liquid shoots out of the turkey costume}! Cut off my head,

{An axe, swung from above, cuts Strong Bad's head off.}

STRONG BAD: {singing with his head chopped off} stuff me with bread,

{With a "pop!", a loaf of bread appears in the "turkey" head's beak.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} go and suck your dick!

{cuts to a black screen reading "alternate take"}

STRONG BAD: {singing} go and fuck yourself!

{The Cheat, Homestar Runner, Strong Mad, Bubs, and Coach Z appear from behind Strong Bad.}

ALL: {singing} Go... and... fuck... your...

{cuts to a black screen reading "Happy Thanksgiving 2012!"}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Now let us go and partake of our wonderous feast!

{Screen blanks with a caption reading "Copyright 2012 Viacom"}

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} Hey, wait a minute! Where's The King of Town?

{Cut to the King of Town, who is much fatter than usual, and lying down behind an overturned table amidst dozens of cleared plates, a fish skeleton, and a platter holding the ribs of some meaty animal. He died of diabeetus.}

{The King of Town's chest blows up.}

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