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Stinkoman runs right

Blue hair, anyone? Stinkoman's always got fightings and challenges to keep him busy. Jump and shoot your way to all ends of Planet K. End Boss feature!! --Videlectrix description

Stinkoman 20X6 is a side-scrolling platformer game which stars Stinkoman.

The Brothers Chaps showed it off at their talk at NYU before it was released. This game seems to be based on the classic Capcom Mega Man series. It also parodies the poor "Japanese to English" translations (a.k.a. "Engrish") common to video games of that era, similiar to those that appear on the current Games Menu.

Below is the text that appears in the introduction sequence:

On Planet K, Stinkoman is always
looking for a fighting or a challenge.
In 20X6, he can usually find one!




Instruction Stinkomanual Videlectrix

Welcome to Stinkoman GAME! Stinkoman is trying very hard to win this exciting challenge! Only YOU can help him. Keep striving until you REACH YOUR GOALS or you'll be stuck with the same dead end friends you've had since HIGH SCHOOL. This game will prove a challenge...

...but can you prove it back?!?!

The Story STINKOMAN and his pals 1-UP and PAN PAN live on Planet K in the year 20X6. This game is all about that. Don't expect any weepy princess crap, this is a STINKOMAN game! Or at least it was last time we checked! Maybe fighting? Maybe challenge? THE CHOICE IS OURS!!

The Controls This game keeps using ARROW KEYS to move Stinkoman around. It won't stop making him JUMP with the A key or SHOOT with the S key, either. You won't find this kind of quality in other countries!!

Level 1 - Go Home!

Stinkoman fighted a challenge and WINS! Help him get back home for some face treats.

JARO - A bouncing cup, Jaro will hop around until he's punded you down!

GREGGO - This robot will become indestructible if you stare at him. Shoot, jive, GET OUTTA THE WAY!

POORU-POORU - This punk cucumber is no cactus! Land on one and it's DOINK for you!

CHORCH - A flying mecha with pinching fingers, Chorc will make you wish you were never even born!!

BROWNTANT - This little robot is no mecha. He'll shoot you down with his mecha antenna! Takes a lickin!

Boss 1 - TAMPO

Tampo is as mean as he is delicious! Stinkoman already beat Tampo before you started playing the game only now his brain has decided to get revenge! Dodge his attacks and shoot him or yo'll never amount to anything

"I wish I still had a lungs!" -Tampo '89

Level 2 - Pick a Bone!

Stinkoman found a chicken bone in his dumpling soup. Battle throughout the kitchen for revenge!

TERRELL - A baby chick with no body? That's freaky. Blast em up Dan!

ROSE BLAKE - A 'Lectric burner with a taste for human flesh!

KOLKARYU - A UFO that zips in and is always shooting at you. I honestly don't think you can kill it.

GRUNDY - A jogging chicken? That has to be a bold faced lie.

LUNDSFORD - Natural gas is the name of the game when Lundsford is in town. Learn his habits, have him followed, hunt down his family.

STOBAT - The fattest chicken plays fly, hocking up old bones. Stay outta range and BLAMMO: Stobat tenders.

OLD SAGE - These are sharp tips! They'll kill ya dead! DEAD I SAY!

TORTAN - Tortan is a drippy bottle of poisonous Tortan. Don't drink! Is no good for you!

"I am waiting a good while for you to help me win this game! What's the hold up? Help me out already!" -Stinkoman

Boss 2 - Brody

Brody is stompin' mad! Keep from squished, ya know? Shoot him in the eye when he tries to come in for the kill. You're not chicken, are you?

"My feet are orange feet." -BRODY, FL

Level 3 - Up 'n Down

Stinkoman goes up, up, up and then down, down down

CLOWDER - Steer clear of this crotchety old cloud. He won't die and doesn't say hello.

MR. UBBERS - A rain drop that releases golden nuggets when punched. Go for the GOLD!

