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|align=center| Goopy blood background, [[Marshie]]'s trail, Costume Transition, The Denzel, Scared to Death, Yella Paint, Radioactive ooze, [[Made-Up Strong Bad Animals#Da Huuuuuudge|Da Huuuuuudge]], [[Free_Petry_Dish%2C_USA_Variation#Homestarmecium|Homestarmecium]]s replicating
|align=center| Goopy blood background, [[Marshie]]'s trail, Costume Transition, The Denzel, Scared to Death, Yella Paint, Radioactive ooze, [[Made-Up Strong Bad Animals#Da Huuuuuudge|Da Huuuuuudge]], [[Free_Petry_Dish%2C_USA_Variation#Homestarmecium|Homestarmecium]]s replicating
|align=center| [[Malloween Commercial]], [[the show]], [[bedtime story]], [[That a Ghost]], [[Cool Things]], [[action figure]], [[animal]], [[highschool]]
|align=center| [[Malloween Commercial]], [[the show]], [[bedtime story]], [[That a Ghost]], [[Cool Things]], [[action figure]], [[animal]], [[highschool]]
|align=center| Not available
|align=center| {{Audio|GrossGoopy.ogg|Listen}}
|align=center| Sparking wire
|align=center| Sparking wire

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Sound Effects are commonly used and recycled on Homestar Runner. Many of them are easily recognized, but some are a little more obscure. The most frequently used sound effects are The Geddup Noise and The Paper.


