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*[[strongbad_email.exe Disc Four]]
*[[strongbad_email.exe Disc Four]]
*Email [[alternate universe]]
*Email [[alternate universe]]
*Email [[email thunder]] (easter egg)
[[Category:Character Variations]]
[[Category:Character Variations]]

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"Way cuter than that stupid ugly old washed-up The Cheat I used to have."

In the Strong Bad Email animal, Strong Bad settles on Sterrance as what he would "like as" (look like) if he was his own made-up animal. He decides this after a lengthy series of other failures (documented in Made-Up Strong Bad Animals). He has Strong Bad's Mexican wrestling mask, wings, buck teeth, and a yellow dangling tongue.

Strong Bad thinks that Sterrance is way cuter than his "old washed-up" The Cheat, and this insult starts a brief argument between the two characters.


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