Space Circus Catastrophe

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Were not GONNA go to the sun!

Space Circus Catastrophe is a mini-game by Videlectrix from Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People's Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective.

During this game, you pilot a ship through the solar system, picking up circus performers with a "bubble laser", shooting clowns and avoiding stale circus food. You start with five shield points — each collision costs a shield point, while each completed level recharges a shield point. Attempting to avoid a performer or clown, dodging a food item in the wrong direction, or simply not responding to an incoming item will result in a collision. Lose all your shields, and it's Game Over.


Wii Controls

Hold The Wii Remote Sideways

D-Pad: Turns ship, avoids food
1: Bubble laser
2: Shoot missiles
+: Start the Game
-: Quit the Game

PC Controls

Arrows: Dodge stale circus treats
Z: Launch a rescue bubble
X: Shoot space lasers
S: Start the Game
Q: Quit the Game
Spacebar: Pause the Game


  • Rescuing a performer: +100 points, -1 to "to save" count
  • Shooting a clown: +200 points
  • Shooting a performer: -100 points, -1 to "to save" count
  • Rescuing a clown: -50 points


This game is nearly identical to the Space Mountain minigame found in the NES game Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, including the strange way the starship can only maneuver in 90-degree turns. Albeit, the navigation arrows are replaced with circus snacks, missiles replaced with rescue bubbles, asteroids replaced with performers, and alien ships replaced with clowns.

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