Level 3 - Up 'n Down

Stinkoman loves BREAD, but boy does he hate SOAP, APPLES, EARS and P's. Falling from the skies and bove.

1 BREAD results in 1 ITEM POINT! SOAP, APPLES, EARS, and P's result in minus 1 ITEM POINT!


Boss 3 - Stlunko

Stlunko gonna pound you!! Shoot the wall on top of Stlunko's head to send him packing. His fists hurt you, but you can't hurt thems.

"Stlunko need a reason to live" -Stlunko, 404

Giving Up Already?!

Stinkoman must be ashamed of you! Get back in the game and try out these rules and hints!!

- play the game every day, even after mom says no
- new and exciting recipes
- hold B
- ask your parents
- walk and talk
- table the label! wear your own brand!

Easter Eggs

  • Hover your mouse below "Controls" on the main menu to access the Instruction Booklet.
  • Wait long enough at the title screen to see an intro cinematic.
  • Let Stinkoman stand still in the game for a few seconds and he'll start yawning.


  • Tampo - Tampo's weak point is the darker colored, lower part of the brain. You can only hit it when it comes near the ground, and you'll need to jump. It starts by coming to the lower right. Stand just in range and shoot it, but make sure you're on the ground when his shots reach you, they shouldn't come close. He will then float to the top-right. You want to be closer to the left edge of the screen to be able to jump this shot. Now run to the right, about mid-screen. Tampo will do the exact same thing on the left, then will return and repeat.
  • Brody - Brody tries to stomp you with its feet, but eventually it will try to peck you with its head. Just shoot Brody's head when it appears. Brody takes 5 hits to kill.
  • Stlunko - Stinkoman will ride a conveyor belt on Stlunko while it tries to pound him with its fists. You must shoot at the wall on his head until all of the sections of the wall have been destroyed.

Fun Facts


  • This game is the first official mention of the 20X6 version of Homestar Runner's actual name, 1-Up.
  • This is the first time we have seen Stinkoman's house, or any 20X6 character's house, for that matter.
  • According to the Strong Bad Email time capsule, it would seem that Planet K is Earth in the future.
  • Planet K is in the Year 20X6, where gas stoves would have gone out of everyday life, yet some can be seen in stage 2.
  • This is also the first complete platform game that The Brothers Chaps and co. have ever made. (Super Kingio Brothers was fake and impossible)


  • In the bottom right-hand corner of the PLAY GAME! screen it says "V1.1 EPISODES 1-3", possibly hinting at a sequel.
  • When you beat the game it will say "MORE LEVELS TO COME!"
  • When you beat the final boss, Stinkoman says he got a power-up and puts on the stone fist, showing an almost 100% chance for more levels!
  • The creators of Stinkoman 20X6 are poking fun at the 'all your base are belong to us' type language goofs in the stereotypical English port of a Japanese game.


  • To get energy pills that are hiding behind enemies without having to kill the enemy, run into the enemy with health to spare. You will take damage, grab the pill and will be invincible long enough to escape unharmed.
  • This game doesn't feature the regular links at the bottom of the screen to move to other parts of the website.
  • The manual has Kolkaryu listed under level 2, but Kolkaryu already appears in level 1.1.
  • Greggo will not stop or become indestructable unless you are parallel to him.


  • Skip (press space or click) the first part of the final movie (any part before the More Levels To Come scene) to enter stage 3.4: A small buggy world of cliffs and cacti.
  • When you run right and jump, you will flip as if you were running left and jumping.
  • If you fall long enough and don't touch anything, Stinkoman will stop doing his falling pose and act like he's standing and will even start to yawn. Such a long fall can be found in stage 2.2.
  • You can float in mid-air on level 1.1 if a Browntant hits you while you’re falling against the gray pole close to the beginning.
  • If you jump at the right time after killing a boss, you can do your victory pose in midair.