Collected Sounds

Sound Effect Also Used By Appearances Listen
Homsar's walking noise Mr. Shmallow, Nibbles, Virus'd Strong Mad, jet packs, a falling Li'l Brudder, the Git Outcha Seat Sound logo Mr. Shmallow, bottom 10, virus, crying, geddup noise, for kids, 3 Times Halloween Funjob
'Secret Eating' sound Inappropriate Peer-2-Teen Behaviors, Lurking Horrors, Shiver with Flavor, Departure of Eh! Steve's mouth, Covered Bridges trance Meet Marshie, Commandos in the Classroom, date, the show, Decemberween In July, Fall Float Parade
Cheering crowd Another crowd Everybody to the Limit (Live), Cool Things
The imaginary masses Various crowds colonization, A Decemberween Pageant, Marshmallow's Last Stand,, mascot
Groans from the audience Another audience Senorial Day, record book
Gasps from the audience Limozeen gasping, Cheat Commandos gasping Marshmallow's Last Stand, caffeine, best thing, Commandos in the Classroom
DELETED buzzer Pages from Count Longardeaux's Book, a grade of F--, The Show's buzzer noise, winning the Champeenship, guessing the wrong Sid, getting a question wrong spring cleaning, sisters, 50 emails, huttah!, unused emails, virus, record book, for kids, Main Page 19, montage, Homestar's "Sid" Game, Homestar Quiz, lady fan
The Paper noise Isle of Pom's scene with the Poms All Strong Bad Emails, save for superhero name, vacation, japanese cartoon, and death metal.
The Cheat's Head Exploding Explosions such as "Poomp!" in Halloween Potion-ma-jig The House That Gave Sucky Treats, The Best Decemberween Ever, couch patch, pizzaz, Happy Fireworks, Ballad of The Sneak
Dazed Homestar Runner Homestar after a party car, Biz Cas Fri 2 Not available
Coach Z's dream Fishing show intro, a fishing trip with Senor Cardgage A Jorb Well Done, lures & jigs, alternate universe
The "Space" theme shutdown sound from Microsoft Plus! for Windows Strong Mad in space, Nebulon's departure Marshmallow's Last Stand, New Boots, narrator
Sickly Sam's departure The dry meal, Air Puffing, book opening, pants "poofing" away Parsnips A-Plenty, Mr. Shmallow, 20X6 vs. 1936, That A Ghost, highschool, senior prom
The Cheat Commandos helicopter The Cheat Skycam Traffic helicopter Cheat Commandos, local news
The Tandy 400 just before it explodes Strong Sad coming off of caffeine, John Newell being switched off, the virused universe shutting down, the Lappy shutting off, Coach Z's power switching off gimmicks, caffeine, dangeresque 3, virus, part-time job, Homestar Presents: Presents
Slide Whistle Pom Pom's family portrait, radish flying through the air, finishing a bronco trolley, Strong Bad jumping into frame, Eh! Steve jumping off-screen, Strong Mad throwing out Homestar, Sickly Sam rising from the grave Isle of Pom, Bronco Trolleys, The Reddest Radish, unused emails, crazy cartoon, Main Page 18, Marshmallow's Last Stand, That A Ghost
An eerie wind An appearance by the Bad Graphics Ghost, Error page toons, a computer-less desk, deeply foul stenches, an email-less Lappy ghosts, The System is Down, Not the 100th Email!!!, animal, couch patch, Sick Day, Sbemail 150?!?
"Downloads" by Atari Homestar Killing the Bad Graphics Ghost ghosts, Main Page 13
Strong Sad being pegged with kickballs Dangeresque and Dangeresque Too playing tennis, Strong Sad's husky body 1 step ahead, dangeresque 3, modeling, Cool Things
Stinkoman's boots when walking Strong Bad's 'Lectric Boots when walking Under Construction, extra plug
RhinoFeeder's snakes Fleeing spiders video games, RhinoFeeder, That A Ghost
A tricked-out propellor cap's hydraulics Strong Bad's Grabbo Arm car, Homestar Presents: Presents
Booing crowd Another booing crowd The Reddest Radish,
Various dramatic poses Homestar's creepy pants Under Construction, long pants
A mysterious drilling sound Lil' Strong Bad's drill, Stinkoman's boots being tricked out. privileges, origins, japanese cartoon
Gross goopy sound Goopy blood background, Marshie's trail, Costume Transition, The Denzel, Scared to Death, Yella Paint, Radioactive ooze, Da Huuuuuudge, Homestarmeciums replicating Malloween Commercial, the show, bedtime story, That a Ghost, Cool Things, action figure, animal, highschool
Sparking wire Coach Z's power going out, a Fluffy Puff Marshmallow commercial being interrupted by a commercial for Fluffy Puff Bite-Size Nibblers, stuff the "evil half" of the brain likes gimmicks, Homestar Presents: Presents, bottom 10, Commandos in the Classroom
"Store" by Atari Homestar Hitting a force field, Baby Strong Bad's video game Main Page 13, Secret Collect, highschool
Scrolling through options Scrolling through email names, Color Wheel Roulette Random Toon, technology, redesign
Chewing Marshmallows (in progress) Fluffy Puff Commercial, The Luau Not available
Heavy Landing Body slam, radish landing, Heavy Lourde, Banned in the UK, Eh! Steve landing, The Cheat landing, Strong Sad passing out from caffeine Marshmallow's Last Stand, The Reddest Radish, homsar, sb_email 22, Homsar Main Page, crazy cartoon, Happy Fireworks, caffeine,
Pants Drop (in progress) stand-up
Kicking The Cheat Punching the Tandy, Kicking an arcade game little animal, invisibility, car, Kicking Game, Not the 100th Email!!!, The System Is Down, crying, Arcade Game, TROGDOR!, {others}
Collecting a capsule Collecting an extra life, cracking a Bitzar Stinkoman 20X6 Not available
"The Sturge" theme Strong Sad's caffeine-laced entrance radio, boring (really) Not available
Creepy music Gingivitis shock-you-mentary, Marshie Balloon approach, 3 Years Ago screen, the opening to the 4actor Z trailer, in an interdimensional void bedtime story, Fall Float Parade, Happy Trogday, narrator, alternate universe Not available
Water dripping from Homestar's shower Water dripping in Coach Z's Locker Room, water dripping from a towel, water dripping in a bathtub Main Page 14, Where's The Cheat?, Halloween Fairstival, Homestar Presents: Presents
Spooky jungle music When Strong Bad opens up Strong Mad's closet, when Strong Bad talks about "Mysterious Myths or Legendary Legends", when Strong Bad talks about the pop-up book's fridge being a source of unspeakable power bottom 10, myths & legends, pop-up
Jangly Homestar Homestar's change do over, disconnected Not available
5.25 floppy loading Changing a graphic Peasant's Quest Preview, Thy Dungeonman 3 Not available
Windows 95 "Ding" sound New email, scan complete, download screen sisters, lunch special, virus, isp Not available
Action figure music Ab Abber commercial music, Strong Badman comic background music action figure, suntan, army (easter egg), alternate universe Not available
Compy 386 startup music Flagrant System Error, Congradulations Message, Computer Over Notification, Flamboyant System Error invisibility, 50 emails, flashback, virus, Biz Cas Fri 1
Helicopter Strong Bad somersaulting through the air, Sherlock moving crazy cartoon, Main Page 18, Not available
Empty can clattering Piece of wood banging against fence, Strong Mad's eyes blinking The Reddest Radish, Parsnips A-Plenty, Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon Not available
booOOMbox fast forwarding Time travel, Strong Sad's tape player fast forwarding autobiography, 2 emails, impression, army Not available
Roar Bowling ball knocking down chicken bowling pins, Trogdor roaring, Trogador roaring, the tricked-out No Loafing Sign roaring at the tricked-out Z sign Labor Dabor, Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer, Happy Trogday, redesign Not available
Message pop-up Regular pop-up marzipan, virus Not available
Record scratch (two types of this sound include long and short) Sudden realization, record stops, music stops, sudden stop The House That Gave Sucky Treats, A Decemberween Pageant, cheat talk, for kids, rampage, Bug In Mouth Disease, do over, bottom 10 Not available
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