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Stinkoman runs right

Blue hair, anyone? Stinkoman's always got fightings and challenges to keep him busy. Jump and shoot your way to all ends of Planet K. End Boss feature!! --Videlectrix description

Stinkoman 20X6 is a side-scrolling platformer game which stars Stinkoman.

The Brothers Chaps showed it off at their talk at NYU. This game seems to be based off the Capcom Megaman series. It also parodies the poor "Japanese to English" translations common to video games of that era, similiar to those that appear on the current Games Menu.

Below is the text that appears in the introduction sequence:

On Planet K, Stinkoman is always
looking for a fighting or a challenge.
In 20X6, he can usually find one!




Instruction Stinkomanual Videlectrix

Welcome to Stinkoman GAME! Stinkoman is trying very hard to win this exciting challenge! Only YOU can help him. Keep striving until you REACH YOUR GOALS or you'll be stuck with the same dead end friends you've had since HIGH SCHOOL. This game will prove a challenge...

...but can you prove it back?!?!

The Story STINKOMAN and his pals 1-UP and PAN PAN live on Planet K in the year 20X6. This game is all about that. Don't expect any weepy princess crap, this is a STINKOMAN game! Or at least it was last time we checked! Maybe fighting? Maybe challenge? THE CHOICE IS OURS!!

The Controls This game keeps using ARROW KEYS to move Stinkoman around. It won't stop making him JUMP with the A key or SHOOT with the S key, either. You won't find this kind of quality in other countries!!

Level 1 - Go Home!

Stinkoman fighted a challenge and WINS! Help him get back home for some face treats.

JARO - A bouncing cup, Jaro will hop around until he's punded you down!

GREGGO - This robot will become indestructible if you stare at him. Shoot, jive, GET OUTA THE WAY!

POORU-POORU - This punk cucumber is no cactus! Land on one and it's DOINK for you!

CHORCH - A flying mecha with pinching fingers, Chorc will make you were never enven born!!

BROWNTANT - This little robot is no mecha. He'll shoot you down with his mecha antenna! Takes a lickin!

Boss 1 - TAMPO

Tampo is as mean as he is delicious! Stinkoman already beat Tampo before you started playing the game only now his brain has decided to get revenge! Dodge his attacks and shoot him or yo'll never amount to anything

"I wish I still had a lungs!" -Tampo '89

Level 2 - Pick a Bone!

Stinkoman found a chicken bone in his dumpling soup. Battle throughout the kitchen for revenge!

TERRELL - A baby chick with no body? That's freaky. Balst em up Dan!

ROSE BLAKE - A 'Lectric burner with a taste for human flesh!

KOLKARYU - A UFO that zips in and is always shooting at you. I honestly don't think you can kill it.

GRUNDY - A jogging chicken? That has to be a bold faced lie.

LUNDSFORD - Natural gas is the name of the game when Lundsford is in town. Learn his habits, have him followed, hunt down his family.

STOBAT - The fattest chicken plays fly, hocking up old bones. Stay outta range and BLAMMO: Stobat tenders.

OLD SAGE - These are sharp tips! They'll kill ya dead! DEAD I SAY!

TORTAN - Tortan is a drippy bottle of poisonous Tortan. Don't drink! Is no good for you!

"I am waiting a good while for you to help me win this game! What's the hold up? Help me out already!" -Stinkoman

Boss 2 - Brody

Brody is stompin' mad! Keep from squished, ya know? Shoot him in the eye when he tries to come in for the kill. You're not chicken, are you?

"My feet are orange feet." -BRODY, FL

Level 3 - Up 'n Down

Stinkoman goes up, up, up and then down, down down

CLOWDER - Steer clear of this crotchety old cloud. He won't die and doesn't say hello.

MR. UBBERS - A rain drop that releases golden nuggets when punched. Go for the GOLD!

Level 3 - Up 'n Down

Stinkoman loves BREAD, but boy does he hate SOAP, APPLES, EARS and P's. Falling from the skies and bove.

1 BREAD results in 1 ITEM POINT! SOAP, APPLES, EARS, and P's result in minus 1 ITEM POINT!


Boss 3 - Stlunko

Stlunko gonna pound you!! Shoot the wall on top of Stlunko's head to send him packing. His fists hurt you, but you can't hurt thems.

"Stlunko need a reason to live" -Stlunko, 404

Giving Up Already?!

Stinkoman must be ashamed of you! Get back in the game and try out these rules and hints!!

- play the game every day, even after mom says no
- new and exciting recipes
- hold B
- ask your parents
- walk and talk
- table the label! wear your own brand!

Easter Eggs

  • Hover your mouse below "Controls" on the main menu to access the Instruction Booklet.
  • Wait long enough at the title screen to see an intro cinematic.
  • Let Stinkoman stand idle in the game for a few seconds and he'll start yawning.


  • Tampo - Tampo's weak point is the darker colored, lower part of the brain. You can only hit it when it comes near the ground, and you'll need to jump. It starts by coming to the lower right. Stand just in range and shoot it, but make sure you're on the ground when his shots reach you, they shouldn't come close. He will then float to the top-right. You want to be closer to the left edge of the screen to be able to jump this shot. Now run to the right, about mid-screen. Tampo will do the exact same thing on the left, then will return and repeat.

Fun Facts


  • This game is the first official mention of the 20X6 version of Homestar Runner's actual name, 1-Up.


  • In the bottom right-hand corner of the PLAY GAME! screen it says "V1.0 EPISODES 1-3", possibly hinting at a sequel.
  • CONTINUE is possibly intentionally misspelled as "CONTINUTE" on the main menu.

Inside References

  • "Check out my new gameplay!" is a reference to Stinkoman's quote "Check out my new cosplay!" in 3 Times Halloween Funjob.
  • This is the second appearance of Strong Bad's green tongue. In the "Game Over" screen, Stinkoman's green tongue is shown. It also appeared in Super NES.

Real-World References

  • The sprites used for Stinkoman are patterned after 8-bit Megaman sprites.
  • The cinematic sequences may be an extended refrence to the Ninja Gaiden series for the NES.
  • Stlunko, 404 is a reference to the 404 error that browsers give when a webpage cannot be found.

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