Inside References

  • "Check out my new gameplay!" is a reference to Stinkoman's quote "Check out my new cosplay!" in 3 Times Halloween Funjob.
  • This is the second appearance of Strong Bad's green tongue. In the "Game Over" screen, Stinkoman's green tongue is shown. It also appeared in Super NES.
    • Although Stinkoman's tongue is red or pink all other times you see it in the game.
      • The green color of Stinkoman's tongue may be due to the fact that he has a "stummyache"
  • The nuggets in Level 3.1 are a reference to Strong Bad's Character Video.
  • Level 3.2 reveals that Stinkoman hates apples, just as Strong Bad does in The House that Gave Sucky Treats
  • The health-restoring pills are a reference to the Strong Bad E-Mail time capsule.
  • Grundy's illustration in the manual shows him running in a manner similar to a certain no-armed athlete.
  • Stlunko, the level 3 boss, has a striking resemblence to the Visor Robot from Everybody to the Limit.
  • The Rose Blake's description in the manual as a "'Lectric burner" is a reference to the email extra plug, where Strong Bad gets 'Lectric boots.
  • "Blast em up Dan!" is a reference to "Fire em up Dan" as seen in Peasant's Quest and "fry 'em up Dan" as seen in TROGDOR!.
  • The sentence in the manual, "Falling from the skies and bove", is a reference to That Time of Year.

Real-World References

  • The sprites used for Stinkoman are patterned after 8-bit Mega Man sprites.
    • In fact, the poses of the white sihouette in the logo are taken directly fron the NES Mega Man series.
  • When all three characters flash onto the screen during the intro, that is also a Mega Man reference, where in one of the unreleased arcade games (The Power Battle) Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass would flash onto the screen in a similar way.
  • The cinematic sequences may be an extended reference to the Ninja Gaiden series for the NES.
  • Stlunko, 404 is a reference to the 404 error that browsers give when a webpage cannot be found.
  • Stlunko, the final boss, could very well be modeled after the final boss in the Donkey Kong game for Game Boy, in which you fight a giant version of Donkey Kong who uses two hands to smash you in a manner very similar to Stlunko. He also could be modeled after Gamma, the giant robot in Mega Man 3.
  • The illustrations in the manual and the names of the enemies are similar in style to those found in Sega Master System game manuals.
  • Hold B is a reference to Super Mario Bros and a few other Nintendo games where if you held down B, you would run faster. It seems to do nothing in this game, though.
    • It may mean hold S (which in this case is like a B button), which allows you to rapid fire.
  • Stinkoman doing a forward flip may be a reference to the Metroid series, where Samus does very similar flips.
  • The fading blue boxes around Stinkoman's face on the title screen are a reference to large NES sprites, which sometimes had a similar problem.
  • The first boss, Tampo, may be a reference to the final boss of Star Fox 64, which was the giant, floating brain of the enemy, in which it had the same weak point (medulla).
  • The dropping platforms are a reference to the original Mega Man, in which similar platforms were found in the Guts Man stage.
  • Stinkoman's becoming bored when idle is an old gag first found in Sonic the Hedgehog and emulated in countless other titles.
  • Greggo, the robot enemy that only moves when you're not facing it, is similar to the Boo enemies from the Super Mario Brothers games.
  • Brody looks similar to Big Bird from Sesame Street.
  • The phrase "Table the Label" is from a hilariously bad motivational video hosted by Mr. T called "Be Somebody or be Somebody's Fool!"
  • The manual mentioning this game has no "weepy princess crap" is a reference to the Mario series and a few other games where you had to rescue a helpless princess.
  • When Stinkoman defeats Tampo in the first cinematic scene, Tampo dies like the bosses from the video game Contra.
  • The name, Tampo may be a refrence to a japanese kind of fried shrimp(Tampura).
  • In the manual it says "GRUNDY - A jogging chiken? That has to be a bold faced lie." which may be a reference to the Dashboard Confessional song "Standard Lines" which starts out, "Which of the bold faced lies will we use?" And since it HAS to be a bold faced lie... perhaps it tastes good as well? "And your taste still lingers on my lips..."

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