Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough Level -0

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Level -0 - NEGATORY!

"A glitch takes our hero where no Stinko should Stink-go"
Stinkoman is zapped into a wall, but escapes into the negative zone, where he faces an assortment of glitched challenges from his previous worlds.

Stage -0.1 (Transcript)

{A field on Planet K is shown, with the right side taken up by a wall. Suddenly, lightning flashes, and Stinkoman appears inside the wall. He attempts to move, in vain.}

{Cut to the shadowy figure in his lair.}

{The camera turns to show 1-Up on the left.}
1-UP: {subtitled} YOU'RE MYSTERIOUS!

{Cut to a close-up of Stinkoman inside the wall.}

{Stinkoman blasts a section of wall away, and runs to the newly created path. Cut back to the shadowy figure's lair.}

{Cut to a close up of 1-Up.}
1-UP: {subtitled} NEGATIVE ZONE?!?!

{Alternating shots of 1-Up and the shadowy figure. The level start scene is shown; however, instead of the standard start scene showing Stinkoman, it shows a jumble of all the characters, with the words "TRY LEVEL -0.1" at the bottom.}


Level -0.1 (Guide)

Twenty-exty... glitch?
  • You start at the wall you blasted. Go forward and soon you'll leave the bit of land and will be walking on air. A Poorbt will appear and fire at you. Ignore him and walk forward, where a Jaro and Frotzer will be. Also, you'll fall off the air and land on the ground.
  • Go to the edge and jump to the stone platform, and then to the ladder. Climb up it and take care of the Terrel and continue forward.
  • Jump to the cloud and jump or run to the Conveyor belt before the cloud disappears. Jump to the ladder, climb it and fall to the stone platform below. Destroy the Biztar and continue.
  • Walk off the edge, being careful of the Bendini Sisters, and you'll land on trees.

Challenge the Gaspeau and go forward. You'll see a Trapdoor that works opposite. You can land on it while it's down, yet you'll fall when it's up. Jump past it and eliminate the Chorch. Jump past the Assorted Platforms to the rapidly changing platform below, but watch out for the Kolkaryu.

  • Climb the ladder of ducks and destroy the Grundy and Chorch up there. Ignore the Stothos, I don't believe you can hit him. Continue on to the two platforms.
  • Take them to the next area where you'll see a Drill and a switch like the one from level 4. Run unto the platform to be teleported. Watch out, as there will be 3 Jaros waiting for you. *Ignore the discoloured Power Crunch off to your left - it's poisoned and hurts you instead of healing you. Ignore the next set of platforms. The first won't help you, and you go through th second.
  • Climb the Retractable Ladder and go past the large assortment of platforms to the two conveyor belts. One of them doesn't work. Shoot the Biztars and progress. Watch out for the Piedmont. Go forward, killing the My Benjs.
  • You'll then come across 3 Lundfords lined up on top of each other. Go past them, as well as the Porchis. And then you'll meet a large assortment of Chorchs, Greggos, and a Terrel.
  • There's a Power Crunch ahead, but watch out, because again, there's a set of Bendini Sisters guarding it. Grab it and go forward to see a pile of Gokuls, with a Blue Browntant on top, and a Pink Cham Cham under them.
  • Destroy everything that you can, since you can't reach the Cham-Cham, and walk through the lava - it's fake, and won't hurt you. There's also a Gaspeau and a Grundy too. Go past them, go up the retractable ladder, and destroy the Terrel. Go to the array of ladders, and go to the first one there.
  • Climb all the way up to the top, and you can stand on it. Jump forward to land on an invisible platform. Walk forward and you'll fall and land on a retractable ladder. Destroy the Chorch, jump to the next ladder, and destroy the Gaspeau.
  • Walk forward to walk on air, watching out for the Kolkaryu. Climb down the Retractable ladder, and then down the duck ladder. When you go down the duck ladder, a switch platform from Level 4 will try to smack into you.
  • Walk forward, avoiding the Postlethwaite's lightning. Defeat the Chorch and Jump to the platform. You'll be walking on air again. Watch out for the Bendini Sisters that are waiting. Go to the Sprite Changing Platform.
  • Go to the Set of Trapdoors. Remember that they work in reverse, so jump when they're down and you'll land on them. Eliminate the Stobat and get the Power crunch he leaves behind. Jump over the Lundsfords and now you're on a line of 1-UP-heads. A Fullbide will charge at you too, so be careful. Continue. You'll see another Fullbide and a Browntant. Destroy them and walk forward to the collection of Spikes, Forks, and other deadly items, and you'll reach the invisible goal! -0.1 Complete!

Level -0.2 (Guide)

As soon as you enter, you'll face a Stobat. Defeat him. Jump into the ovens. Jump and go forward. You'll land inside it. Walk forward and you'll fall. Jump forward again. Then keep jumping up the ladder of Ovens. When you reach the topic, a Kolkaryu is waiting for you. Jump to the platform near him to avoid him. If you want to get the Extra life. walk forward and then jump over the oven next to the one where the life is. otherwise, jump to the Oven right next to the platform. Walk forward and the jump over the next oven, to the one where the Chorch is waiting. Walk forward and fall down to the bottom. Jump forward and continue on. Run forward to the Retractable ladder, and take it to the top. Jump on the cloud platform and then jump to the stone platform as soon as possible, or you'll smack into the drill. Jump past the other two platforms and back on land. Destroy the Browntant ahead and go up the ladder. Eliminate the Terrel and the My Benj there, and get the Power Crunch (but watch out for the flying platform - it'll smash into you and take some health) Jump into the conveyor belt, then to the Disappearing Cloud, then to the Stone Platform. Now jump forward and you should land on air. Walk forward until you fall and hit the platforms below you. Destroy the Astromunds if they come too close. Walk down the platforms and destroy the Astromunds. Then defeat the Frotzer nearby. You should see a line of Rose Blakes.

Wait for the first two to extinguish, then jump. Now you'll see a series of Switches from Level 4. Jump into them to teleport. After the first one, go to the teleporters as follows. Left hand side; destroy the plant thing and go to the right teleport; walk to your right and jump, trying to land on the right side teleport; there's only one here, so take it; take the next one too; walk into the next set and jump; take the single teleport you see; dodge the Stafulter and walk into the teleport on the ground; jump forward and get the power crunch; ignore the teleport above you unless you want an extra life. Walk forward and fall, and take care of the Protek. Another set of Bendini Sisters is there, but they can't hurt you. Walk forward to see two Biztars with a Pink Cham Cham under them. A flying Level 4 switch will come too, but it will miss. Get past the Fullbides and the Blue Browntant. Now use the two platforms to reach the top. You'll see some letters and three Power Crunches. Walk forward, and you'll eventually fall through the floor to the three Power Crunches, and you will trigger the Boss. -0.2 Complete!

-0.3(Boss: Name Unknown) (Transcript)

{Stinkoman walks to a pile of junk}

STINKOKMAN: And other Pile of Junk. Even a Negative Zone is getting predictable

{The area darkens and the pile of junk moves}

STINKOMAN: Fade to fighting?!

-0.3(Boss: Name Unknown) (Guide)

This boss is a jumble of random sprites from the other levels, with Browntants, Uptants and Downtants for weapons. After a while, the fridge door part of its body will open, and that's your cue to attack it. Now the door will open from the other side, and block the beam. Go to the Green Switch to get sent to the top. Avoid the Uptants and the Forks on his head, and get to the other side. Climb down the ladder, avoiding the Downtants and attack the body when it's open. Repeat. Amount of hits needed: 6.

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