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All of the combination deals currently offered in the Homestar Runner Store.


Currently available

Everything Else Combo

* Everything Else, Volume 1 DVD
* Everything Else, Volume 2 DVD
* FREE set of Cheat Commandos Figurines

Strong Bad Overkill Combo

* Includes Strong Bad Emails 3 Disc DVD Set
* Strong Bad Emails Disc 4 DVD
* Strong Bad Emails Disc 5 DVD
* FREE Strong Bad Sings CD!

Freebie Combo

Includes a mix of 6 Strong Bad and/or Homestar coasters, both the star and stop sign keychains, both the Trogdor and Teen Girl Squad stickers and the Strong Bad patch!

Ultimate Collectors Combo

Contains Figurine Sets #1 and #2 and Cheat Commandos toys

Figurine Combo

Just Series 1 and Series 2 Figurines

Currently unavailable

Instant Fan Combo

* Includes Strong Bad Overkill Combo plus
* Cheat Commandos Figurines plus
* Freebie Combo plus
* Everything Else, Volumes 1 & 2 DVDs plus
* All the Bumper Stickers, Static Clings and Patches
* BONUS - You get the Figurines Series #1 and #2 FREE for spending $100 or more!

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