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"Get offa me!"
"Millions, I tell ya!"
"I swear, no one'll be able to tell!"

Sticky Notes (or Post-Its) are pieces of paper with a temporary adhesive strip on the back. They are predominantly yellow, but are available in many colors. They are an iconic office supply used to make quick and impermanent notes. Post-its are a specific brand of sticky notes. These are often used in pop culture to exemplify tedious and repetitive office environments. These make frequent appearances in the Homestar Runner universe.

One particular sticky note has appeared multiple times: the "DORKS!" sticky note. Strong Bad lovingly sticks it on his Tandy 400 before leaving for vacation. It reads "DORKS!" and has a face with angry eyebrows, a nose, and long, sharp teeth. As an Easter egg, when clicked, the note's face comes to life and says up to four phrases. His irate quotes include and are limited to "Hey!", "Dorks!", "Get offa' me!", and "You stink!". When Strong Bad returns from his holiday, both he and Tandy are disposed of.



"DORKS!" sticky note

  • Email vacationStrong Bad puts a "DORKS!" sticky note on the Tandy 400 to tell everybody off while he was on vacation.
    • Vacation menu — The "DORKS" note is still there and serves the same role as in the vacation email.
  • Email invisibility — Strong Bad removes the "DORKS!" sticky note from the Tandy before knocking his old computer to the ground.
  • strongbad email.exe DVD — The back of the box features the "DORKS!" sticky note.

The Office sticky notes

  • Biz Cas Fri 1 — There is a sticky note on the wall that says "ASAP".
  • Biz Cas Fri 2Puppet Strong Bad presents a Post-it to the company shareholders, and his cubicle is covered with sticky notes.
  • Biz Cas Fri 3 — There is a sticky note in Puppet Strong Bad's cubicle that reads "FYI!!".
  • Email isp — Homestar has a Sticky Note posted to his cubicle wall stating "Note to self: Chew more".
  • Happy Dethemberween — There is a sticky note on The Thnikkaman's cubicle wall that says "locate toilet" during the scene where he is cold calling random kids.
  • Email too cool — The sticky note in Homestar's cubicle in the office reads "Less This, More That".

Other sticky notes

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