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Modern-Day Stage

The Stage

The stage in modern-day Free Country, USA is where many shows take place. It looks a lot like the stage from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and is used for several holiday performances. It is at the front of an auditorium and is modeled after the auditorium stage at Vanderlyn Elementary School, where TBC went to school, right down to the letter "V" above the stage.


The Gymnasium Stage

"All the King's Men!"

In many schools, there is a small gymnasium stage for assemblies, plays, and other purposes. All the King's Men! played for a senior prom upon such a stage connected to the gymnasium.


Old-Timey Stage

A Goode-Time Was Had By All

The old-timey stage is where Old-Timey Strong Bad performs his "Goode-Time Parlor Tricks." It is also where modern-day Strong Bad ruined Old-Timey Strong Bad's vaudeville during a cross-dimensional jaunt. The audience there is prone to throwing shades-of-grey tomatoes if they are displeased with an act.


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