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==Hugo Left Me Miserable==
==Hugo Left Me Miserable==
Hugo left, Hugo left. Hugo left me miserable ''{pronounced "mizzer-ah-blay"}''.
'''STRONG SAD:''' Hugo left, Hugo left. Hugo left me miserable ''{pronounced "mizzer-ah-blay"}''.
==Left Shift Alt Delete==
==Left Shift Alt Delete==

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"Being sampled by the They're Through-O Duo does NOT give these tracks the respect they deserve."

A number of songs are used in Baddest of the Bands, the third episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.


Kick The Chort

COACH Z: My name is Coach Z
and Bubs is my co-hort,
put on your cheat kickers,
and we'll kick-a The Chort!

Stealin' Stuff From My Own Dang Store

COACH Z: -been lan, so I go wit' fruit punch all the time.

BUBS: I may be soft 'round the middle, but I'm still hardcore.

COACH Z: We're stealing stuff from his own dang store.
BUBS: {simultaneously} We're stealing stuff from my own dang store.

COACH Z: And we're out,

BUBS: Hang on,

COACH Z: I said, and we're out.

Hugo Left Me Miserable

STRONG SAD: Hugo left, Hugo left. Hugo left me miserable {pronounced "mizzer-ah-blay"}.

Left Shift Alt Delete

Left shift alt delete. Get off your feet!

Roll' Wit' Da Punches

And then they
And then they
Make you roll wit' da punches, da punches!
Nod your head to this!

3 O'Clock Twist

One more time, in case you missed, it's the 3 O'Clock Twist!

Slide to the Right Y'all Bridesmaids

RAPPERS: You got to slide to the right y'all bridesmaids!

FALSETTO SINGERS: Slide to the right!

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